What Makes Kyle Richards Hot?

What Makes Kyle Richards Hot?


What Makes Kyle Richards Hot?

kyle richards hot

Kyle Richards is one of the most attractive women to look at in the world, but what is it that makes her so hot? In this article, we'll discuss everything from her workout routine to her relationship with Todd Chrisley. We'll even take a look at some of her recent body changes, including her new rib cage tattoo.

Mauricio Canestraro

The first thing you need to know is that Kyle Richards has been a "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member for more than a decade. In fact, Richards and her husband, real estate broker Mauricio Umansky, have been together since before the show even started! That said, their marriage has not always been smooth. They have had their share of ups and downs, both on and off the screen. But that didn't stop Richards from showing off her sizzling bod in various designer looks. From a strapless sequin gown to a backless leather ensemble, the "RHOBH" star showed off her game face.

A few months ago, Richards stepped out for a photo shoot for PhotoBook. As a result, she has become the envy of her fellow Bravo stars. Not only did the aforementioned stars take part in the shoot, they also got to try out the latest and greatest fashions. Indeed, Richards's wardrobe included a few dominatrix-style looks from designers like Herve Leger and Lamarque. She also opted for a nifty little newsboy style cap from her abode, the aforementioned la marmo.

While Richards might not be the first celeb to wear the aforementioned sexy ensemble, she certainly is not the last. For her PhotoBook cover photo, the former "RHOBH" star donned a pair of silver chain gloves with pointed tips. And, while her outfit might be a tad sexier than her Bravo co-stars', it is not a stretch to say that she looked the part. At a recent photo shoot, Richards posed beside her hubby, whose sizzle was undoubtedly on full display.

While she didn't take home the crown for the aforementioned cover photo, Kyle did manage to land the coveted front page of the magazine. And, as expected, she has already ensnared a couple of fans, one of whom was so impressed by her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" attire that she posted a carousel of photos on her Instagram account. After that, she took to Twitter to answer fan questions.

Her new rib cage tattoo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has revealed two new tattoos in the past week. Previously, she was sporting an angel wing, a "salmon" on her wrist and the Roman numeral 18 on one arm.

Now, she has a "sempre insieme" (Italian for "always together") tattoo. She says it is dedicated to her late boyfriend Cory Monteith.

Richards also got an outline of a heart on her wrist. Her daughter, Alexia, explained the meaning of the tattoo on Instagram stories.

Gia Giudice also showed off her new tattoo in a photo taken in the Bahamas. She also has a dove, a small bird, and the Italian words "sempre insieme" on her rib cage.

During a recent episode of the show, the mother of five showed off her new tattoo. She is wearing a black sequined top, long lashes, and sleek back hair. She also wore a pair of matching rose gold platform heels.

Angelina Jolie was born on March 24, 1971. Her dad is Billy Bob Thornton. Before getting married, she was a wild child. She reportedly had more than 20 tattoos.

Another celebrity who has a lot of tattoos is Miley Cyrus. In 2007, she got a tattoo honoring a friend who died of cystic fibrosis. Similarly, she got a tattoo of "Love Never Dies" on the inside of her left upper arm. Other tattoos include her mother's handwriting and "Just Breathe" written on her thigh.

Meanwhile, Nick Cannon and his girlfriend Alyssa Scott have a message for their late infant son Zen. He shared a picture with five children. Several other members of the PLL cast have tattoos, including Lea Michele, Chloe Ferry, and Jordin Sparks.

Finally, the RHOBH reunion show is slated to air after a tumultuous season 12. While Kyle has not indicated whether or not she will return for next season, fans have a feeling she will not be staying. After all, she has more than $1 million in irreplaceable jewelry and high-end watches stolen from her home. Hopefully, she will get it replaced soon.

Her workout routine

There was a lot of buzz after Kyle Richards uploaded a bikini photo. The image showed her in a black, faux suede two-piece. However, despite the sexy look, there were a few things that people noticed. They questioned her use of weight loss drugs and her fitness routine.

Before she started filming the show, Richards was overweight, weighing 155 pounds. It was a tough time for her, and she had to find a way to lose weight. She took up exercise, cut down on sugar, and slowed down her alcohol intake. After finishing season 12, she stopped drinking altogether.

In addition to her role in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Richards is also a mother of four. As part of her efforts to keep herself healthy, she works out five times a week and consumes a healthy diet.

Aside from her active social life, Richards is a philanthropist. Her charitable efforts include a contribution to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Also, her clothing line, "Kyle X Shahida", is designed to help raise money for charity.

Despite the media attention, Kyle Richards is still focused on her work. She is still taking care of her family and making a positive impact in the world.

For example, she works as a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. She has been an active member of First Families of the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, where she and Mauricio Umansky donate funds to help the hospital. Having a slender figure is important to her, and she credits her sexy figure to circuit training.

She has four daughters. One daughter, Portia, shares her mother's love of fitness. Portia enjoys playing tennis and takes walks. Another daughter, Alexandra, likes to practice yoga. And lastly, her third daughter, Sofia, is very active and loves to swim.

When she was younger, Richards struggled with an eating disorder. However, she managed to get her body under control by following her doctor's instructions. Eventually, she lost 30 pounds. Today, she is 125 pounds, and she is a fitness fanatic.

Her relationship with Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley is the patriarch of the famous reality show Chrisley Knows Best. He is also the father of two children with Teresa Terry. After his wife's arrest, Todd took custody of his daughter Chloe. A few months later, Angela Johnson surrendered her child to him.

The family was put on the spotlight after they were caught scheming to hide millions of dollars from the IRS. In June of that year, the Chrisleys were found guilty of federal charges, including tax fraud. They were sentenced to 7 years in prison. However, their lawyers argued for probation with special conditions.

While they were in jail, Chrisley's daughter Lindsie publicly defended them and spoke to People magazine. She claimed her parents were trying to live their lives to the fullest before they were sent to prison.

Kyle, on the other hand, was found to be bipolar. He has struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues. When he was younger, he was self-medicating with drugs. Todd has been very active in keeping track of his son's life. As a result, Chrisley has poured a million dollars into rehab facilities for his son.

Chrisley is a huge fan of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And he believes he would make a perfect BFF for Kathy Hilton. It's unclear whether Todd will join RHOBH, though.

Chrisley's mother is a fan of Lisa Vanderpump. But, she had a difficult relationship with her ex-husband. This is why she has been rumored to have a rocky relationship with Lisa Vanderpump. At one point, she accused her former BFF of leaking stories about Dorit Kemsley to her friends.

Besides that, Todd has had trouble with his son. He is a self-professed germphobe. He has five dogs and a Bambi. Apparently, he has an incredible taste.

If you are a Chrisley Knows Best fan, you will be pleased to learn that he could join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Todd thinks he is hot, has great style, and he has experience with reality shows. His fashion and drama-loving personality would be a good fit for the show.

Kyle Richards' Daughter Portia

kyle richards daughter

Kyle Richards' daughter Portia seems to have been a big part of his life since the day he was born, but is there a lot of drama between the two? Whether he is in love with her or not, it has been reported that he is still very close to his family. He has a mother, a step-father, and a half-brother. However, it seems that the relationship between his parents is a little strained.

Farrah Aldjufrie

Farrah Aldjufrie is the firstborn child of Kyle Richards and her ex-husband Guraish Aldjufrie. She has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her career as a real estate agent has made her one of the most successful agents in Los Angeles.

She got into the real estate business after graduating from college. Aldjufrie has sold multimillion dollar homes in Southern California.

Her father is an Indonesian businessman of Arabic and Dutch heritage. She also has a sister named Sophia.

Although the two sisters have not always seen eye to eye, they have grown closer over the years. Farrah has even shared photos with her sister. One of her favorite things to do is hang out with her. They have been photographed with huge Christmas trees, dramatic outdoor lighting, and snow-capped mountains.

Although her parents separated in 1990, they remained friends and remained close. Both Kyle and her mother have appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Farrah Aldjufrie works at The Agency, a luxury brokerage firm. Currently, she is engaged to Alex Manos. In addition to her work as a real estate broker, she is the owner of her own home. She owns a guest house.

Aldjufrie was born in California in 1988. She has four siblings, including her older sister, Farrah Brittany, and her younger sisters, Aleia and Portia.

Kyle Richards has a daughter who is in her late twenties. She was also present at the wedding of her cousin Paris Hilton.

Richards is known for her glam style. She often dresses up in designer outfits. On this photo, she wears black tops with a pair of stylish purses. A pair of black leather boots is also worn with the black puffer jacket from Prada.

Richards recently posted a video on Instagram Stories. It's a brief message for her ex-husband. He is the boss at The Agency in Beverly Hills.

In addition to her work as a real-estate broker, she is the star of Buying Beverly Hills, a Netflix reality series. Her salary isn't known yet.

Alexia Simone

Alexia Simone Umansky is a young American reality star. She was born on June 18, 1996 in Los Angeles, CA. Her father, Mauricio, is a real estate agent in Los Angeles. Her mother, Kyle Richards, has also become a well-known star in the reality world.

Alexia has gained a lot of fame as the daughter of Kyle Richards, who appeared in the popular television show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As her career grows, the young star feels pressure to do a good job.

Alexia Simone is a very beautiful girl with brown hair and dark eyes. She is about 5 feet 7 inches tall. In spite of her small height, she is a very beautiful person and has a great body.

She graduated from Emerson College in 2018. She studied marketing communication. From 2010 to 2016, she appeared on the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Currently, she works for her father's firm, The Umansky Team. She has a large Instagram following, with more than 130,000 followers.

She has a very good taste in fashion. For her latest appearance, she wore a polka-dot dress that was designed by Kyle. On the same day, she posed beside a grand staircase with a fountain.

She is a very good conversationalist. Although she is a newcomer in The Agency, she is still learning a lot of things. It is said that Alexia is very similar to her mother, who has also appeared on the television show.

One of her sisters, Portia, is also very close to her, and she enjoys spending time with her. They both like to hang out together and go on trips. Sophia is also a very special friend of Portia.

After Alexia's mother became famous, the family moved to Beverly Hills. This is where she was born, after her mother participated in the birth. Aside from appearing on the reality show, she has also worked for her father's real estate company.

Alexia Simone Umansky has a net worth of $1 million. Since her debut on the reality show, she has gained a lot of fame.


Kyle Richards is an American television personality and socialite. She is best known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Besides being a mother of four, she is also an author and entrepreneur.

During her years of acting, she appeared in many TV shows. Her roles include Lindsey Wallace in the movie Halloween (1978) and Julia in the crime thriller Police Woman. She also has had small roles in the television series Little House on the Prairie. In fact, she has been the focal point of several television shows over the years.

Kyle Richards has been married to Mauricio Umansky since 1996. They have three daughters. One is Sophia, while the other two are Alexia and Portia.

Although the youngest daughter is far from being grown up, she is doing her best to make her mark. She studied business at George Washington University and is still very much interested in real estate. Currently, she works as a real estate agent at her father's firm.

In addition to her career as an agent, she is also involved in events as a Kappa Kappa Gamma event chairman. According to her Instagram account, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

One of the latest projects she has taken on is starring in a Netflix show called Buying Beverly Hills. She is also a member of the Sorority kappa kappa Gamma.

She also has a love for travel. She recently visited her sister Portia on the East Coast. She was touched by her visit. During her visit, she shared a couple of photos on her Instagram.

Among other things, she has achieved something big: she made it onto the dean's list at her college. This is only the beginning. Eventually, she will pursue a career in the field.

Despite her young age, she is definitely a star. As for her family, she shares a healthy bond with her sisters.

It was an emotional goodbye for Sophia when she finally left the family to go to college. It is always hard to see children grow up. But, she says she is proud of her daughters' accomplishments.


The youngest daughter of Kyle Richards and Guraish Aldjufrie is a young woman. Portia is nine years old. She is the only child who wants to act. Her on-camera presence is impeccable. In fact, Portia is so confident that she even auditioned for a role in the TV show American Woman.

Portia celebrated her birthday this month, and she got to celebrate it in style. She had a party at her parents' home. They treated her to a circus-themed affair, complete with circus entertainers. At the party, Portia wore a pink fluffy dress and tiara. There were also hundreds of gold balloons that decorated the room.

Portia was a toddler when the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered in 2010. But she's already grown into a sassy young lady. Portia had a Bat Mitzvah last fall, and she's looking very grown up in photos.

Portia's sister, Sophia, flew out to visit her for the event. Portia wore a pink ombre minidress with tulle skirt. She had a matching bracelet and eye shadow.

The Bat Mitzvah was fun and fancy. Portia had a DJ booth, a photo booth, and a custom dance floor. A cotton candy machine was set up for her to enjoy. Also, there was an inflatable fairground ride.

Several of Portia's fans took to social media to target her mother's behavior. Some of these comments were pretty nasty. Other people asked if Portia had a boyfriend.

Portia's fans didn't take well to what she said to Garcelle Beauvais' son, Jax. Portia was the victim of a harassment attack.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to return on Dec. 19th, and Portia will be joined by Camille Grammer.

Although Portia isn't the first daughter of Kyle and Mauricio to go on to a career in entertainment, it looks like she's one of the few. Kyle's scripted series American Woman is in the works, and Richards has three other TV projects in the works.

For her Bat Mitzvah, Portia dressed up as a princess. She wore a pink ombre minidress and tulle skirt, along with a tiara.

The Relationship Between Kim and Kyle Richards on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

kim and kyle richards

Kim and Kyle Richards are the stars of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". They have been together for eight years and recently had an engagement party. It seems that their relationship is going to last forever.

Kathy Hilton

If you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you've probably seen plenty of drama between Kim and Kyle Richards. The sisters have had their ups and downs over the years, and now their feud is at a new level.

Although they've been estranged for years, the two recently started communicating. In fact, their relationship appeared to be back on track during Season 11, when they got along on set. However, things were not smooth at the reunion.

During a recent episode of RHOBH, they got into a fight. It began when Kyle accused Kim of taking a house from her while they were on vacation. They later had a heated debate, and Kyle walked off the set.

After the show, they've only been in contact through texts. They've also avoided each other at parties. One of their biggest feuds started before they went to Aspen, though.

Kim and Kathy were estranged for years, and had their first big argument in Season 1. At the time, Kyle and Kim didn't know it was a feud.

They later reconciled and reunited for Season 12. But then, things got weird. Their feuds with Rinna, Eileen Davidson, and other cast members got out of hand.

When Kyle Mauricio, the show's creator, created a TV series about their childhoods, they got legal notices between the siblings. There were also rumors that Kim was near death from drug use.

Eventually, Kim Richards left the show after five seasons due to legal issues. She said that it was difficult to deal with the things involving her late mother.

Since then, Kyle and Kathy have become closer. Apparently, they are now working through their problems.

While there is still plenty of time to get along, there are a few things to remember. The feuds between the sisters are mainly rooted in their spouses.

While they've been close in the past, the feuds between them have left fans wondering about their relationship. Hopefully, the matriarchs will be able to work through their issues. Otherwise, their feud will continue.

You can watch the upcoming season of RHOBH on Bravo. The season premieres on May 19, 2021.

Kyle Richards

Despite their rocky relationship, Kyle and Kim Richards have weathered some tough storms together. They have gotten into a few fights, but they have also had some of the best times together.

When the show premiered in season one, Kyle and Kim went through a limo fight that caused some controversy. Afterward, Kim took a hiatus from acting to raise her children. Eventually, she was back on the scene and appeared in several episodes. But she left the franchise as a full-time cast member in season five.

After a stint in rehab, she committed to sober living. This helped her develop a new relationship with her sisters. However, things did not get any better. She was arrested in 2015 for public intoxication. Her arrest was followed by another stint in rehab.

In addition to her involvement in RHOBH, Kyle is also involved with several other projects. She recently pitched a TV show about her life to Warner Bros. and she has also penned a tell-all book.

The actress has appeared on numerous television shows in the past, including Halloween (1978), Nanny and the Professor, Down to Earth, and ER. And she was even a child star on the show Little House on the Prairie.

While Kim is a big fan of the series, she isn't exactly the most enthusiastic about her relationship with Kyle. Both of them are going through some growing pains.

Although their relationship has improved, the sisters still have ups and downs. For instance, the sisters have had some tense moments during their recent trip to Aspen. One time, they argued over a tequila drink, and a few weeks later, they were both uninvited from a niece's wedding.

It's also possible that a dog bite to Kyle's daughter Alexia Umansky in 2014 contributed to their rift. On the sixth season of RHOBH, Kyle claimed that she and her husband Mauricio Umansky were not invited to a niece's wedding.

Whether the sibling rivalry is the cause of their problems or not, Kyle and Kim are currently dealing with some difficult times. In the meantime, they are working hard to keep their relationship amicable.

Their relationship on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

The Kim and Kyle Richards relationship on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is one that's never been short of a fight. It's been more than a decade since these two sisters first hit the small screen together. However, things have changed in the meantime.

Although the relationship between the two remains on the rocks, Kim has made some good progress towards reconciliation. She has also been more open with fans about her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. While she was on rehab, she revealed that she used to be a drunk. Despite this, she says she is still safe.

One of the more memorable episodes of RHOBH involved a confrontation between Kim and Kyle. They had a limo battle, but it was more of a shouting match. Apparently, the fight was over group dynamics and whether or not they should attend a party together.

Other notable moments in the show include a tequila drink from Eva Longoria and a police officer who kicked the actress in the head when she tried to resist arrest. This last episode was also notable because the actress was charged with public intoxication.

The "Kim and Kyle" feud started during the show's first season. In the first half of the season, Kyle and her sister had a few high-profile fights with other housewives. Their feud was put to the test when Kyle's dog bit her daughter Alexia Umansky.

Another example of the Kyle and Kim snub was the fact that Kyle wasn't invited to her niece Nicky's wedding to James Rothschild. That episode, as well as the episode that followed, showed that Kyle and her sister haven't really got along all that well.

Thankfully, the show's latest season has shown that things are looking up for Kim and Kyle. Both have moved on from their past issues, and both women have newfound hope for the future.

As for Kyle, she says she's not great right now. But she still thinks she has a lot to offer the world, and she has a promising future.

Earlier this year, Kim Richards gave a brief update on her and Kyle's relationship. In addition to the obvious, she told the ET Magazine that she and her sister have been in touch after the passing of a childhood friend.

Their engagement party

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are all celebrating the engagement of their daughters. In fact, Farrah Aldjufrie, Kyle Richards' eldest daughter, recently announced her engagement to Alex Manos. Despite their past issues, they managed to reconcile and get back together.

The party for Lisa's daughter's engagement is the social event of the season. It features a lot of snakes, camels, and circus performers.

Guests included Paris Hilton Rothschild, Nicky Hilton, and a few other close friends of the family. However, the party was not attended by Kim. Apparently, she was too embarrassed to share her secret with her sisters.

Taylor and Russell were also at the engagement party. However, they were not invited to the event. This is because they think that Lisa is not their real friend.

Brandi is also present at the party. She is upset by the accusations that Kim has made about her and her husband, and she is also planning to throw a party for women. But she tries to keep a low profile.

Despite the rumors that Kyle and Kathy had been separating, they are still together. They have three children: Sophia, Mauricio, and Alexia. And the couple is ready for a baby.

However, their relationship went through a rough patch during the 12th season. During that time, it was reported that they had only communicated through text messages. That was because the sisters had kept their relationship out of sight of the public.

Earlier, Farrah's cousin, Paris Hilton, had a lavish engagement party. The party was held at her backyard. She wore a long, brunette hairdo in the center part of her hair. Her black blazer was patterned with patches. She also wore a graphic T-shirt, along with a green trench coat.

Although the engagement party was exciting, it was not the only event for the family. Another daughter, Pandora, was set to have an engagement party. Meanwhile, Lisa was preparing for the opening of her new restaurant, SUR.

Last night's episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills featured an exciting event. A white party was planned, but the husband of one of the brides was a no-show.

Kirk Franklin Has a Family and a Career

kerrion franklin birthday

Kirk Franklin, the singer and songwriter from Tennessee, is celebrating his birthday today. The country music star has been making hits for many years and has won numerous awards for his talents. But did you know that the country musician also has a family and a career? Read on to find out more.

Kirk Franklin

A Grammy-award winning gospel singer, author and songwriter, Kirk Franklin was born on January 26, 1970 in Fort Worth, Texas. He is best known for his work with urban contemporary gospel choirs, including the Family and God's Property. His debut album "Kirk Franklin and the Family" became the first gospel album to sell more than a million units.

Franklin began his career in 1992, when he joined a gospel choir known as "The Family." The group consists of neighborhood friends. During his teenage years, he rebelled against his strict upbringing. However, he eventually returned to church after a friend was shot.

After a successful stint with the family choir, Franklin co-founded a gospel group called the Humble Hearts. He also began working with Jewell Kelly and the Singing Chaparrals. These two groups, along with his own choir, earned him numerous awards.

In 1992, he formed "The Family," a 17-member choir. He formed the group in order to broaden his music appeal.

The group's first album, Kirk Franklin & the Family, sold platinum. It reached number one on the gospel chart and crossed over to the R&B and pop charts.

His second album, "Whatcha Lookin' 4", was a hit and earned him his first Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album. His fourth and fifth albums, "Kirk Franklin and the Family Christmas" and "Kirk Franklin and the Family," earned him further recognition.

He has won sixteen Grammy Awards, seventeen Dove Awards, the American Music Award, and the Soul Train Award. He has also been inducted into the Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame.

In 2013, Franklin launched his own record label, Fo Yo Soul Recordings.

Shawn Ewing

Shawn Ewing is a preacher and trainer, and a mother of Kerrion Franklin, the eldest son of gospel singer Kirk Franklin. The pair had a child together when they were teenagers.

It was a difficult time for the duo as teen parents, and they went through some tough times. However, the family has worked hard to make the most of their relationship. They've been through counseling, and both sides have confessed they've been imperfect.

The two have had a history of squabbling, and their latest confrontation came to a head on Sunday when Kerrion leaked a phone call with his father. While the call wasn't played, it did contain some interesting tidbits.

For instance, the family has been in therapy for over 20 years. In an interview with Tamron Hall, Kirk admitted that they have had some major issues in the past. He also told the host that he's never abandoned his son.

The other big news is that Kerrion has released some audio of the argument he had with his father. He says the conversation was the longest of his life.

This is not the first time Kerrion has revealed such information. In fact, he's previously claimed he's got recordings of past disagreements.

Kirk's wife, Tammy, has even defended him. She stated that he's been working with his son's mother for years, and that they've been in "counseling" for a long time.

Meanwhile, Kennedy Franklin is the youngest of the family, and she's been doing quite a bit of defending as well. She's graduated with a journalism degree, and she's been a huge fan of her dad.

Whether or not there's a love triangle between the couple isn't really clear. Kerrion hasn't publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation, and he's been excluded from some of the family pictures. But it looks like he's doing the best he can to keep his relationship with his father on an even keel.

Birth family

If you are a fan of American singer, songwriter, author, cinematographer, and producer, Kerrion Franklin, you'll have probably seen him on social media. The 37-year-old is a well-known figure on the web, promoting a number of products and services. He also has a net worth of about $300,000 from his own income and his side businesses.

Although he has never spoken publicly about his sexual orientation, he is close to the LGBTQ community. In fact, he was considered to be gay before his biological mother disowned him. Nevertheless, he is currently single and lives alone without a romantic partner.

Throughout his career, Kerrion has appeared in a variety of films and TV shows. He has even received Grammy Awards. For instance, he starred in the 2014 film "Mike, Guy Who Takes Everything Too Literally". His most recent role is in the movie "Words of Advice from Van Corona" and he is working on his own music album.

Kerrion started his career as a director of photography for Christina Milian's clothing line. He later worked for Revolt Media & TV and Evidence Productions.

Kerrion and Kirk Franklin have not been seen together in public since the early 2000s. Their relationship has been said to be "toxic" for a number of years.

However, in the early 21st century, they were photographed together in a magazine cover shoot. They were also spotted on the set of a reality show called Bad Boys: Los Angeles. There, they discussed how to overcome pornography addiction.

Kerrion's biological mother is unreachable, however. She is thought to be his sister, although her identity has not been confirmed.

One of the most popular questions on the web is about Kerrion's parents. The truth is, Kerrion and his father have had numerous problems over the years. And, while they have kept the details private, it is clear that they are not a happy family.


If you are one of the millions of Americans that love music, then you are probably familiar with the name Kerrion Franklin. He is an American singer, songwriter, and author who has released several albums. The star also works as a sound producer and a cinematographer.

Kerrion Franklin was born in 1988. His parents are Kirk Franklin and Tammy Collins. They have two children together: a son named Isaiah and a daughter named Kennedy.

Although he has never revealed his gender to the public, there have been speculations that he is gay. According to Kerrion, he was "abused" by his father. However, he stands by his decision to leak the audio.

Having a close relationship with his father has been an issue for Kerrion for years. This has contributed to a very restrictive relationship with his father. It has also led to a series of allegations made by Kerrion. He claims that his father has been "playing mind games" against him.

In the early 2000s, Kerrion attended Santa Monica College after high school. He went on to graduate with a degree in Video and Photographic Arts.

In 2014, he started working for Christian Milian's apparel line. He was also video editor at "Dash Films" for five months. Since then, he has worked for A|R Ferone, Evidence Film Studios, and We Are Pop Culture.

Kerrion Franklin has a large social media presence. He has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram. He has also established his own company, Swank Media LLC.

He has a wide range of friends in the LGBTQ community. As a member of the community, he has advocated for the rights of LGBTQ people.


Kerrion Franklin is the eldest child of gospel star Kirk Franklin. He's also a musician and cinematographer. The 32-year-old has been involved in a high-stakes legal battle for years. A recent lawsuit filed by God's Property in Los Angeles claims that Aretha Franklin induced Linda Searight to sign a contract with B-Rite Music.

There's been a lot of debate over who was right and who was wrong. Kerrion and Kirk have both been on the receiving end of slander and accusation. In one particularly bizarre incident, Kerrion was accused of driving a car that belonged to a missing woman. His father has a similar claim.

However, a recent video posted by Kerrion on Instagram blew the dust off of their squabble. While the content of the video is a bit hazy, Kerrion did make a splash by posting a 45-second clip of a heated exchange. This was followed by a flurry of social media comments, including a snarky tweet from a fan who reportedly deemed the video to be "the worst."

One has to wonder how much more content there could have been, but the end result is a video that has gone viral. Kerrion is now locked up with no bail to speak of.

While the media has focused on the sex of the situation, Kerrion's mother has come forward to state that she is not on the defensive. During an interview on a television show, she stated that she was not ready to give up on her son. She also pointed out that her husband, Kirk, never abandoned his son.

As for the aforementioned recording, well, Kerrion has never actually admitted that he was on the receiving end of the good old fashioned whack. Rather, the audio was recorded by an unknown source.

Below Deck Cast Ranked

below deck cast ranked

If you are a fan of the popular show Below Deck, then you are likely wondering who the top members of the cast are. The below deck cast is comprised of four characters, all of whom are in charge of a particular department of the ship. They are captains Lee Rosbach, Ashton Pienaar, Mark Howard, and Sandy Yawn.

Ashton Pienaar

Below Deck Season 7 cast members are in a tussle with each other. Kate Chastain is outraged at Ashton Pienaar's behavior in last week's episode, while Abbi Murphy says she's leaving the show after Season 6.

A new book, Knots, Lines, and Life, explores the life of Below Deck's Ashton Pienaar. In the book, he shares his story, from his early life to the yachting industry. It's being released this summer.

In season six, Ashton Pienaar had a close call that almost took his life. He was caught in a tow line and nearly drowned. However, he was saved by a cameraman.

On season seven, Ashton Pienaar was back as a bosun. In addition to his close call, he had a rough relationship with chief stew Kate Chastain.

Ashton was known as "Smashton" in the club, and he had a reputation for drunken behavior. The crew became suspicious when he turned his boat team against Rhylee Gerber, a female deckhand from Alaska.

Ashton dated Sarah McAlpine Cooper during the season. Before joining the cast of Below Deck, she was a nutrition consultant for a nutritional catering company. She also dated chef Ben Robinson.

Ashley Marti

Below Deck Season 3 alum Ashley Marti has been a major talking point this season. As the third stew on the ship, she has been heavily scrutinized by viewers and crew members alike. Some of the most controversial moments include her hooking up with Bosun Gary King while drunk. And then there were her claims of making more money on Only Fans than filming Bravo series.

Before her time on Below Deck, Ashley was a dancer and club performer. She had also traveled the East Coast of the United States and the Bahamas. However, she now has a more rewarding career working as an OnlyFans influencer and model.

On Parsifal III, Ashley is set to make her return. But now she is part of a crew that includes a new chef, Marcos Spaziani, who is a Venezuelan culinary school graduate. He has 10 years experience in the industry.

Earlier in her sailing career, Ashley Marti has already had her share of ups and downs. Although she was originally from New York, she has moved to Florida.

Captain Sandy Yawn

Captain Sandy Yawn was the captain of Below Deck Mediterranean for seven seasons. She is the first female to ever hold the position and has ruffled feathers with her handling of cast members and guests.

The reality television series Below Deck features several crew members aboard a yacht and drama ensues from time to time. The show is one of the most popular shows on Bravo.

As the new season starts, fans are hoping for Kate Chastain's return. In the past, she has been featured on Below Deck as the Captain Lee Rosbach's right-hand woman. However, she left the show in 2020. Fortunately, she will be back on the show in the near future.

Another returning cast member is Malia. Malia is a bosun, deckhand and a great personality. Her social media is packed with pictures of her travels and other fun things she does. Some critiques thought she could do a better job than Mila.

One of the perks of being a Below Deck star is that you are able to travel around the world and take pictures of the places you visit.

Captain Lee Rosbach

Below Deck is one of the most popular yachting shows on television. In each season, Below Deck features a new crew and charter guest. There are several recurring crew members, as well as a few notable new faces. Those familiar with the show will remember the crew's antics, and the relationships between them. This is the case for Below Deck Season 10, which premieres on November 21.

The captain of the ship is Lee Rosbach. He has spent more than three decades working in the yachting industry. During his time, he has been involved in many highs and lows, and even experienced the loss of a family member to a drug overdose. But now, he has found an ally in Carl Radke.

Lee is a salty and likable man. He is also a great leader and he will never take anything for granted. He is not afraid to speak his mind and be stern with his charter guests.

Lee has been at the helm of every yacht in the Below Deck franchise, and he has a lot of experience. It is unclear if he will return for the upcoming season.

Captain Mark Howard

Captain Mark Howard is one of the best-known below deck cast members. He appeared on 13 episodes of the Bravo reality show. After his stint as captain, he was replaced by Sandy Yawn.

A source tells Us Weekly that Howard's family has been unable to reach him. His family is currently working with authorities to find out what exactly happened.

According to the source, Howard grew up in Michigan. He had a pilot license and was a yacht captain for about 30 years. In addition, he had extensive international sailing experience. Throughout his career, he traveled to the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

Howard starred on the Bravo reality show Below Deck Mediterranean. The show follows the crew of a luxury yacht as they travel the Mediterranean Sea. On the show, Mark was the senior yacht captain. It was his duty to make sure that everyone on board had a good time.

During his tenure on the boat, Howard reportedly earned between $120,000 and $180,000. He was also a very well-respected member of the crew.

Jemele Hill

The Below Deck franchise is still going strong after nine seasons, and there's more to come. Season ten will air on Bravo Monday nights at 9 pm. Despite the show's name, the crew is a mix of private guests and the yachting industry.

The biggest announcement from the Below Deck franchise has been the birth of a child. In August of this year, the cast of Below Deck Sailing Yacht gave birth to a son. Despite their best efforts, the couple may not make it to shore. They ended up as single parents in Australia.

Another big event came during Below Deck Mediterranean season six. Jemele Hill was the final charter guest on the ship. She shared a mirror selfie showing off her growing baby bump.

During her stay, she experienced the aforementioned. One of her fellow charter guests apologized for his actions on the show. He also showed off some impressive stats.

The below deck is the aforementioned. This show is a bit more of a blue water yachting experience, but the franchise is getting more popular with each passing season.

Kat Held

Kat Held is one of the most popular cast members of the Below Deck franchise. She is a former yacht stewardess, who started her career in Miami, Florida, after reading a book about the profession. During her time on the boat, Kat had a bizarre sense of humor and was notorious for drinking heavily on crew outings. Luckily, she left the yachting industry to focus on a new career.

Kat held her first job as a stewardess in Miami, but she soon decided to move on to another career. Eventually, she became a bartender and waitress. Despite her alcoholic tendencies, she still had a knack for sex and was able to hook up with Ben Robinson.

Kat was also known for her ability to flirt with men. However, after watching megaboats sail in Newport, Rhode Island, she was interested in pursuing a career in the travel industry.

As a stewardess, Kat Chastain had a tough time following the strict rules of Captain Lee. While she was on the boat, she became involved with a male cast member. In Season 2, she had to work to redeem herself.

Emily Warburton-Adams

A British native, Emily Warburton-Adams was born on March 1, 1995. She was raised in London and worked as a massage therapist before embarking on a yachting career. In 2016, she began dating singer Ben Robinson. As of January 9, 2023, she is valued at $5 million.

Below Deck is a reality television show that takes viewers behind the scenes of a luxurious superyacht. The cast of the show has become household names to millions of people all over the world. During each season, viewers watch as eight crew members and a chief stew afloat on a luxury yacht navigate the waters of the British Virgin Islands.

Some of the most popular cast members include Wes Walton, Adam Glick, Jenna Dewan, and Josiah McElhenney. Each of these stars are hilarious, fun, and have great personalities. However, some of the OG Below Deck characters remain the favorites of fans.

One of the best OG Below Deck cast members is Ben Robinson. He made quite an impression on the viewers and colleagues of the show. Despite being a chef, he made it clear that he was also a good person.

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht - Which Below Deck Cast Member Got Pregnant?

which below deck cast member got pregnant

If you've ever watched Below Deck, then you've probably wondered which cast member got pregnant. While it seems like an unlikely storyline, one of the cast members did get pregnant. That's right, Kate Chastain's character had a baby in Season 1 of the show!

Dani Soares

Whether you've been watching Below Deck: Sailing Yacht since its premiere or are just now catching up with the series, you've probably noticed that cast members are getting pregnant. This is a very common trend on the show, especially when it comes to relationships. And while Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux were on the show together, they never really talked about the father of their child.

When the below deck star found out she was pregnant, rumors circulated that her boyfriend was the baby's father. However, she was quick to dismiss those claims.

After filming ended, both Dani and J.L. had a brief fling. Although they said they had a romantic connection, it seemed like they didn't plan on moving in together. But then, Dani found out she was expecting and she wanted to move forward with a new life.

She's currently living in Australia, but she's studying to become a nurse. The couple will probably co-parent their daughter.

Dani Soares and Jean-Luc have yet to confirm whether they will be returning to the Below Deck: Sailing Yacht for another season. In a recent interview, however, Soares mentioned that they're still working out their issues.

While Soares and Cerza-Lanaux haven't said much about the issue, they're likely going to be a part of the new season. They'll be featured in a two-part reunion episode that will air on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

While Dani and Jean-Luc have been a little quiet on social media, they're still working out their relationship. Soares says she's hoping to be able to have a "supportive" father. Cerza-Lanaux has said that he hopes to be a good father to his daughter, but he's not sure what he can do to help out.

Jess More

A Below Deck alum has announced her pregnancy, but hasn't revealed the baby's father. Jessica More, who served as a stew in Season 5 of Below Deck Med, showed off her sexy baby bump in an Instagram post.

The yacht-themed show airs on Bravo. It features the behind-the-scenes work of a mega-yacht. There are rotating crews on the boat, and they face major ups and downs.

In season 5, Jessica More was part of the interior team aboard the luxury yacht "The Wellington." She worked closely with Chief stew Hannah Ferrier. She also met Robert Westergaard, a deck hand on the vessel, and they started an intense romance on the yacht.

After the season ended, the two of them went to Bali. They had an intense romance there, but things weren't meant to last. Jess eventually pulled back from her relationship with Rob.

The couple hasn't been publicly spotted on the boat since. However, they are still close with one another. Their relationship has been largely on hiatus, and it seems as though Jessica is now raising Charli alone.

Jessica More hasn't talked much about the baby. But she did share the name of the baby she was expecting on Instagram.

The baby's father isn't a yachtie, but he's still an important part of Jessica's life. She'll probably have friends in the delivery room, and both Jessica and her baby's father are planning to co-parent when the baby arrives.

While Jessica is a major part of the yacht, she's not the only Below Deck alum who's getting ready to bring a child into the world. Below Deck alum Kate Chastain is expecting, too, and Conrad Empson is expecting his first child as well.


One of the most popular below deck cast members is Hannah Ferrier. She joined the Below Deck Mediterranean crew in season one and stayed on for four series. The star has been known to tease fans on Instagram, but recently, she announced her pregnancy with her boyfriend Josh.

When she revealed she was pregnant, Hannah revealed she was expecting a girl. As a result, she and her man welcomed their first child in October 2020. At this time, the couple had been dating for over a year.

According to Hannah, she was planning on getting married in November 2020. But, she's been focused on her daughter. Ava arrived four months after her pregnancy announcement.

In fact, the news was so big, she launched her own podcast. The podcast is based on her teenage diary.

Hannah also got involved in the yachting world when she started the Ocean International Training Academy, an online yachting course. She also teamed up with fellow below deck cast member Anastasia Surmava.

In June, she announced her pregnancy. Fans were delighted to hear the good news. On social media, Hannah gave a little glimpse into her new baby's nursery.

However, her co-worker reportedly found messages from Hannah and her boyfriend on her work iPad, and shared them with all of her colleagues. This incident caused a ruckus on Twitter, but Hannah's team is looking into it.

Regardless of what happens, fans are excited for Hannah and her husband Josh. They have been together for over a year and a half, and they recently moved into a house in Australia. Their upcoming move has left their family tree looking a little bare, but it looks like they're making it work.

Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux

If you've ever watched Below Deck, you've probably wondered if Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux was the father of Dani Soares' baby. The two were romantically linked in season 2 of the show, but rumors began to circulate that he might not be the father.

During Season 2, Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux had a passionate fling. Fans thought they were engaged, but then discovered that Dani was pregnant, which led to an upcoming paternity battle.

After the season ended, Dani gave birth in May 2021. Her daughter, Lilly Rose, was born. Several months later, Jean-Luc revealed that he was the child's father. He announced the news on Instagram.

While it's been reported that Dani was initially hesitant to reveal the pregnancy, she eventually decided to share the news. She announced her pregnancy in April 2021. In October, she was six months pregnant. During her pregnancy, crew members on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht stepped up to help. And they even threw a reunion for the show's second season. But, they also criticized Jean-Luc for not being the father.

During the reunion, Andy Cohen questioned Dani on how she felt about her decision to have a child without her husband. Soares said that she's worried about the future of their relationship. She says she needs a male figure in her life to help her with parenting.

Until recently, Cerza-Lanaux was quiet on social media. He claimed that his mental health was a factor in his absence. However, in early 2022, he wrote a lengthy post about his paternity.

After the baby was born, Jean-Luc had to take a DNA test. The results showed that he is indeed the father.

Kate Chastain

Whether you're a fan of Below Deck or not, you might have heard about Kate Chastain. She's been working on a yacht for six seasons and has risen to fame as one of the show's stars. Now, she's pregnant. And she's a single parent.

The actress recently confirmed her pregnancy on Instagram and she's showing off her growing baby bump. Her announcement has prompted her colleagues to congratulate her.

Throughout her seven seasons on Below Deck, Kate Chastain was the Chief Stewess and her fans followed her on a popular Instagram account. She also hosted a podcast called After Deck with Kate Chastain, which is available for free download. It's been two months since she revealed she was pregnant, but it looks like she's keeping the secret a bit tighter this time around.

In a recent interview, Chastain said she's still getting some parenting advice from her former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Brandi Glanville. But she plans to raise the child herself.

As previously mentioned, Kate Chastain's pregnancy has raised speculation about her dating life. Aside from a romance with chef Ben Robinson in the early seasons of Below Deck, the two haven't been romantically linked in some time. However, rumors are starting to swirl that she's dating someone new.

While it's impossible to say for sure, a source told People magazine that Kate's baby is a boy. She says she's already chosen a family name, which is a big deal in her family.

She's also training for a baby-themed party. But she's most nervous about welcoming a newborn.

She made a surprise appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Tuesday. And she showed off her baby bump in a mirror selfie.

How Do I Apply to Be on Below Deck?

how do i apply to be on below deck

Are you looking to be on the new Bravo television show, Below Deck? If so, then read on to learn how to apply for the show and make your dream a reality.

'Below Deck' is a reality TV show

Below Deck is a reality TV show that follows the lives of a crew aboard a luxury yacht during the charter season. The series centers on the crew's efforts to keep passengers happy and make their charter memorable. Each crew member has a designated role and must meet the demands of both the ship's captain and fellow yachties.

Below Deck is a reality show that highlights the drama that goes along with working on a luxury mega yacht. The show follows the crew as they prepare drinks, serve food, and take guests on board. It also explores the relationships among the crew members.

Below Deck is one of the most watched reality shows on television. Aside from the show itself, it has also inspired a number of spinoffs. Some of these include Galley Talk, Captain America, and Below Deck Down Under.

Below Deck is not an accurate depiction of the life of a real yacht crew. Many of the guests on the show are complete assholes, and there is no real script. This makes for some interesting drama.

Below Deck was first aired in 2013 and is still airing. However, there have been reports that the show has fired its crew midseason. One of the biggest'man overboard' moments occurred last year.

In the earliest seasons of the show, there was a lot of romance, but now the focus is more on the crew's trials and tribulations. There are many different kinds of romantic tension, from between-the-castmates to between-relationships.

While there are no tips or suggestions from the producers, the show has some interesting scheduling logistics. The camera crew arrives in the early morning hours to begin filming. They are guided by the director in a control room. They then split into pairs. Hand-held cameras are used for more private moments.

Stewards and chef make about $5,000-$10,000 a month

When you watch Below Deck on Bravo, you'll see the crew members work hard to keep a luxury superyacht running smoothly. They take on extra duties, like docking yachts and cleaning up after guests. And in return, they get a big tip. The Below Deck crew earns around $5,000 per month, depending on experience.

Chief Stews on the show are paid a little more than other staff. First Officers make $11,250 to $11,900. A captain on the show can earn $150,000 to $210,000 a year.

Chefs on Below Deck get a little less. Depending on their experience, they can make $7000 to $10,000 a month. Second and third stews on the show make $5,000 a month.

Bosuns and deckhands also get paid well. If you have years of experience, you could make up to $6,000 a month.

Some Below Deck crew members have complained about low pay. But they also have the chance to earn big money by getting social media sponsorships. In fact, some cast members make extra money from speaking gigs.

Several of the below deck crew have even shot at major tips. One Reddit user claimed that cast members make a big appearance fee. However, Adrienne Gang, the chief stew on the show, responded to this claim without disputing it.

Below Deck pays its crew for the time they spend on the superyacht. They get a prorated tip for each three-day charter. Cast members can make up to $15,000. These tips vary, but they average between $2,000 and $25,000 for a weeklong charter.

Below Deck cast members are also able to use their star power to negotiate higher pay. However, the Bravo Below Deck cast typically sign NDAs before speaking about their contracts.

There are charters within a charter

A charter is a legal document that grants a specified set of powers and privileges to a person, organization, or government. The historical use of the word 'charter' dates back to the medieval period in Britain and the British Empire. It was commonly issued to merchant associations, universities, and religious institutions.

The purpose of a good charter is to turn a concept into a workable reality. It may also serve as a marketing tool to sell a project to potential clients or partners.

There are many types of modern charters, but there are two main categories. An initial charter will answer the most basic questions about the project.

In terms of length, the first charter should be relatively short. While there is no set format for a charter, it should include the key elements.

The best charters will include high-level requirements statements that will guide the detailed requirements-gathering phase. Also, it should be able to provide the business justification needed to secure the funding necessary to implement the project.

Another feature of the project is the ability to assign and manage work. Users can define and track milestones, add tags, and set due dates.

ProjectManager is a software product that has won awards for its user-friendliness and ease of use. For a small fee, users can download and customize the program to meet their individual needs. Using this program is the ideal way to manage projects and ensure they are done right.

It is important to understand how to create a project charter. This is a vital step in leading any project. Not only is it useful, but it can help prevent misaligned projects from going belly up before resources are wasted.

Bravo's 'Below Deck' is unlike any other Bravo property

Below Deck is a show that has captured the hearts of many viewers. It chronicles the lives of crew members on luxury charter yachts. The series also gives viewers a glimpse into the personal lives of those on board.

Since its debut in 2013, Below Deck has attracted a lot of attention. The series has featured a diverse cast. Each season features a different group of guests. Many are recurring. In addition to the guests, each season also focuses on the trials and tribulations of the crew.

Some of the crew members have gotten into some hot water, and some have fallen out of love. This has led to a series of breakups, drama, and other shocking moments.

One of the most dramatic moments from last year was Ashton Pienaar falling into the water. He had been a deckhand on the show and was caught in a tow line. Luckily, a cameraman was there to rescue him. But he could have lost his leg.

Another shocking moment from last year was the pregnancy loss of one of the show's crew members. Sarah McAlpine Cooper dated chef Ben Robinson during the show's seventh season. However, the relationship ended in December of 2021.

The show has also brought in many young crew members. These are typically younger men who are in their late teens or early twenties.

Although Below Deck is a hit, the show's production does not cost a lot. Bravo does not invest much money into the show's promotion.

Bravo has added new content to the Below Deck franchise, including a spinoff called Below Deck Mediterranean. Additionally, Below Deck is now streaming on Peacock.

Below Deck has also become a buzzword in the industry. In fact, the show has inspired numerous spinoffs, including Below Deck Sailing, Below Deck Sailing Vessel, and Below Deck Mediterranean.

EROS has been renamed and is now known as Mustang Sally

If you're a fan of Below Deck, then you've probably heard about the boat called Eros. This 161 footer was a custom-built yacht before it was sold to a Nova Scotia golf course owner. It was given a face-lift and renamed Mustang Sally. Although the name may not be for everyone, the ship is well equipped and boasts all the amenities you'd expect from a luxury charter.

Before it was sold, the superyacht was known by many names. She was previously marketed as the Destination Fox Harb'r Too, and she was available for charter. She's been refitted and updated with new hardware and a state-of-the-art stabilization system. In other words, she's been made more user-friendly for her owners.

The most obvious reason is the number of cabins she can accommodate. Her six state-of-the-art cabins include a main suite with a king-size bed and pullman bed, as well as two guest cabins and a crew cabin. There is also a sky lounge Jacuzzi.

There's no word on when Mustang Sally will be available for a charter, but she has been listed as an option for the summer. According to her owners, she's a great charter yacht that can make your next vacation one to remember. You may want to book it now before it gets gone!

One other important feature of Eros is its cruising speed. Although it's not the fastest in the world, it has an impressive top speed of 16 knots. That's quite a lot of power for a luxury yacht! With its state-of-the-art features and a luxurious interior, Eros can easily compete with other charter yachts. Considering how much money you can spend on a yacht, you should make sure it's the one that's for you!

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