Black Ink Crew Chicago Cast 2022 2023

Black Ink Crew Chicago Cast 2022 2023


Black Ink Crew Chicago Cast 2022 2023

black ink crew chicago cast 2022 2023

The Black Ink Crew is a great show for anyone who likes drama and comedy. It is set in Chicago and has a cast that will make you laugh and cry. Some of the cast members include Ryan, Kit Sovain, O'Shit, Phor Brumfield, and Charmaine Brumfield. We can't wait to see the new season of the Black Ink Crew!

Phor Brumfield

If you've been following Black Ink Crew: Chicago, then you might know who Phor Brumfield is. You probably have a basic idea of who he is, but you might not know a lot about his life.

A few years ago, Phor Brumfield was dating Nikki Nicole. Their relationship eventually ended. They broke up after a cheating incident. However, after the two went their separate ways, Phor began dating Nina Austin, who also is a cast member on the show.

Although he hasn't revealed his full biography, he has spoken with major record labels. His songs are played on the show. He also posted a series of Instagram pictures with Nina in 2020.

Phor Brumfield is a Chicago-based rapper. He is currently working with Chicago hip-hop collective Private Stock.

Phor Brumfield was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in the suburb of Avalon Park. When he was young, he was a shy and introverted kid. But he began taking his music more seriously.

One of his early influences was rapper Paul Wall. Another influence was his childhood neighbor. Together, they taught Phor the value of perspective and depth.

When Phor was growing up, he started painting personalized graphics on his gym shoes. As he got older, he began designing his own clothing and garments. Eventually, he became a tattoo artist.

Draya Penzo

If you were watching Black Ink Crew Chicago, you might have noticed Draya Penzo. This self-taught artist first appeared on the show in season six. After that, she became a full-time cast member. She was also a contestant on the Tri-City Tattoo Battle.

As Draya's story line progressed, she began to realize that she wasn't alone in the world. She discovered that she had a family that she never knew existed. But her meeting with her dad was a bit of a mess.

Now, she's set on traveling to New York City to meet her father. And her journey hits a sour note when she finds out she's not the only daughter she has.

Draya is still looking for a sense of belonging, and she wants to work at 9MAG under Ryan's leadership. During her visit, she meets a lot of family members she didn't know existed, and she begins to realize that she might have a brother.

However, things get complicated when Draya and Prince decide to fly to NYC to meet her father. When Ryan arrives, he's shocked to find out that Prince isn't her biological father. That means she and her nephew, Prince, will have to juggle being a parent and a tattoo artist.

Charmaine Brumfield

Black Ink Crew Chicago is an American reality TV series about the day-to-day operations of black tattoo shops. The show follows a crew of tattoo artists at a Chicago shop called 9MAG.

The cast of Black Ink Crew: Chicago consists of an ensemble of seven main characters and many other recurring and guest visitors. It began airing in October of 2015 and has since had five successful seasons.

Black Ink Crew Chicago will be returning for its seventh season in 2022. Among the cast members are Phor Brumfield, Charmaine Bey, Ryan Henry, Van Johnson, Don Brumfield, Danielle Jamison, and JR Diaz. All of these artists are the stars of the show, but they are only a few of the personalities featured.

Ryan Henry is the owner of the tattoo shop and the OG of the Black Ink Crew: Chicago cast. He has a tattoo studio and is also a piercer. His net worth is estimated at $1 million.

DonaldBrumfield is the youngest brother of Phor Brumfield. In addition to being a tattoo artist, he has an Instagram account. He is known for his beautiful photographs and his smile.

Charmaine Bey was a fan favorite from the start. She was one of the first people to get a tattoo from Don Brumfield, and her charisma and loyalty quickly made her popular with viewers.


If you've ever watched VH1's Black Ink Crew Chicago, you might have wondered what happened to the show. With so many of the cast members leaving the show, fans have been left wondering what's going to happen next. The good news is that it looks like a new chapter is about to be written in the Chicago franchise.

The latest season of the show will focus on an expanded team of nine mag artists. In fact, the show will feature a lot of new faces, from Draya Penzo to Prince Spencer. Despite these changes, the crew has one thing in common. They're all looking for a way to support each other.

One thing the team is doing is going to therapy. While the concept might sound odd, it's important to note that therapy is not just a social activity. It's a way for people to cope with trauma.

In fact, Henry has been very open about his mental health issues. He has gone to therapy to deal with his own trauma. Using his time in therapy, he hopes to help others find the help they need.

Phor is a tattoo artist and rapper. His bio reads "I am a visual artist and I love music." His two albums have reached over 20K followers on Instagram.

Miss Kitty

Black Ink Crew: Chicago is back and has a new cast. It will be aired on VH1 beginning August 9th. Among the cast members are a dancer, a tattoo artist, a piercer, and a father.

"Black Ink Crew: Chicago" is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and will be executive produced by Phakiso Collins, Daniel Blau Rogge, and Steve Kaufman. The show is a reality show about the lives of people working in a tattoo shop.

Some of the characters will face challenges in their relationships and in their jobs. Others are dealing with family issues. Several cast members have history with one another. This season of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" will take place in the city of Chicago.

For those who don't know, Miss Kitty is a member of the cast of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago". She joined the show in season 7 as a guest, and then became a permanent member in season 6. Her role will be a big one this season.

Aside from Miss Kitty, another cast member who will be making a return is Ryan Henry. He's the owner of 9MAG and he's also a tattoo artist. Previously, he worked for Black Ink.


O'Shit is a character on the reality show Black Ink Crew. He is a tattoo artist who is very cocky. He also is an alcoholic. As the seasons progress, he starts to become more serious about his job.

The Black Ink crew has featured dozens of cast members. Many of them have been part of the show for more than one season. They have all brought different kinds of interesting clients to the shop. It has even spun off into a spinoff, called Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Here are some of the notable characters from the series.

Ceaser Emanuel is the owner of the original Black Ink. He has been a cast member for all nine seasons. His net worth is estimated at around $2.5 million.

Teddy Ruks is a former tattoo artist who joined the cast of Black Ink in season 4. His cousin, Ceaser, is the owner of the original shop.

Van Johnson is another Black Ink Crew cast member. He was an anchor on the show in season two and three. However, he left after bumping heads with Ryan Henry, the shop's owner. Since then, he has teamed up with Ceaser.

JaKeita "Sky" Days is a native of Harlem. She was first seen in the first season as a receptionist at the Black Ink shop. Later, she handled the human resources department of the shop.

Kit Sovain

The Black Ink Crew: Chicago cast continues to evolve and grow. In the eighth season, we see the crew deal with the changes and drama in their lives. This season, the crew must face their past to move forward.

This is a reality show that follows a group of friends and co-workers at a popular tattoo shop, 9Mag. It is a mecca for hip hop artists, athletes, and celebrities. Each episode revolves around the crew's personal and professional lives.

Kitty Sovain (née Miss Kitty) is a former cast member of the series. She is a makeup artist and entrepreneur, who previously appeared on the Black Ink Crew: New York series. Since then, she has returned to the Chicago area, where she works at the 2nd City Ink tattoo shop.

Miss Kitty's previous relationship with Ryan Henry sparked a lot of controversy. Many fans wondered if they had slept together. However, Ryan said there was no such thing. Eventually, the couple broke up, and Miss Kitty walked away from the show.

Meanwhile, Ryan has started a new relationship. He's been seen sleeping with Kat and even with Cheyenne. As for Don, he's dealing with the fallout from marriage counseling.

Black Ink Crew Season 8 2023

black ink crew chicago season 8 2023

The Black Ink Crew is a show that focuses on the lives of two tattoo artists in Chicago. It has a very dark and gritty vibe, and it's a very enjoyable show to watch. This article will give you a few things to know about the show.

Ryan Ryan's focus on the show

Ryan Henry is a tattoo artist and owner of 9Mag, a popular Windy City tattoo shop. He is also the star of VH1's Black Ink Crew Chicago.

The Black Ink Crew franchise is known for its mix of tattoo artistry and drama. The show centers on a group of friends who work at the 9Mag tattoo shop. This reality series follows the lives of the cast members as well as family members of the main cast.

Season 8 will follow the expansion of the 9Mag crew. It will also showcase real-life issues and milestones.

Ryan will be making a big decision in this episode. He plans to expand his business. He will also be introducing some new tattoo artists. Some of the artists may or may not make it to the end of the season.

One of the most notable changes is that Miss Kitty is back in Chicago. She was originally a receptionist at the original Black Ink Crew in New York. Now she is ready to take on a new role as a tattoo apprentice.

Aside from Miss Kitty, the show also features family members of the main cast members. This includes Don Brumfield, who is a piercer. Moreover, he has a son and nephew. These two members of the family have to deal with fallout from marriage counseling.

Also, the show will feature Draya Penzo, a self-taught artist who was a member of the Tri-City Tattoo Battle since Season 6. While he has had a rough childhood, he has become a valuable asset to the crew.

Another notable change is that Van Johnson, the OG member of the 9MAG crew, is no longer part of the cast.

Don Henry's rise to stardom

The reality show Black Ink Crew Chicago features a diverse cast of tattoo artists and their mates. Although the show has shown plenty of drama and controversy, it has also been entertaining to watch. This season, Don and his brother Phor will have to balance their business ventures with being new parents. It's not easy being the best and the latest.

One of the more entertaining aspects of the show is the fact that many of the cast members are natives of the Windy City. They show viewers that there's more to life in Chicago than the city's famous architecture.

There are a few main characters that have become staples of the show. They include Don Sovain, Prince Spencer, and Phor. However, many of the cast members have been changing over the years. Some of them have landed roles on other UPN/CW shows. Others have gotten out of the spotlight in the wake of a scandal or two.

Aside from the regular cast, one of the more prominent members of the crew is the 9Mag owner Ryan Henry. He has taken a lot of flack for his decisions over the past eight years. Nevertheless, he's learned from his mistakes and is setting a "reset" button on his life.

The "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" is returning to VH1 for a seventh season on Tuesday, August 9. Watch Party will be held at the VH1 Studios in Hollywood on August 2. Joining the cast will be special guests and unexpected surprises.

Despite his shortcomings, Don has grown into a well-rounded entrepreneur. He has opened up about his struggles with mental health and trauma. Also, he has opened up about his infidelities. His fans have helped him through a rough patch.

Kit Sovain

Black Ink Crew Chicago follows a group of tattoo artists in 9Mag, one of the most well-known tattoo shops in the country. Throughout the seasons, we've seen a lot of drama and egos come up. The series has also portrayed some real issues, like a rift between two tattoo artists.

As the crew faces changes at 9Mag, they must also face a personal change. Don is getting ready for fatherhood and co-parenting. Charmaine is also having a tough time getting married. However, she's determined to make amends with Phor.

In addition to Kit Sovain, the crew has also gotten support from reality TV star Kathie Arseno. Kathie made her appearance on the first season of Black Ink Crew, and she has since become a wellness facilitator.

The cast of Black Ink Crew: Chicago hasn't been officially renewed for Season 8. We're waiting on a new announcement, but fans are hoping that Kit Sovain is joining the upcoming season.

Previously, Kit Sovain worked as a receptionist at House of Ink. She also has experience working as a makeup artist and brand ambassador. Her desire to expand her business and brand led her to join the reality show.

As the series continues to air, we'll continue to get a glimpse of Kit's journey. This season, she's also a tattoo apprentice.

As fans might have guessed, the cast of Black Ink Crew Chicago is facing more challenges than ever. With a new tattoo shop coming to town, the crew must work together to protect the 9Mag brand. They're also faced with a love triangle between Ryan and Kit.

Although the show hasn't been officially renewed for an eighth season, fans expect to see Kit Sovain and other returning cast members.

Episodes of the show

Black Ink Crew Chicago follows the crew of a Chicago tattoo parlor as they face challenges as they usher in a new era for the franchise. The crew of artists has been a part of the Chicago franchise for years, and this new season will follow the crew as they expand their success, navigate a changing landscape, and create a new identity for themselves.

Season 8 will include the cast of Don, Miss Kitty, Phor, and Prince. It is unclear whether the show will continue on TV, although it is known that one of the cast members, Sovain, has left the show after a fling with boss Henry.

This season will also feature Ryan Henry, who is taking on a more active role in the shop. After being forced to make a life-changing decision, he is focused on expanding his business.

Ryan Henry hopes to become the most successful tattoo shop ever, and he's focusing on bringing in new faces. He's especially impressed by the work of Young Bae, who is known for his fearless approach to challenging designs.

In addition to expanding the shop, Ryan is trying to sever all ties with his past. He's hoping to find love again, and he's also exploring a creative way to do it.

The new season will premiere on VH1 on Tuesday, August 9 at 8PM ET/PT. The episode will also feature the Chicago crew, along with surprise guests.

In addition to the return of the cast, this new season will also feature a charity art show, where the crew will raise money for local kids. The show will air different time zones, and will have a lot of twists and turns to keep fans interested.

Streaming options

If you're interested in watching Black Ink Crew season 8 on TV, you have a couple of options. You can catch new episodes of the VH1 series online, or you can rent it on iTunes.

The show features a group of tattoo artists working at 9Mag, a prestigious Chicago tattoo shop. Their talent has earned them celebrity status, and the staff is constantly pushing the boundaries of their craft.

Streaming services like Google Play Movies, Amazon Video, and Netflix offer the opportunity to watch Black Ink Crew: Chicago. However, if you're outside of the U.S., you may find your choices limited. Luckily, you can also watch the show on Paramount+.

Several streaming services offer a free trial. For instance, you can sign up for a Philo trial and enjoy a week of premium content, all for only $25. Another great option is Sling TV. Depending on your monthly subscription plan, you can save up to 50% on your first month. With Sling TV, you can stream your favorite TV shows to the big screen, or stream live TV to your tablet or phone.

Alternatively, you can check out the VH1 app, which offers an on-demand guide to the best shows to watch. You can also use the search feature to find what you're looking for.

To get the most out of your viewing experience, consider signing up for a VPN. This will mask your real IP address and remove any geo-blocks that are blocking your access to streaming services. There are several VPNs available, but you'll need to choose the one that's right for you. Once you've got one, you can load the streaming service and start watching Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Love and Hip Hop Miami 2022 2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami is an entertainment show that takes place in Miami, Florida. The show features several talented artists. Some of them include Ray J, Trina, Joy Young, Sukihana, and Diana Danelys De Los Santos.


If you've ever watched Love & Hip Hop: Miami, you might recognize Trina as one of the main cast members. But did you know she's also one of the most famous female rappers of all time? In fact, she is part of a renaissance period of women rappers in the hip-hop industry.

As of now, she's been in the music business for 20 years. Her first album, Da Baddest Bitch, debuted in 2000. She released her second album, Diamond Princess, in 2002. The first single from this album, "No Panties," was produced by Missy Elliott.

After releasing two more studio albums, including her sixth studio album, The One (2019), Trina has a chart-topping resume. She has been awarded numerous accolades. For example, she was named the "most consistent female rapper" of all time by XXL Magazine. A former member of Slip-n-Slide Records, Trina has earned a long and illustrious career.

She was born in Liberty City, Miami. Her first cousin is Bobby Lytes. He was born in 1990. When Trina was a teenager, she signed with Slip-n-Slide Records.

After joining the Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast in Season 1, she married Trick Daddy. Later, they were divorced. However, they are still friends.

Trina and Trick Daddy have a long history together. They worked on a track together called Nann N**** in 1998. It was then that they were discovered by Trick Daddy.


Amara La Negra is an actress, singer and reality television star. She is a Dominican-American and was born on October 4, 1990 in Miami, Florida. Her father is a real estate developer.

Love & Hip Hop Miami is the fourth installment of the Love & Hip Hop franchise. The show has a cast that revolves around the Miami music scene. This season, the series will focus on the journeys of the cast as they pursue black excellence.

The show features a group of talented artists and performers. Among them are Trick Daddy, Bobby Lytes, Shay Johnson, Trina and the main cast member, Amara La Negra.

The show's producers made it a point to highlight the most exciting and innovative aspects of the industry. For example, there was the "Piensas," a song by Amara La Negra and Pitbull that reached number two on the Latin charts.

Another laudable feat was the release of the book, "Amarita's Way: No Time For Bullies." In the book, Amara shares her experiences dealing with bullies and coping with the pressures of being an independent artist.

Amara La Negra has become a household name in the hip-hop world. She is a singer, songwriter and actress. She is a proud Afro-Latina. Although she is 31 years old, she has been active in the entertainment industry for decades.

During the early part of her career, Amara made several guest appearances on other shows. She was even a model. After releasing her first single, "AYY", in 2013, she changed her name to La Negra.

Ray J

Ray J and Princess Love have a lot to say about love and hip hop Miami. They're a couple who've been in the spotlight for a long time and have two children to boot.

This couple has been known to go through a number of ups and downs during their time on the show. Their relationship has been plagued by in-law drama and divorce filings.

The couple recently decided to move to Miami for a fresh start. However, they are still facing in-law drama.

Ray J has been spotted in the city on several occasions. He has also been seen at the premiere of a bootleg documentary about Black Lives Matter.

In January, Ray J was in Miami for his birthday. A source told Only in Dade that he is now a resident of the city.

Princess Love and Ray J were married in August of 2016. Since then, they have filed for divorce on several occasions. Despite the fact that the couple is still married, the couple hasn't been intimate in months.

The two aren't ready to let go of each other yet. Although the couple hasn't been in the same room together in a while, they're working on repairing their marriage.

Love and Ray have starred on the Love and Hip Hop franchise since it's inception in 2011. They've also appeared on VH1's Couples' Therapy and have hung out with their favorites, Trina and Trick Daddy, on numerous occasions.


The rap star Sukihana joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop Miami in the third season. After making a name for herself on Instagram, she landed a role on the show.

A rapper, actress and social media influencer, Sukihana is well known for her music videos. She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, she studied musical theater and acting. Her career took off after she uploaded a remix of Kodak Black's "Kodak Snack" on Instagram. This song became a viral hit and expanded her social media following.

At age 18, Sukihana became a mother for the first time. She also had three children with other men. She has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.

A social media personality, Sukihana has over 1.4 million followers on Twitter and 5.4 million followers on Instagram. She has released many songs including "5 Foot Freestyle," "No One," and "Drug Dealer." She is currently promoting her single "Everywhere" and plans to release a new album.

Aside from her music, Sukihana makes money from other ventures. She has a YouTube channel with 154K subscribers. In August 2021, her YouTube channel had a net worth of around $29K.

Sukihana is currently in a relationship with the renowned rapper Kill Bill. They got engaged in September 2020. Although the couple broke up a few months later, Kill Bill has shown his support for Sukihana.

Diana Danelys De Los Santos

Amara La Negra is an American singer, actress, dancer, model and reality television star. She is of Dominican and Cuban descent and was born in Miami, Florida. Her mother, Anna Maria Oleago, raised her in the United States. Before Amara starred in Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she had been a model and actress in music videos and commercials.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a reality series that focuses on the daily lives of rappers and partners. The show features eight original cast members, including Amara La Negra. A fifth season of the show is scheduled for August 8, 2022.

As a child, Amara La Negra was exposed to colorism in the entertainment industry. Her parents had to work multiple jobs to support her education and dance lessons. It was at this point that she embraced her afro.

In 2018, Amara McLemore joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. The show follows Amara as she attempts to crossover from her Latino culture to the American hip-hop scene.

Amara is known for her afro and voluptuous figure. She was once called a "breakout star" by Billboard. Despite her success, Amara has faced discrimination in her home country, the Dominican Republic. However, she is an advocate for women and has raised awareness about racism in the Latin music industry.

Before joining Love & Hip Hop: Miami, La Negra had an on-and-off relationship with fellow cast member Allan Mueses. They fought on-and-off after La Negra had an on-and-off feud with another cast member, Veronica Vega.

Joy Young

Love and Hip Hop Miami focuses on the personal and professional lives of the music industry. VH1's juggernaut franchise features ambitious and rising stars. It also explores important social issues like paternity, ambition and family bonds. The show also brings together prominent hip-hop figures to discuss their journeys.

Love and Hip Hop Miami premiered on VH1 on January 1, 2018. Aside from focusing on the personal lives of music producers, it showcases the thriving community in Miami. Among the stars are Ray J, Neri Santiago, Bobby Lytes, Sukihana, Amara La Negra and many others.

The Love and Hip Hop franchise has been on MTV since 2011. In the past, it has released a number of television specials. Today, it returns to two of its most popular southern cities: Miami and Atlanta.

For the fifth season, the show will feature new artists, new babies, and more. The cast is also diverse. The latest addition is the openly gay son of JT Money. This is Jeffrey White, who is dating the rapper Bobby Lytes.

The show also features the relationship between Trick Daddy and Joy Young. While they are not yet divorced, the two have been separated for several years. As the couple tries to work out their differences, Trina steps in.

Joy Young is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of a skincare product brand and a hair extension company. Her line of custom wigs and extensions will launch in March 2021.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Season 5 2023

love and hip hop miami season 5  2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami Season 5 is going to be one of the most interesting seasons of this series. Not only will we see what happens to the girls of COVID-19, but we will get to know more about Bobby Lytes and Stephanie R Gayle as well.

Bobby Lytes

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is a television series that follows the lives of singers, rappers, and socialites in the Miami music scene. This summer, the show returns with a brand new season.

Among the most notable cast members is Bobby Lytes. He is the cousin of Trina and is one of the original cast members. The rapper has appeared in several TV specials.

Other members of the cast include Florence El Luche, Noreaga, Ray J, and Amara La Negra. In Season 4, Florence was dubbed as the "Queen of Kompa Music."

After appearing in Season 4's trailer, Noreaga and his wife Neri joined the cast. Also, in Season 4, Florence faced a nemesis who was suspected of being Marlon. She also heard a rumor about Marlon.

In Season 5, Love and Hip Hop: Miami features the return of Bobby Lytes. His role was reduced in Season 4. But he still makes appearances on the show.

He was arrested for larceny in the past. He was also arrested for probation violations.

Despite his arrests, Bobby Lytes has been a close friend of Prince. And he has made many appearances on Love and Hip Hop. During season 2, he had a memorable moment with Peter Gunz. Throughout the show's history, he has had altercations with cast members.

Bobby Lytes is one of the most important cast members on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. He is a rapper and has a long criminal record. However, he has also been a strong supporter of the cast.

Another key cast member is Trick Daddy. He is a singer, rapper, and record producer. He also has a long criminal history of drug possession.

Mona Scott-Young

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is the fourth installment of the popular franchise. As with the previous installments, it is a reality series that will showcase drama, high-stakes music, and the personal lives of some of the most influential hip-hop artists. The show features a diverse cast and follows the professional and personal lives of rappers, singers, and other socialites in the Miami music scene.

Mona Scott-Young, executive producer and producer of the VH1 series, is one of the pioneers of the hip-hop industry. She has worked with the likes of Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, and many others.

As a producer of the show, she has created a successful media empire. She has worked with a number of brands including Courvoisier, 50 Cent, and Vitamin Water. And she has also been active with charitable organizations.

One of the most successful aspects of the series is that it has a large and diverse cast. Each season has featured a variety of talented people, from socialites to aspiring rap stars. For example, the original cast included Trina, Gunplay, and Trick Daddy.

While the show has been successful, there has been some criticism of its portrayal of Black women. Many black people have been sharing the message "I am a black woman" on social media. This is a very important message that should not be ignored.

Love & Hip Hop has been on the air for more than nine years and has garnered a following that has expanded to cities across the country. However, some fans have complained about the show's stereotypical hip-hop plots.

The show has also managed to produce an impressive number of episodes, including over 400. The show's shooting style has morphed over the years, and today it is less soap opera-like and more free flowing.

Stephanie R Gayle

With the fifth installment of the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise set to premiere on VH1 in January, fans can look forward to the return of fan favorites and newbies alike. And with an upcoming special that will feature returning stars, as well as returning and newly cast members, fans can expect plenty of drama.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a musical reality show that follows the lives of rappers and music industry socialites in Miami. The series features a cast of street-wise up-and-coming artists and a diverse group of singers and actors.

This installment of the "Love & Hip Hop" series focuses on the personal struggles of the rappers and singers, as they pursue their dreams of being successful. While fans can expect to see some familiar faces, this season features a group of new and up-and-coming artists, with the "Bugatti" rapper joining the cast.

In addition to the main cast, viewers can look forward to appearances from Santana on the Beat, Khaotic, and Pleasure P. Plus, former Flavor of Love star Shay Johnson will make an appearance on the season.

Fans of the franchise can also look forward to a four-part special that will premiere on October 31 at 10 p.m. ET. Each part will focus on a different character and discuss highlights from the shows.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will be back for a fifth season. This season will feature a new cast of women, as well as returning veterans. It will also feature the franchise's first trans woman.

Meanwhile, Love & Hip Hop: New York will return in December. The series will feature a retooled season, featuring a larger cast and heavy-hitting newcomers.

COVID-19's fate

"Love & Hip Hop" is a reality show that follows the lives of popular hip hop figures. The series has been around for more than a decade. It was originally filmed in South Florida, and features many notable names in Southern hip-hop.

Love and Hip Hop Miami is the fourth installment of the franchise. Season 4 aired in 2018. As of this article, the network has not announced any plans for a fifth season.

Several of the cast members have been involved in prostitution. However, other cast members have worked in the industry from a disadvantaged background. This has caused tension among some of the cast.

Love and Hip Hop Miami will continue to be filmed in Miami, with several new members joining the cast. One of these is Jamaican recording artist Spice. Her mother has worked as a stripper, and she is also a recovering crack cocaine addict.

In addition to new cast members, a few familiar faces made appearances. Erica Mena, Karlie Redd, and Rasheeda Frost all returned to the series. Tammy Rivera also made a few guest appearances.

A few notable people did not return for the show. Two of them were rappers Trina and Trick Daddy. These two were among the stars featured in the first season. They were also invited back for Season 4.

After Season 4, Love and Hip Hop Miami is in a bit of limbo. VH1 has not officially announced any plans for Season 5. Until a few weeks before the show's premiere, there was no word on when the show would come back.

During Season 4, several members of the cast were promoted. Jessica Dime became the star of the series. She is a stripper turned rapper.

Season 4

Miami is a city where established stars are a dime a dozen and up-and-coming stars are making their mark. In the case of Love and Hip Hop Miami, the competition is as fierce as the Miami heat. This season features a few big names as well as a handful of underdogs. You'll also find plenty of surprises.

In one episode, a newcomer to the Love and Hip Hop cast gets an audience with the granddaddy of them all, N.O.R.E.. Also, a newcomer dubbed the Bugatti raps his way into the spotlight. And the list of cast members keeps growing.

A newbie joins the ranks, and a couple of oldies return. There's plenty of sizzle for fans of all ages. From the newest addition, "Bugatti" rapper Ace Hood, to veteran singers like Jullian and Princess, to aspiring rappers like Noreaga and N.O.R.E., the 305 has it all.

The show's producers haven't skimped on the production crew, either. They've also thrown in a few cultural commentators like DJ EFN. Lastly, the show boasts the most cast members of any show in the history of television, which includes an impressive line-up of up-and-coming performers. Plus, a few stars have even returned from their previous incarnations.

It's time to say goodbye to some of the show's stalwarts, and welcome two sexy sexy sexy characters to the fold: Ray J and Florence. But the real fun begins as the tweens get to know each other.

In other episodes, a couple of the big names face off, and the biggest battle isn't between Trick Daddy and Kill Bill. On the other hand, Joy and Trina have their own share of drama. The duo's infamous beef leads to some beef-smashing fun. Meanwhile, Florence and Marlon are back on each other's backs after the aforementioned incident in Haiti.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Cast 2021-2023

love and hip hop miami cast 2021 2023

The Love and Hip Hop Miami cast of 2021-2023 will feature some of the hottest names in the game. There will be Trina, Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, Shay Johnson, and Tamar Braxton. You won't want to miss out!

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra is one of the original eight cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Miami. She has been part of the series since it began. As a result, she has become a celebrity, gaining a following and appearing in commercials and music videos.

Amara started out in the entertainment industry, first as a child model and later as a musician. However, she had trouble getting accepted. In addition, she faced discrimination for her skin color.

After Amara made her debut on Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she began gaining attention for her music. She signed a multi-album deal with B.M.G. and released her first single, "Ayy". This led to her first major appearance on a reality show.

She later went on to date Bachata singer Emjay, but they broke up in April 2019. During the next few months, she announced her pregnancy, but did not reveal her baby daddy. Later, she had a miscarriage.

Amara has been a vocal advocate for women's rights and equality. The actress has spoken out about sexism in the music industry. Her message is that you don't have to be afraid of what others think.

Before joining the Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast, Amara had trouble getting her name out there. At first, she was considered a gold-digger. But she has overcome her struggles. During the series, she has enrolled in a mortuary science course, and is now a proud mother.

Trick Daddy

The Love and Hip Hop Miami cast has a wide variety of talent. While many of the main characters have returned for season four, others are new to the show. They include Ace Hood, N.O.R.E., and Trina.

The cast of Love and Hip Hop: Miami has also undergone some turmoil over the past few years. In addition, Trick Daddy and Joy Young have separated.

Season 4 focuses on the professional lives of a group of prominent Miami rap stars. As the season progresses, these stars find themselves embroiled in a series of high-stakes dramas. One of the major storylines involves Trick Daddy's lupus.

There is also a focus on Trick Daddy's strained relationship with Trina. Both were originally cast members on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. However, they clashed throughout season two.

On the Love & Hip Hop: Miami reunion, Trick Daddy's ex-wife Joy revealed that the couple had split. Although they are separated, Joy still remains a main cast member.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami will return for a fifth season. It has not yet been announced whether or not this will be a stand-alone series, or an extension of the franchise. A new episode is scheduled to air on August 8th, 2022.

Another fan-favorite will make a cameo appearance on the new series. Ace Hood is a rapper and a Miami transplant. He has a huge social media following. His wife, Shelah Marie, will also appear on the show.

Shay Johnson

Love and Hip Hop Miami cast member Shay Johnson is an American actress, model and fitness enthusiast. She has appeared in several reality shows. Although she's been in the spotlight for her role as Lil Scrappy on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, she's not currently dating any celebrities.

The Love and Hip Hop franchise follows a group of South Florida music industry celebrities. While many of the show's cast members are rappers, the show also spotlights the personal and professional struggles of singers and socialites in the city's hip-hop scene.

Shay Johnson was born in Georgia on September 30, 1983. As a child, she lived in different parts of the country. But she moved to Miami to live with rapper Pleasure P. They had a long distance relationship for two years.

However, Johnson was not interested in addressing more sensitive issues such as her health. In fact, she only took to social media after getting a blood transfusion. It's not known whether this was the cause of her hospitalization.

Shay is also a fitness enthusiast and has launched a website to help other people achieve their goals. Among other things, she wants to motivate others with meal plans.

As of 2018, Shay's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. She has a huge fan following online and has appeared on various TV shows. Currently, she's dating her younger brother EmJay.

Pleasure P

Love and Hip Hop Miami is the newest spinoff of the popular reality series. This show explores the quest of love and reinvention in the rap industry.

It is made up of a larger than life cast. Among them are Pleasure P, whose fans are eager to know more about the rapper's personality. He has been dating Shay Johnson, but ended the relationship in 2018.

The show airs on VH1 at 9 pm ET/PT. The new season will air in August 2022. During the premiere, the cast will discuss a variety of issues, including paternity and new babies. In addition, the show will focus on the search for love and romance between Pleasure and Joy.

Other cast members include a trio of gay rappers. Bobby Lytes, Jeffrey White, and Gunplay are all openly gay. These men are co-signed by Prince and Santana on the Beat.

Another former Pretty Ricky member, Pleasure, is also in the cast. He is a rapper and singer. His debut single "Make Some Money" reached the Billboard R&B singles chart.

On his social media accounts, Pleasure P posts updates about his personal life and professional life. As a musician, he has gained publicity through his appearance on Flo Rida's album R.O.O.T.S.

Pleasure P will also tour in 2020 and 2021. He has announced that he is planning to release an album. However, it has been delayed multiple times.


Love & Hip Hop: Miami is an entertainment show which chronicles the lives and careers of a diverse group of Miami's music industry professionals, including singers and rappers. Currently, it airs on VH1 and premieres on January 1st, 2018.

The cast of the show is diverse. It includes a number of up-and-coming stars as well as established ones. For instance, the show has featured the career of Afro-Latina singer Amara La Negra.

Trina is a member of the Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast. She was born in Liberty City, Miami. She started her rap career when she appeared on Trick Daddy's single Nann Nigga. Later, she has collaborated with Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. Her latest album, The One (2019), is her sixth charting album.

In addition to being a member of the cast, Trina is also a music producer and label head for Rockstar Music. As of now, she is preparing for her Legendz of the Streetz tour.

Trina's cousin, Joy Young, is another main character of the show. They were a couple, but they broke up and later divorced.

The show's first season focuses on Trina's family life, her strained relationship with her cousin Bobby and her career. Some of the more recent episodes have explored the professional and personal lives of a few more prominent Miami rap artists. Other cast members include Bobby Lytes, N.O.R.E., and Florence El Luche.

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton is an actress, singer, and dancer. She has worked on several different projects, including her own show. She is also known for her whistle register, which is the highest register of the human voice. In addition to her solo career, she has also been a cast member on a number of reality shows.

She began her career as a part of the Braxton family. Her siblings served as her backup singers. They were also featured in many of her music videos. The Braxtons released their only album So Many Ways in 1996.

She had a successful solo career. Her first solo record, Ridiculous, generated two singles. Afterward, she signed with Streamline Records and worked on other projects.

Tamar has appeared in various reality shows, such as Love and Hip Hop, Growing Up Hip Hop, and Braxton Family Values. It was during her time on this show that her relationship with We TV began. Although the two were on good terms, she became vocal about the problems she had with the former network.

She returned to the music scene with her sophomore album, Love and War. The album was a critical success, generating the hits "Love Overboard" and "I'm Leaving".

She has also appeared in two other successful spinoffs, Tamar Get Ya Life and Tamar & Vince. For these, she starred with Vincent Herbert, her ex-husband.

Tamar has been nominated for a number of awards, including two Daytime Emmy Awards. She also won the second season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Season 4 2023

love and hip hop miami season 4  2023

Love and Hip Hop Miami season 4 2023 is about to start and we are already excited. We can't wait to see what all the new characters have to offer. Check out the cast list below. It includes Amara, Shay, Neri, Noreaga, Diana Danelys De Los Santos, and Trick Daddy.


Love and Hip Hop Miami season 4 starts this Monday, August 23. The upcoming season features a lot of new cast members and veterans. This version of the popular reality show explores the personal lives of today's most popular artists.

Season 4 starts with the return of a familiar face. Amara, the youngest member of the LAHH: Miami cast, joined the show in 2018. She has been linked to Allan Mueses.

Although the relationship has been rocky for a while, Amara and Allan are currently in a relationship. But, it's not easy for Allan to be in a serious relationship with someone like Amara.

As Love and Hip Hop Miami season 4 progresses, Amara gets involved in a new career. She focuses on the tough times women face in the industry. She also writes a children's book about bullying.

Meanwhile, Amara's mom Ana is in a strained relationship with her father. Her mother works multiple jobs to pay for Amara's dance classes and music lessons. She's also considering a move to the Dominican Republic for a better life.

The upcoming season will feature a lot of drama. For example, Amara suspects she is pregnant. However, her mother doesn't think it's a good idea.

Several of the show's veteran stars are set to make cameos. These include Veronica Vega, Shay Johnson, Prince, Trick Daddy, and Trina. In addition, Jay Kelly is expected to join the cast as a guest.

Trick Daddy

Trick Daddy is a rapper and record producer. He rose to fame with his 2001 hit, I'm a Thug. In 2009, he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Lupus. During this time, Trick has also been involved in a number of controversial situations.

Trick Daddy is one of the main cast members of Love & Hip Hop Miami. The show centers on the lives of prominent rap stars in the Miami music scene.

In Season 4, the crew is looking ahead to the coming year. This season features several newcomers and iconic series vets. Among the newcomers are Ace Hood, N.O.R.E., and Momma Dee.

Love & Hip Hop Miami season 4 focuses on the personal and professional lives of its cast members. It also shows a variety of dramas, including Trick Daddy's arrest and his tumultuous relationship with his wife, Joy.

Trick Daddy is a part of the original eight cast members. His appearance on the reality show increased the amount of attention paid to his private life. Since then, Trick Daddy has made 39 appearances on the show.

As a part of the cast, Trick Daddy has also been involved in several controversies, such as his arrest and his lupus diagnosis. He also has a strained relationship with Trina, his wife.

Trick Daddy is expected to appear on the show again. But his role will be limited.


Love and Hip Hop Miami season 4 will feature a new face: Haitian recording artist Florence El Luche. She describes herself as the "Queen of Kompa Music."

The series will also have a few familiar faces. Trina is one of the series' regulars. Her cousin, Joy Young, is Trick Daddy's wife. She's also been estranged from him for several years. They have a son together. In season 2, Trick Daddy and Joy were married. However, they split up after four years.

While Trick Daddy's family is tense, he's trying to work out some issues. He has a long criminal history of weapons and drug possession. During his recent arrest, his lawyer thought surveillance footage would clear him.

Among the new cast members is Ace Hood, a hip hop vet. He was known for his song, "Bugatti". His mother, Jojo, also appears on the show.

Aside from the newbies, Love and Hip Hop Miami season 4 will bring back its core cast. That includes Joy Young, Trina, and Neri Santiago. There will be plenty of weddings, paternity questions, and more. It's all part of VH1's summer hot 'Level Up Mondays' programming.

Noreaga was born on September 6, 1977. Before joining Love and Hip Hop Miami, she was a social media personality from Wilmington. Previously, she had a tumultuous relationship with Khaotic.

In addition to her role in the show, Noreaga is a top-rated podcaster. She's also a member of the Drink Champs podcast. Currently, she has three children from previous relationships.


Neri is the wife of Noreaga. They have been married since 2009. Their son Noah was born in April 2009. They are also parents of two daughters, Shay Johnson and Princess La Negra.

Neri and Noreaga have struggled with the changes in Neri's life. Neri started a new career and Noreaga struggled to adjust to her new schedule. However, they were able to overcome their differences.

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast is also bringing in some heavy hitting newcomers. In addition to Amara, Season 4 will feature newcomers such as Florence El Luche and Snoop. It will also feature returning favorites Trick Daddy and Trina.

Trina has been with the show since its inception. She was a hip-hop vet before appearing on the show. Her first album, Da Baddest Bitch, made her a star. After the show, she has worked with a number of celebrities. She has even been linked to French Montana.

The season will also feature newcomer Florence El Luche, a self-proclaimed Haitian queen of kompa music. Her appearance will be the first by a Haitian artist on the show.

Also joining the cast are Yung Joc and Bobby Lytes. The two are all about spice. Yung Joc is all about momentum. Bobby Lytes is a rapper. He has worked with the likes of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

Neri and Noreaga are a part of the "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" cast. Their marriage is under scrutiny. A new episode of the show will air on Monday, August 23 at 9/8c.


Love and Hip Hop Miami season 4 is set in 2023, and the cast of the show is set to take on a city of fierce competition. The cast includes several core members, but there are also some heavy-hitting newcomers.

Love and Hip Hop Miami season 4 will focus on prominent rap stars from the city. Trina, Amara La Negra, and Kill Bill are among the cast members. But the biggest star is Trick Daddy, who has a history of drug and weapons charges. He is a record producer and rapper.

Shay Johnson is a reality television personality who is a model and fitness expert. She has been a supporting cast member in the show's first two seasons. However, she was removed from the cast after a physical altercation. This led to her breakup with Pleasure P.

Love and Hip Hop Miami season 4 is set to take place in the city of Miami, which is regarded as the center of the hip hop universe. There is a lot of competition in the city, and the cast members have been battling for fame.

Shay and Jojo Zarur have a vicious feud. Meanwhile, Shay is battling with a serious medical condition. In addition, her mom is a big part of her life. Her mother is also trying to get her out of an abusive relationship.

Shay has been dating Pleasure P for almost two years, but the couple has had a long-distance relationship. They haven't shared the news with anyone, but Shay is pregnant.

Diana Danelys De Los Santos

The Love and Hip Hop franchise has been around for a long time. It follows the lives of some of the biggest names in the South Florida music scene. They all have their own unique personalities and it's always interesting to watch them interact.

Miami is a musical melting pot. There's everything from reggaeton to Brazilian funk. You can also find the latest hip hop and rap sensations. One of the main protagonists of this reality series is Amara La Negra. This Dominican-American singer, actress and model has been making waves since she was a child. She was one of the first eight cast members of the show.

She's a true role model for black girls. Not only is she a recording artist and actress, but she's also a philanthropist. Her Diamond Doll Foundation is dedicated to helping young girls deal with life struggles.

Before joining Love & Hip Hop: Miami, she was featured in commercials and music videos. She signed a multi-album contract with BMG.

After appearing on the show, she became a social media phenomenon. In fact, she sparked a conversation about colorism in the entertainment industry. As a result, she's been interviewed about the topic.

While she's been known for her signature afro, La Negra has been known to discuss a range of issues from racism in the Afro-Latino community to how to maintain it. However, she is most well-known for her appearance on the Love & Hip Hop franchise.

What Season Is Love and Hip Hop Miami on 2023?

what season is love and hip hop miami on 2023

If you're a fan of hip hop and love, you must know that Miami has been gaining momentum. The city is home to some of the biggest names in the industry including DJ Khaled, A$AP Rocky, and Drake. And you can be sure that the future is filled with more of the same.


The popular television series Love and Hip Hop Miami is set in South Florida, and the show follows a group of up-and-coming musicians in the city. It is part of a series of reality TV shows that give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of musicians. Some of the original cast members include Trick Daddy and Trina.

Trick Daddy, also known as Prince of South Beach, is a rapper, record producer, and a former criminal. He has a long criminal history of weapons charges. In addition to being a star on Love and Hip Hop: Miami, he is also the subject of a number of other spin-offs.

Trina is a main cast member on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. She has appeared in the show 50 times. During her time on the show, she has made crossover appearances.

In the Love and Hip Hop Miami Season 4B trailer, Trina is seen on a tour. Among other things, she deals with flamboyant cousin Bobby. On the other hand, she is also pursuing her own career in music. Her new album is also in the works.

Trina was one of the original eight cast members on Love and Hip Hop: Miami. When the show premiered, she was a big part of the cast, but she was demoted to the supporting role after season four.

Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra is an Afro-Latina singer, actress, model and dancer. She is the star of the hit VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Miami. She started her career as a child model and then went on to become a recording artist.

After the show premiered, she landed a multi-album deal with BMG. Her journey in the music industry resonated with viewers. Then, she decided to try her hand at the real estate business.

When La Negra was four years old, she landed a role on the Hispanic variety show Sabado Gigante. Although she wasn't the winner of the competition, she won the prize of being chosen to appear on the show.

Amara was a newcomer when the show first aired. However, she caught the audience's eye when she sported an afro. While the popularity of her afro might have led to her being the breakout star of the show, it was her talent that got her a following.

She is an outspoken voice for her culture and is a role model for young black girls. Using her platform to speak out against racial discrimination and skin color issues, she has become a vocal advocate.

Not only does Amara have her own TV show, but she is also a proud mother of two girls. In early 2022, she announced the birth of twins.


Love & Hip Hop: Miami is a reality series focusing on the local hip hop culture in Miami. It is the fourth installment of the Love & Hip Hop franchise. The cast features singers, songwriters, and rappers.

The Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast includes rappers Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, and Ray J. Emjay, Shay Johnson's brother, is also a cast member. He was a supporting character on the original Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Trina is another cast member, who joined in the fifth season. Trina is known as an icon on the show. She has a large social media following. She has released several singles. She has worked with celebrity choreographer Richy Jackson.

Florence Brown is a model and entrepreneur. She has appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Miami and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Her husband Marlon is a hip-hop producer.

In the next episode, Iyanla will be on the show, kicking off the new season. Her episode will air on October 31 at 9 p.m. Also, DJ EFN will appear as a guest on the show.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami is produced by Monami Productions. It is executive produced by Donna Edge-Rachell and Stephanie R. Gayle.

Diana Danelys De Los Santos

Amara La Negra is a model, singer, actress and TV personality who is best known for her role on Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she is the daughter of a single mother who migrated to the United States. As a child, she grew up singing and dancing. She started her professional career as a child model. After she landed her first role, she was quickly noticed and dubbed as a "breakout star" by Billboard. Her success as a singer led her to a multi-album record deal with BMG.

Despite her successes, she has faced a variety of racial discrimination throughout her life. Amara has often spoken out against colorism. In addition, she is a devoted philanthropist and is passionate about empowering women.

During her time on the show, she became a major figure in the hip hop community, defying stereotypes of race. She has also taken her message to the mainstream, appearing in television specials and commercials.

A native of the Dominican Republic, Amara La Negra grew up as the only child of a single mother. She was exposed to the scrutiny of blackness during her childhood, and began to embrace her afro.

Ray J

The Love and Hip Hop franchise has been around for a while. However, season 4 of the show was the most dramatic. This season saw the return of many favorites, including Ray J and Princess Love, as well as the introduction of the Queen of Kompa Music, Florence El Luche.

There were also some major changes in the cast. In addition to Ray and Princess Love, Bobby Lytes, Sukihana, and Jay Kelly all join the cast. These additions bring a hefty dose of celebrity to the table.

While it's not clear what season Love and Hip Hop Miami will return in, fans can expect to see plenty of scandals, weddings, and cheating allegations. The cast also gets bigger with the introduction of Ace Hood.

One of the most exciting parts of this season is seeing Amara La Negra make a comeback. She's not a main character in the show, but she has been in the mix for a while. She's a singer and entrepreneur, and a great addition to the cast. Her relationship with Shay Johnson is strained, and she attempts to patch things up with him.

It's also worth mentioning that the show's newest cast member, Florence El Luche, is a Haitian "Queen of Kompa Music". Described as a model and entrepreneur, she joins the cast for Season 4.

For the past few seasons, Ray and Love have appeared on a number of reality TV shows, including Couples' Therapy. Their move to Miami earlier this year may have led to some big changes.

Joseline Hernandez

The Love and Hip Hop franchise has come a long way. It has produced three spin-offs and has brought back some of the most iconic names in the biz. Now, fans can expect another chapter in the book, as season 5 of LHH is on its way.

There are several cast members that are set to appear. These include Trick Daddy, Amara La Negra, and Trina.

Joseline Hernandez is also expected to make a return to the franchise. She is no rookie when it comes to Miami life, as she made a splash during her stint on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta."

For the uninitiated, "Love & Hip Hop" is a reality show on VH1 that chronicles the lives of hip hop musicians in Miami. Although the series has had a few hiccups, it has been a hit.

Aside from the main cast, other stars of the show include DJ Michelle Pooch and Pretty Rickey. Another member of the "love and hip hop" cast is Jeffrey White, who has a boyfriend named Bobby Lytes.

Another cast member that makes a splash is Sukhiana, a rapper from Wilmington, N.C. This aspiring singer has a large social media following and has released a few songs.


Love and Hip Hop Miami is a reality television show that revolves around the music scene of Miami. The show airs on VH1 on Monday nights.

This series will feature up-and-coming stars in the music industry as well as established superstars. Whether they are musicians, dancers, actors, or comedians, they all come together in the Miami sun to showcase their talent.

As a part of the cast, the show features artists like Trick Daddy, Bobby Lytes, and Amara La Negra. Each season of the series will cover different topics of importance to the hip-hop community. These topics include divorce, co-parenting, and emotional depth.

Love and Hip Hop Season 4 featured a new cast of characters, including Florence Brown, Noreaga, and his wife Neri, as well as Ace Hood and his wife Shelah Marie. They joined the main cast in addition to Trina.

This season also marked the return of several former Love and Hip Hop stars, including Princess Love. Her daughter, Renni, was still dealing with the aftermath of her mother's accident. But, she was not ready to let the show go.

Other cast members include Alexis Skyy, Karlie Redd, Mariahlynn, and Bambi. All of them will be making special crossover appearances.

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