Cardinal Tattoos Ideas

Cardinal Tattoos Ideas

Cardinal Tattoos Ideas

Looking for a bold tattoo with a dramatic meaning? Look no further than our list of top 10 cardinal tattoos below! You know, eagles aren’t the only American bird worth becoming a beautiful tattoo design on your body. So why not consider this luck-bringing red bird tattoo? You can choose any of the amazing tattoo designs – from a big and bright tattoo of the stunning red cardinal bird, to a small male and female cardinal tattoo symbolizing affection and loyalty. Whatever you choose, be sure to get information on pricing before dedicating your chest or shoulder to this remarkable art. (Source: outsons.com)

What Does Cardinal Tattoo Mean?

The Cardinal is an extraordinary bird that draws the attention from anyone looking in it’s direction. Because of this, it is no surprise this bird holds a great deal of symbolism in different cultures and for those that wear the cardinal tattoo, it can have multiple meanings. (Source: www.tattooseo.com)

Cardinal Tattoo – Award-Winning Tattoo Artists in Newington

Thank you for your interest in Getting tattooed at Cardinal Tattoo. Cardinal Tattoo is a private studio featuring Co-Owners Kevin Boudreau and Michael Blais. Established in the fall of 2014 with a combined experience of over 18 years tattooing Kevin and Michael focus on creating unique one of a kind artwork for their clients. The studio is appointment based and not open to the general public. This is to help the artists focus on your tattoo the day of your appointment with no interruptions. (Source: cardinaltattooct.com)

What Do Cardinal Tattoos Mean?

It's no surprise that this lovely ruby or pale, brown-colored bird represents many things for many people. Across cultures and people globally, you'll discover that cardinals can be religious across multiple spectrums, ancient and mythical, and even psychological, given the various things these birds mean in dreams. (Source: www.joincake.com)

Cardinal Tattoo Meanings

Vitality and Energy; these are two words that come to mind when the song of the Cardinal echoes from your backyard. There is nothing demur or coy about these birds; they make their presence shine through even the chill of a winter's day. (Source: www.itattoodesigns.com)


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