FutureStarr | Refund Policy

Our mission at FutureStarr is to ensure you are completely satisfied with any product or services ("services", "service") you purchase from us. In some cases we will provide free trials for our services, so that you have the opportunity to determine whether the services are right for you. However, it is your responsibility to cancel services prior to the end of the trial periods or the corresponding renewal date.

FutureStarr will not under any circumstance provide a refund for services that were not cancelled or opted out of prior to the expiration of the free trail. Additionally, FutureStarr will not provide a refund for any service in which you elected to continue using. If you decide to cancel your subscription for a service, we will not issue a refund for any remaining applicable billing period.

Additionally, we do not provide refunds for any user who is under the assumption that a service is free when they sign up for it.


There are only two instances when FutureStarr will provide a refund for services purchased.

  1. In any event that your service malfunctions or does not operate according to the manner outlined. In this case, you are required to send the details of the non-functioning service to supprt@futurestarr.com immediately after experiencing an issue and while the service is still active. If details are sent after the service has expired or is no longer active, the issue cannot be verified and you will not receive a refund.
  2. In any event that a billing error has occurred and you are charged for a service that you opted out of or unsubscribed from. In this case, you are required to send us an email to support@futurestarr.com providing the renewal date of the service in question and a confirmation of your unsubscribe which in most cases is an unsubscribe reference number or an unsubscribe email. Billing cycles and periods vary for each service offered by FutureStarr and it is your sole responsibility to be mindful of these cycles because we will not provide a refund because you were unaware of when cycles renewed.


Any service cancelled or unsubscribed from by you during or within a billing period is not eligible for refund. In other words, if you decide to cancel your subscription for a service, we will not issue a refund for any remaining applicable billing period.


Below are several frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding FutureStarr services. We will add more FAQs as it becomes necessary.

I request a refund for services on my account that were not authorized by me?
If an unauthorized charge does appear on your account, either you or your financial institution will need to contact us and submit proof that an unauthorized charge has taken place on your account. We handle each case differently, however, we will immediate suspend your account as we launch an internal review and in an effort to prevent any further unauthorized charges, use, or access. The suspension of your account will suspend all services associated with your account including Artist pages and apps. Please understand that the review process will take time and the outcome we are looking to reach will be in your best interest.

If I did not cancel a service in time, or if I forgot to cancel, can I be refunded?
You will not receive a refund for any service that you did not cancel in time or forgot to cancel. You are welcome to cancel a service or services at any point during or within its active billing cycle.

Will a free trial automatically end or will I be charged the regular amount for the service when the trial period ends?
At the end of a service’s trial period, the regular amount for the service will automatically be charged to you. Because you signed up for a free trial, we recommend that you stay abreast of when the trial period for that service ends so that you can make the proper arrangements to cancel the service should you no longer be interested in using it. We operate under the assumption that you are fully aware of the services you are enrolled into a free trial for and that you want to continue with the service unless you have opted to unsubscribe from it.