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Space Tattoo:

45 Space Tattoo Designs for Astronomy and Science Fiction Lovers -Designbump

Those who love all things space, astronomy, or even science fiction will truly love these space tattoo design ideas. These astronomy tattoos feature some truly beautiful tattoo designs and creative concepts depicting stars, planets, galaxies, and other artistic shapes and symbols like star signs. (Source: designbump.com)

Space tattoos are fantastic designs for people who love looking up at the stars, dream of flying into outer space, and even people who simply love the look of the planets and stars on the skin. There are millions of ways that you can get these tattoos designed, which is yet another reason why they have continued to grow in popularity over the years. On this page, we will be taking a look at some of the ways that you can get space tattoos inked and a few of the many meanings that can be attached to these tats. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)

Unless you’re one of those people who insist that the world is a flat-dish on God’s dining room table, you’re probably extremely fascinated by the vastness of space and all of the mysteries contained within it. (Source: mpora.com)

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BASE Jumps come in many shapes and sizes. We discover this highest BASE Jump, the lowest BASE Jump, and the most amount of BASE Jumps... (Source: mpora.com)

Tattoo designs are inspired by not only elements we can touch and feel but also those that fascinate our imagination. Space tattoos have been a source of attraction for people who love things beyond what is visible to the naked eye. (Source: www.stylecraze.com)

Who isn’t fascinated by space? It is the one thing we will never explore fully and on which we will always depend upon. So many people get space tattoos because of the beautiful designs and the meaning behind them. Continue reading to see 9 beautiful space tattoos you will love! (Source: outsons.com)

Space tattoo designs are getting more popular nowadays. Due to the technical development of tattoo machines getting more sophisticated it gives tattoo artists possibilities to create magically beautiful colorful tattoo masterpieces similar to the pictures the Hubble telescope makes. The thing which is special to all space tattoo designs is that everything connected with it had always been covered with a shade of mystery and had always attracted people curious and creative. (Source: www.dubuddha.org)

85 Space and Galaxy Tattoo Designs and Ideas – Tattoos That Are From Outer Space

Outer space is still a mystery to us. If you ask any child what do they what to do when they grow up, and the chances are that “astronaut” will be on the top of their list. Even the idea of going to space is on the bucket list for many grownups. (Source: www.tattoomenow.com)

AdrianCier on Instagram: “Space sleeve reference of @expanseonprime At @mori_occultum 🇩🇪 Done with @fkirons & @balm_tattoo products #fkirons #fkironsproteam…” (Source: www.pinterest.com)


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