brother and sister tattoos small

brother and sister tattoos small


Brother and sister tattoos

Having a sibling is an interesting thing. Sometimes your sibling can annoy you so much you might wish you never had one. Most of the time, however, having a sibling is awesome. It is like constantly knowing that you have someone who is always going to be there for you. Siblings always support each other, no matter what. Which is why, it is important to cherish that special bond that you share. And, if you are wondering how to showcase that bond, we have got just the answer. We have gathered the absolute best brother and sister tattoos. So, browse the gallery, pick yours and convince your sibling to get matching tattoos. If they love you, they will do it!

Sometimes you have to say it with words. Get a meaningful quote tattooed to symbolize the special love between brother and sister. You could get matching tattoos or have a sentence split up, so it only makes sense when you’re both together. (Source: www.savedtattoo.com)

If you're not into matching tattoos, pieces of ink that split one image could be the way to go. This lion art features a clearly coordinated design but with a unique version for each person.

There are loads of siblings out there who want to show exactly how much they love and appreciate that relationship that they have with their brother or sister, by doing something that’s very painful and permanent. They get themselves matching tattoos – And share them on social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr. These range from tiny heart-shaped tattoos which are made by joining fingerprints together, to a complimentary tattoo that features their favorite characters. Sibling tattoos can mean something more than meets the eye. Make sure to pick a tattoo design that’s completely meaningful to both you and your siblings. (Source: www.rachelfirasek.com) #6. Sisters Sisters have a special bond which only those who have been through sisterhood can truly appreciate. The bond may


Many of you will have adorable photos of when you and your sibling were younger. Well, you can turn these pictures into a tattoo! Here we have a cute portrait that has been turned into a trendy and artistic tattoo design. This is such a unique and awesome brother and sister tattoo idea. You can choose any picture you like, but try to choose one of a special day. (Source: stayglam.com)

Next, we have a super cute animal tattoo idea. Here we have matching dog tattoos with a name underneath. You can recreate a design like this one as a memorial to you and your sibling’s childhood dog or just to celebrate your current one. You can have any pet created! (Source: stayglam.com stayglam.com))If you want a brother and sister tattoo that isn’t too obvious then this design could be perfect for you. This idea features two triangles, one on each person. One of the triangles has just an outline and the other is colored in. This is a trendy idea where the two tattoos are connected through the design, but they will also look awesome as individual tattoos too. You can have any shape created in any color. (Source:

Are you both fans of Harry Potter? Then this tattoo is a must-have. One has the word mischief tattooed on their wrist and the other has managed. This is such a cool and creative idea inspired by The Marauder’s Map that many of you will know. We love this design, it is one of our favorites! You can recreate this or use any other film or movie you both enjoy. With Everyone's favorite holiday coming soon, Father's Day, you can bring a little awesome into the picture by presenting him with this awesome awesome awesome awesome


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