Amber Rose Wants To Be Single For The Rest Of Her Life & Doesnt Want To Marry

Amber Rose Wants To Be Single For The Rest Of Her Life & Doesnt Want To Marry


Amber Rose Wants To Be Single For The Rest Of Her Life & Doesnt Want To Marry

Amber Rose Wants To Be Single For The Rest Of Her Life  Doesnt Want To H

Amber Rose is a hugely popular singer, but recently she has been accused of wanting to be single for the rest of her life and doesn't want to marry. It's a shocking statement, especially considering she's only been married once, to rapper Papi. So what is going on?

Alexander Edwards

It's been a while since Amber Rose has been in a relationship. She was previously married to Wiz Khalifa and has children. However, after her divorce, she tried to find love once more. In 2018, she began dating Alexander "AE" Edwards. The two shared a son named Slash, but the two split in August 2021.

On an episode of Sophia with an F podcast, Rose spoke about her history in relationships and her thoughts on the current state of affairs. She revealed that she was "in love with the one," but was "not sure he's still a good person" to be with.

Amber Rose has dated many famous and not-so-famous men over the years. Some of her infamous dates include Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, and 21 Savage. Her most recent relationship was with music executive Alexander "AE" Edwards. They had a brief romance in 2017, but it didn't go very well. As a result, they ended things after three years.

Amber Rose is known for her willingness to speak her mind. She's also very open about being a lesbian. One of her biggest problems in dating has been her ability to attract respectable and decent men. That being said, the singer has decided to give up on the dating scene altogether.

During her appearance on an F podcast, she made a very bold statement. She said she wanted to be single for the rest of her life. This is a very impressive feat for the former star of the X Factor, but she was met with a lot of backlash when she revealed it.

She didn't exactly explain the purpose of the feat, though. Perhaps she was trying to point out that consumers are not capable of understanding the true value of self-expression. If this was true, perhaps she should focus her energy on her kids and their needs. Or maybe she should focus on her own talents, like writing songs.

In a podcast interview, Amber Rose revealed that she is not at all ashamed of her past relationships, though she does want to be single forever.

21 Savage

It's no secret that Amber Rose has had a troubled history of high-profile relationships. She's been linked to a number of men including Kanye West, 21 Savage, and Alexander "AE" Edwards. But now, it seems as though Rose is trying to put her love life behind her, and says she doesn't want to share her life with anyone.

Recently, she took part in a podcast hosted by Sophia Franklin. In it, she opened up about her past relationships. And she made a bold statement: she doesn't want to date anyone ever again.

During the podcast, Rose discussed the state of the dating scene. According to her, it's much worse than it was in the past. However, she also said that she's happy being single and doesn't mind being alone.

Amber Rose has also been candid about her past relationships. When she was in her first high-profile relationship, she was with the rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Later, she got into a romantic relationship with Alexander "AE" Edwards. At the time, the pair were together for three years. But after Rose found out that Edwards had cheated with up to 12 women, she broke up with him.

She has also been spotted with Cher. According to the music legend, they're a couple. They were photographed holding hands in Los Angeles in November. The two reportedly have a two-year-old son named Slash.

So what exactly has happened to Amber Rose? As mentioned above, she's been in a few high-profile relationships, but she's now single. After she and Wiz Khalifa split in 2013, she went on to date a rapper called 21 Savage. Despite the fact that she got engaged to the rapper, she eventually decided to end the relationship. Her ex, Wiz Khalifa, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

While it's hard to predict whether or not Amber Rose will find a new man in the next few years, she's not worried about it. The singer, who has dated some of the biggest names in hip-hop, is satisfied with being alone. If you're looking for a woman who doesn't need a man, she might be just the one.

Whiz Khalifa

The dating scene has been a struggle for Amber Rose in the past years. She has had several high profile relationships. One of them was with Kanye West, and the other was with Alexander "AE" Edwards. But she is currently happy to be single.

In her recent appearance on a podcast, she opened up about her relationship history. She discussed how difficult it was to date men in her industry, and how she had to put up with internet bullying. And she admitted that she had been in infidelity in the past.

She also spoke about the dating scene, saying that it has changed dramatically since she was younger. Now, she has been able to find people who aren't interested in her "dusty" sons. However, she said that the dating world is even more confusing.

Although she has been in a few high profile relationships, she wants to remain single for the rest of her life. That might be a bit bold, but she certainly isn't afraid to be honest about her past. Her relationship with Alexander "AE" Edwards, for example, ended in 2021.

The rapper's ex-husband Wiz Khalifa has also been linked to several women, including Sofia Franklyn. After a brief relationship with the rapper, she split with him. While the couple still shares their son Sebastian, they haven't been seen together in public.

She has also been linked to other famous men, such as 21 Savage. During her time with AE, she was photographed wearing a massive diamond ring. She also recently dated Cher. This is the latest in a long list of celebrity men that Rose has dated.

She's now officially single and doesn't plan to date again. If she's not happy with being alone, she might try being a lesbian. Having a child with another man isn't her top priority right now. It's more important to take care of her boys.

Amber Rose has been through a lot in her lifetime. The singer has been married, had several high profile relationships, and has been through some serious infidelity. She has finally learned how to heal from all of this.


The famous rapper Amber Rose has been in several high-profile relationships. She has dated Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and 21 Savage. In addition, she has a son with Wiz. But she is looking forward to spending the rest of her life single.

While Amber's recent relationships have not been the best, she has had some ups and downs in her romantic life. Previously, she was in a relationship with Wiz Khalifa, a rapper, and married him in 2013. After they broke up in 2010, she got into a relationship with a music producer named Alexander "AE" Edwards. This pair dated for three years. However, they separated in August of 2021.

The rapper has remained silent on her new relationship, but the relationship has been confirmed by Cher. They shared a photo of Cher with a huge sparkler on her finger. According to reports, the engagement ring was given to Cher by AE.

Cher and AE are now dating, and Cher has been spotted holding hands with AE. AE also shared a photo of himself kissing Cher on her cheek. It's been unclear how they started their romance.

Amber Rose has made some controversial comments regarding her dating life. She has criticized people who slam women who are untalented, and she has also expressed her desire to stay single for the rest of her life. When she was a high-profile artist, she allegedly had some infidelity issues.

She has been open about her past dating life, including her time in a relationship with Sofia Franklyn. During a podcast interview, she discussed her dating experiences and how it has helped her heal after infidelity. Other topics she covered included internet bullying, internet bullying of other women, and how she deals with infidelity.

The rapper has had several relationships in the past, but she wants to avoid another one. According to her, dating has become worse than ever. Her last relationship ended in a split, and she isn't sure what she wants in the future. She dated a lot of recognizable stars in the past, but she has been clear that she has not been able to attract decent men.

T.J Holmes and Amy Robach Fired From ABC

TJ Holmes  Amy Robach Fired By ABC

The news broke this week that T.J Holmes and Amy Robach had been fired from their jobs at ABC. The pair was best known for their roles in the show GMA3 and also ran the New York City Marathon together. However, it is not clear what led to their dismissal. It is possible they were cited for "insubordination" or "disruptive behavior," according to reports.

Relationship with GMA3

There are rumors circulating that the network has fired T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach. The two had been cohosts of "GMA3" since 2020. After an "extremely contentious" mediation, they will leave the network, according to a spokesperson.

While there have been no official statements from ABC, Holmes and Robach are likely to take legal action against their former employers. A source close to the situation said the two were totally into each other.

In December, Robach and Holmes were spotted out and about together in New York City. They were also seen "canoodling" in a bar near ABC. One "Page Six" source claimed that they were filming a TV commercial in the near future, and that they would not be on again.

In November, pictures of the two were published in the Daily Mail. According to a source, the pair were holding hands in a car. This was the first time the relationship was made public.

Holmes and Robach have hired powerhouse attorneys to represent them. Interestingly, the lawyers plan to point out a "morality clause" that the network can invoke in order to terminate them.

The two have also put their relationship to the test. They have posted TikTok videos and pictures of their training exercises. Moreover, the two have reportedly been holed up in a stone and wood paneled cottage in the Shawangunk Mountains, where the two are said to be living the dream.

Ultimately, the duo was deemed by ABC News to be an "internal disruption" whose actions were not conducive to a smooth workplace. They were then taken off air in November. However, the couple returned to work together in December.

As a result of the news, Holmes filed for divorce from her wife, Marilee Fiebig. Meanwhile, Robach and Shue sold their Manhattan apartment for five million dollars. Despite the news, the two have been reportedly inseparable.

Although the Daily Mail and the TMZ reports have made the news, none of the other networks have commented. That is, unless they are also investigating the duo.

Relationship with Natasha Singh

It is known that Good Morning America (GMA) producer Natasha Singh had an affair with T.J. Holmes. However, it is not clear how long the relationship lasted.

The couple was married in 2009. Before the marriage, they were able to co-parent their children in a legal, but messy, arrangement. After their marriage, they separated. Their children were given custody in a stopgap settlement.

In 2016, Natasha had an affair with Holmes. They were long-distance at first. But they eventually began to meet up while she was traveling.

After they parted ways, the couple continued to be friends. They even had a long-distance romance.

In the early part of 2019, DJ Holmes was living in New York. He had a friend who was also living in the city, Andrew Shue. Both men were a fan of each other's work. As the Covid-19 pandemic sparked their relationship, they worked on regaining their bond.

During their relationship, the pair attended fashion shows and parties. They also shared an emotional bond when they traveled to cover the Queen's birthday celebration in England.

When Robach and Singh were celebrating Robach's birthday, the pair posted a photo of themselves on social media. This triggered rumors that the pair had crossed a line.

After the rumors hit the headlines, Robach deactivated her social media accounts. While the two were still dating, Natasha had a long-distance relationship with T.J. Homes.

The pair had a three-year affair. Aside from their relationship, both women dated other people.

It has not been reported if the couple's children were present during the incident. At least two days after the incident, Natasha was cremated.

Although her death has raised many questions, she is not the only person to have an affair with Holmes. Another woman, Jessica Singh, was caught up in the scandal. She started her career at ABC News.

Natasha was also a close friend of Amy Robach. She attended Amy's birthday party in February. Despite her rocky relationship with Holmes, she still considers her a friend.

As for the ongoing romance between Singh and Holmes, it has not been revealed how the relationship ended. Some say the couple was still together in 2019.

Run the New York City Marathon together

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach recently ran the New York City Half Marathon together. They finished the race less than a second behind each other. Afterward, they both posted photos from the event on their social media accounts.

While a marathon is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fitness, Holmes and Robach have been training for this particular race for months. In fact, the pair of co-anchors bonded over their shared love of running.

The two have been seen on numerous occasions running along Manhattan's West Side. They also have been spotted out in iconic NYC locations such as Times Square and the NYU Langone Medical Center.

There are rumors that they have been dating for a while, but the pair have been keeping it out of the public eye. According to reports, the relationship began in March of this year, and Holmes has been a regular running partner for Robach.

A source close to the situation said that the relationship between Holmes and Robach was more than just a one night stand. Holmes and Robach were spotted canoodling in a bar near ABC's studios and even posted a TikTok video detailing their training.

Holmes and Robach are not letting the rumors die down. Last year, they went on a getaway to upstate New York. Their stay included a weekend in a remote stone and wood paneled cottage.

However, a more recent report claims that Robach and Holmes were preparing for the 2022 TCS New York City Marathon. This isn't the first time they've run a marathon together. Both have run the NYC half, and they've completed the marathon in Berlin and Chicago.

Regardless of their true intentions, Holmes and Robach have had a lot of fun while working together. After all, Holmes has been a runner since middle school. And she's no stranger to the GMA.

As for the best time to see the duo, fans speculated that they could have gotten away with their escapades for several weeks before rumors surfaced. Even the news channel's legal department was mulling over whether or not they should keep the two on the air.

Love for robes

Good Morning America viewers have been wondering why Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have been dropped from their show. The couple is now in mediation with ABC News, and the network is determining what appropriate punishment they will receive.

Both Holmes and Robach are upset that they've been removed from the network. They feel that their relationship should not affect their jobs, but they don't believe that they did anything wrong.

After rumors of their relationship came out in December, the couple was suspended by ABC. It's unclear how long they will remain off the air. However, it's likely that they won't be back.

The two have hired powerhouse attorneys to protect their interests. Andrew Brettler is currently representing Robach, and Eric George is reportedly representing Holmes. Neither of the ladies has commented publicly yet.

According to reports, ABC executives told other staff members that they would not be disciplined. In addition, Robach was allegedly sent alcohol to other on-air talent.

Last week, the couple was photographed flirting at the ABC studios. They're also reportedly frustrated by the way that the drama has unfolded. As a result, they have hired lawyers to negotiate exit packages and are preparing to file a lawsuit against GMA3.

While it is still too early to know exactly what's going on with the couple, Robach and Holmes have both retained lawyers and plan to push ABC for a "morality clause" in their contract.

ABC has yet to comment on the reports, and has not yet said whether or not they will take any action against Holmes or Robach. However, if it's found that the couple did something inappropriate, it could have severe consequences.

If the pair is terminated, it would be a huge blow to their careers. They've done well for ABC over the years. A move like this would be devastating to their reputation, and it could ruin their financial future.

But the two cohosts seem to have their best shot at salvaging their careers. If they want to stay on the network, they will have to be patient.

Drake's Los Angeles Home Burglary

Drakes LA home burglarized Suspect Arrested

Drake's Los Angeles home was burglarized in 2017. According to police, one of the suspects was a woman. This is not the first time the home has been stolen. In fact, it was not the first time Drake had been stalked. It has been rumored that the singer is super stalker.

'Super stalker' in 2017

The Los Angeles Police Department was contacted Thursday night after an employee at Drake's Beverly Crest home saw a man carrying an object that appeared to be taken from the mansion. At the time, police did not release the man's name.

After reviewing surveillance footage, officers detained the alleged suspect at a nearby property. It was then that they found the items that were stolen. One of the items was a bottle of Fiji water. Another was a Sprite.

A security guard at the property spotted the man near the pool house. According to the report, the suspect claimed to be Drake's son and was waiting for him to arrive. He was handcuffed and booked on a misdemeanor trespass charge.

The incident is not the first time an intruder has been spotted in Drake's home. In July, another person was arrested for trespassing. This time, the trespasser was a 23-year-old who claimed that he was waiting for Drake to return.

In addition to the man's arrest, the police also discovered that the intruder was drunk. He had consumed a Pepsi and Sprite.

According to the LA Times, Drake bought his home in March 2022 for $75 million. That property is located between the Hollywood Hills and Bel-Air. The mansion features 10 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms. It also has an elevator and wine cellar.

An intruder was caught on surveillance footage attempting to break into the mansion. While the man was not on the property when the burglary occurred, the woman who entered the home did not get permission.

Robbers in the past

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a report of a burglary at Drake's home this week. This is not the first time that the famed rapper has been targeted by a thief. In fact, he's been the victim of two previous home invasions in the past.

One incident involved an armed woman who allegedly tried to break into his home in Toronto last March. Another involved a "super stalker" who stole some items from his estate. It wasn't until last year that the rapper secured a restraining order against the stalker, who eventually was arrested for the crime.

Another incident involves a man who claimed to be Drake's son. He was also arrested for trespassing. His name was never revealed, but the report claims he was charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

According to TMZ, a "super stalker" supposedly broke into the "Gods Plan" rapper's home. He stole some sodas, water and other items. After he was caught, he was tossed out.

A security officer at the house spotted the culprit and alerted police. After several hours, the suspect was arrested with something stolen from the rapper's property.

An employee at the property also spotted a trespasser meandering around the pool house. When police arrived, the trespasser matched the robber's description.

As with all other celebrities, their homes and properties are targets for criminal activity. The "super stalker" was even wearing a hoodie with the rapper's name on it when he was arrested.

Trespassers in the past

Drake's Los Angeles mansion was recently burglarized. Police have arrested a suspect. Although a lot of details are still unknown, the incident seems to be in line with recent reports of home invasions in the city.

The security team at Drake's home noticed something unusual at the property and contacted police. This alert led to a full fledged investigation. After a couple of hours, the suspect was apprehended.

Several items were stolen from the property. A security camera provided the police with an eerie glimpse of the suspect. He was caught in the act while trying to leave with Drake's belongings.

While no one is really sure what exactly was taken, the police were able to use the suspect's surveillance video to identify him as the odometer's best guess. The suspect was found in the neighboring neighborhood after a number of hours.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the "super stalker" stole several sodas and Dipset's song "Woodstock" from the property. The "super stalker" was also wearing a Drake hoodie and claimed to have been leaking private information to the media.

Several celebrities have been the victim of trespassing incidents, including Drake. In July of last year, a man was arrested for misdemeanor trespassing on the rapper's estate. But the man was not the only suspect.

The security at Drake's new mansion saw a suspicious man leave the property with an item. This was a good thing because it led to the arrest of a man matching the description.

'Burglary' was a female suspect

Last week, Drake's brand new mansion in Los Angeles was burglarized. This is not the first time the star has been targeted. Previously, he was burglarized at his YOLO estate in Hidden Hills, California, and his house in Toronto was broken into in March of 2021.

The alleged burglar was spotted by security cameras and was later arrested. During the course of the investigation, the Los Angeles Police Department reviewed security footage and figured out who the suspect was.

Security personnel alerted police after they saw the intruder exit the property with a suspicious object. A couple hours later, a man matching the description was caught walking down the street. Several officers then searched the area for the alleged suspect.

A trespasser was charged with a misdemeanor after he was caught leaving the home with an item. He was reportedly carrying an item from the rapper's mansion.

After a long day of searching for the suspect, the Los Angeles Police Department was able to catch him. Officers later detained him at a nearby property.

According to the police, the suspect matched the description of a "white male" who was carrying something from Drake's home. When the man was taken into custody, he was discovered to have stolen artwork from the superstar's home.

The incident happened while Drake was away from his home. In fact, he wasn't even home when the burglary occurred.

Security team called cops after seeing a man leaving the property while holding an item

Drake's home is located in a quiet, affluent neighborhood in Beverly Crest. It is a lavish property that features a movie theater, wine cellar, elevator, and a tennis court. The singer bought the house in a deal last year for $75 million. He also has a mansion in Toronto that is 50,000 square feet.

According to sources, a security team saw an unidentified man leaving the home on Thursday night. They called police when they realized that the suspect was carrying something. Police were able to arrest the man and charge him with a misdemeanor for trespassing.

Authorities have not released the name of the man, but he was a white male and he matched the description given by the rapper's security. Officers arrived at the scene to investigate and discovered that the suspect was carrying an object that was believed to be stolen from the singer's property.

Police searched the area for the man, who was then arrested. While the incident took place in the affluent neighbourhood of Beverly Crest, Drake was not home at the time. This is not the first time that Drake has been the victim of a burglary.

Last year, the singer's security team reported that an intruder was on the property. After reviewing the surveillance footage, the officers made an arrest.

Drake's LA mansion has been the target of a number of break-ins over the years. It sits on 20 acres of land and has 10 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, and an 11-car garage.

Drake's hotel room boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a steam room, a dining room and a balcony with "ridiculous views"

Drake's lavish LA mansion is home to 20,000 square feet of living space. It sits on over 20 acres of land in the Hollywood Hills, and boasts an elevator and wine cellar. The suite includes a dining room that can hold 24 people, a steam room and a fully furnished kitchen.

During his stay in New York, the Canadian singer stayed in a luxurious hotel. He also attended an Apollo Theater concert. Despite having a high profile, Drake avoided the raucous nightlife of the city. Instead, he partied with close friends. And while he did not go to clubs, he did stay in a luxurious penthouse in the Mark Hotel.

Among the many features of the hotel, the "Hotline Bling" rapper's room is especially impressive. Aside from a steam room and a grand piano, it is equipped with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a full kitchen and a balcony with "ridiculous" views.

In addition to the "Hotline Bling" rapper's luxurious hotel room, he was also able to enjoy his favorite television show, "Tbe Still Alarm," twice a week. While in New York, he also rented out a private club for a party.

His security team called the police when a man matching Drake's description was spotted walking down the street. However, the man quickly fled on foot before the authorities could arrive.

For the rest of the week, "The Still Alarm" featured shows by Florence Kipling, McOee and Iteece, and Barney O'Neal. This was a great way for Drake to avoid the wild nightlife of the city.

The Emmanuel Acho-Van Lathan Feud Continues on Twitter

In the past couple of days, there has been a lot of chatter on Twitter about the feud between Emmanuel Acho and Van Lathan. It all began when the two were interviewed in a tense session on E-sports, in which Acho claimed that the former cheated on his girlfriend Rachel. Now, the situation has escalated into a full-blown saga on Twitter with both of them slamming each other on a daily basis.

Emmanuel Acho accuses Van Lathan of manipulating his friendship with Rachel

If you watch television, you've probably heard of Emmanuel Acho. He's a former NFL player who has become a sports analyst for Fox Sports 1. But what you may not know is that Acho isn't just a football player. He's also a writer, author, and television host. In addition to his work on The Bachelor, he hosts a podcast called Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. This series focuses on difficult topics. For example, he recently faced a public argument with Van Lathan, Jr. and discussed generational trauma.

Earlier this month, Emmanuel Acho appeared on a podcast hosted by the Ringer. He discussed race and his take on the state of America. While he had some good things to say, he had some criticism to offer as well. One of his criticisms was that Van Lathan "rigged" their relationship.

Emmanuel Acho was born to Nigerian parents and grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood. He attended St. Mark's School in Dallas and later the University of Texas. Although he didn't have a full time career in the NFL, he was a consensus first team All-Big 12 linebacker in 2011.

Acho played for the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Ravens. After his NFL career, he started a digital series called Uncomfortable Conversations with a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ZhsqxWnmdX-siVgZpWw" target="_blank">Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Guy/a>. His YouTube channel features a variety of interviews, as well as discussions on various subjects.

Acho is also a best-selling author, with two books in the New York Times. He also hosts a podcast and a show on Fox Sports.

The most recent debate arose after Van Lathan and Emmanuel Acho appeared on a podcast, Higher Learning. On the podcast, the pair sat down to discuss the topic of racism. And as soon as the conversation started, it was clear that Van Lathan wasn't pleased with Emmanuel's approach to the topic.

Acho then took to Twitter to clarify his position. He stated that his opinions were not a result of a "generational trauma," and that he doesn't think he's "a privileged white guy" with a history of racism. Instead, he believes that his "Nigerian background" has helped him see both sides of the race debate.

During their chat, Emmanuel and Van Lathan went on to talk about racism in America. They discussed the "set up" jig, and Van even asked Acho if he was a victim. However, he didn't share much sympathy with Acho. It's no secret that the relationship between the two is strained, and the tension was evident when Van Lathan posted a video of their conversation on Twitter.

Despite their disagreements, the two men still agreed to discuss the subject further. As a result, they released a book based on their conversations.

Emmanuel Acho defends his style

During a visit to the hallowed halls of the FS1 this week, former NFL player and current NFL analyst Emmanuel Acho got into a feisty with host of the Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man podcast, Van Lathan Jr. After a couple of tequila shots, the two of them got into a heated discussion over Acho's recent claims that he is a racist. Fortunately, the two men were able to cool their jets and walk away amicably. However, that is not to say that their relationship was untarnished. Nevertheless, the show's most high-profile guest was left shaking his head in disbelief. It was also an uncomfortable situation for Acho, who found himself having to feign surprise when Lathan ascended upon him for a well-deserved pat on the back.

While he was at it, the FS1 host took the opportunity to weigh in on the matter. As a black man, Lathan can't claim he knows nothing about race relations. He did, however, provide an acerbic take on Acho's claims that he is a racist. To his credit, he wasn't overly scathing in his responses. Nonetheless, the FS1 anchor made a point of naming the name of his fellow correspondent in a public Facebook post. The aforementioned tweet was accompanied by a screenshot of Acho's Twitter feed that would have been hard to miss. In fact, it wasn't hard to find a handful of other commenters whose opinions were just as volatile.

However, it wasn't long before Acho was putting the pieces in their proper places. Thankfully, Lathan and the FS1 brass were not only able to salvage what was left of their careers, but they were able to do so in style. Hopefully the episode was a boon to both parties. Moreover, there was a lot to talk about, from the show's star-studded guests to the controversial FS1 host's unproven comments. Hopefully, the next time the pair meet for a visit, it will be a memorable experience. Lastly, while the FS1 alum's ego will remain intact, he will be forced to put the name of his benefactors to the test.

As with most things in life, there are winners and losers. As such, the FS1 anchor has learned the hard way that some people do not pay. Hopefully, he can learn from his recent brush with the tarnished reputation and move on to a fresh start.

Emmanuel Acho accuses Van Lathan of letting anger get the best of him

A former NFL player whose claim to fame was being the first African American to play for the Eagles has gotten into the social media fray for the wrong reasons. Former NFL pro Emmanuel Acho, a self-proclaimed race relations expert, has been accused of making his show about black men in America about him. The tussle between Emmanuel and co host Van Lathan, who also serves as a former ESPN analyst, went to Twitter. While the tweets may have been harmless, the ensuing social media storm took some of the air out of the ballgame.

In recent years, Emmanuel has wowed audiences with his musings about race relations and the state of the sports industry. He is no slouch when it comes to the social media sphere, either. A few years ago, he partnered up with podcaster Van Lathan to create a podcast entitled the Higher Learning. In the course of a few weeks, he gathered a number of notable guests to discuss the big picture. For example, he spoke with former Bachelor contestant Lindsay Dawson. That, and the fact that the two were colleagues at ESPN, is what gave the show a certain luster.

Of course, Emmanuel and Van's high energy conversation inevitably migrated to the street. As you can imagine, a flurry of tweets followed, and a brief clip of the aforementioned discussion was shared on the popular platform. From there, the aforementioned aforementioned was followed by a tidal wave of schadenfreude. Sadly, the former MVP did not hold true. This was particularly the case for Emmanuel, who was hounded by a series of tweets from people who felt he was unfairly criticized. Eventually, a resolution was reached. And a good one, at that.

While the show is still a work in progress, Acho is not the only one who has gotten a little too close to the hornet's nest. Earlier this month, he sparked a social media war of the titans after he tweeted about a controversial video that he claimed to have filmed. A few days later, he had to retract the tweets after a publicist told him to do so. Nevertheless, the former MVP has no doubt gotten his comeuppance. Now, if he wants to continue to be an important part of the social fabric, he'll have to find a new home on the crowded Internet. But if he wants to survive, he'll have to figure out how to be a better person than he is right now.

Among the best of the worst, a recent interview with a former contestant from the ABC dating show "The Bachelor" was also a revealing moment. Whether or not a former contestant from the upcoming season of the show will be joining Emmanuel on his podcast is anybody's guess. One thing is for sure, he'll be a major player in the social media fray.

Love & Hip Hops Prince Claims He Was Aggressively Ordered To Sign A Settlement Agreement With Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Love  Hip Hops Prince claims he was aggressively ordered to

The Love & Hip Hop stars, Tory Lanez and Prince, have been charged with assault and harassment after allegedly making derogatory comments towards one another on the Internet. However, the accuser claims that he was threatened into signing a settlement agreement by the two. It's unclear why the victim felt so threatened.

Sean Kelly testified

During the seventh day of the Tory Lanez trial, a key witness was called to the stand. Sean Kelly testified that he witnessed a violent confrontation between two women from his bedroom window. He also said that he saw one of the women shooting up a storm.

The defense team is not happy with what they heard. They were pressed for a long time to acknowledge that Kelsey had a gun in his hand. But the defense hasn't been able to prove that it was an actual gun.

Kelly told the court that he was woken up by the noise of loud voices outside his home. He then went out the balcony of his second-floor bedroom to see the women pulling each other's hair.

Kelly's statement was the only eyewitness to a major incident in the case. Prosecutors have yet to call any other witnesses. However, they are looking to the future. Deputy DA Bott is trying to determine who the shooter was in the case.

One other eyewitness in the case was Lanez's stepmother. The woman started shouting with Lanez's husband. She then hugged a young girl.

The defense team has called a few other witnesses. One of them is a DNA expert. Another one is Randy Zepeda, a criminalist with the LAPD's crime lab.

There's a new lawyer in town, though, and he's not on good terms with Lanez. In fact, the rapper's attorney requested that the sentencing date be delayed. This isn't surprising, considering he's accused of several other crimes.

Despite the trial's recent turn, Megan Thee Stallion has shown courage to fight the case. Her anguish has been evident in her testimony last week. While the jury has not been swayed by her claims, they will make up their own minds.

If the defense wants to use the trial to make a case against Lanez, they have to have more evidence. Unfortunately, the judge hasn't made a decision on their cross-examination request. A third witness, Shawn Holley, has yet to appear.

Overall, the trial of Tory Lanez took an interesting turn. It's still too early to know whether the verdict will come out on Wednesday.

Megan Thee Stallion fought back tears as she told the court that she and Lanez were close friends

A woman named Megan Thee Stallion took the stand on Tuesday, April 2 in the Tory Lanez shooting trial. She testified about the shooting that allegedly occurred in 2020. During her testimony, she described the relationship she had with Lanez. It was her first time speaking publicly about the shooting.

The prosecutors said that Megan Thee Stallion was in a vehicle with Mr. Lanez, a rapper, on July 12, 2020. As she walked away from the vehicle, a shot was fired. After the shooting, Megan suffered injuries in her feet.

A judge gave Lanez a protective order, ordering him not to contact Megan. He was also ordered to surrender his weapons. If convicted of the charges, he faces up to 22 years in prison.

The rapper and his lawyer, George Mgdesyan, argued that the woman who claims to have been shot, Megan Harris, did not mention Harris when she first told police she had been shot. Harris also did not specify whether she was telling the truth or a story.

However, prosecutors emphasized that Megan Pete was courageous, and she had no reason to lie. They highlighted her courage in their closing arguments.

During the trial, Megan Thee Stallion testified that she was in a car with Mr. Lanez after attending a party in the Hollywood Hills. While they were driving, an argument started between the two women. Megan was critical of Lanez's musical abilities, and he responded by firing shots at her.

During the trial, Megan also testified that she had received death threats on social media, as well as being harassed at the scene. She also testified that she had never been in a sexual relationship with Lanez.

In addition to testifying, Megan Peterson was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Afterward, the woman's attorney said he had located Justin Edison. However, he did not appear to testify.

On Thursday, a jury began deliberating in the case. Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bott said they should convict Lanez. But he urged them to believe the anguish that the woman felt as she came forward.

Alleged assault victim claims he was threatened into signing their settlement agreement

An alleged assault victim claims he was forced into signing a settlement agreement with Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Tory Lanez. The claims stem from an incident at a Miami nightclub in 2019. Prince claimed to have been threatened by Tory Lanez and another man.

One of the claims is that Lanez had a gun during the meeting, which the plaintiff claims was the real reason he signed the deal. Prince claims he suffered a blunt trauma to his chest and neck. He also claims that he was psychologically distressed by the incident, and was forced to sign the deal.

During his trial, Lanez was charged with three felonies. As of this writing, he has pleaded not guilty to the charge, and has not been sentenced. However, he remains behind bars.

Prince is a fictional character on the hit show Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Aside from his portrayal on the show, he has also made a name for himself on the pop culture scene. His most recent run-in with Lanez occurred at Vendome nightclub in Miami. This was before Lanez was convicted of the more serious crimes.

In addition to claiming that he was the victim of a similar incident in 2020, Prince also claims that Lanez ordered him to sign a contract. According to the lawsuit, Prince was asked to renounce any and all rights to his trademark, and was later threatened by Lanez.

Another claim from Prince is that Lanez had a hand in getting him arrested, and threatened his life if he did not comply. Lanez, according to the suit, told Prince not to call his lawyer, and allegedly represented himself at one point.

One of the claims by Prince is that he was intimidated into signing the deal by Lanez, and that he was forced to sign it while Lanez's employee stood nearby. Despite the allegations, the lawyer representing Lanez said the matter was handled in a satisfactory manner.

Lanez's lawyers have hired Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez to assist them in the appeal. They are expected to present the case on Tuesday.


The Love & Hip Hop: Miami season 2 star Prince Michael Harty has recently spoken out about an alleged run-in with Tory Lanez. Prince claims that he was punched by Lanez at a club in Miami Beach, Florida, in January of 2019.

According to the police report, the incident occurred at a club called Vendome. After a brief confrontation with Lanez, security guards rushed in and stopped the assault. Prosecutors have not yet ruled on the case, but said they would like to cross-examine Lanez on the allegations.

A police officer said that when he went to help Prince, he saw that he had a swollen area on his left cheek. He also noticed that Prince had a blunt trauma to his back. As a result, he reported that he needed medical attention.

The alleged run-in came about when Lanez approached Prince with his entourage. One of his associates was carrying a gun. At one point, Lanez asked Prince to sign a contract.

Tory Lanez was arrested in July of this year, and is currently in jail. His team has argued that the actions were taken in self-defense. They also claim that Lanez has no evidence of his being forced into a settlement agreement with Prince.

Meanwhile, Lanez's publicist is pushing a false story. Megan Thee Stallion has come out and stated that she was not assaulted. She also denies having an intimate relationship with Lanez. However, the two have become close over the deaths of their mothers.

Several hip-hop fans have made the assumption that Megan and Lanez were together. Some have claimed that they had a sexual relationship. Others have speculated that Megan had an affair with Lanez.

Megan has faced a barrage of criticism. Some people have criticized her for not reporting her incident to the police. Still, she has responded to the accusations on her Instagram Live account. Those who doubt her story have been posted snippets of her broadcast.

Whether or not this case has merit, it highlights the routine violence against Black women. In fact, four out of ten black women are raped by their intimate partners.

Lil Kim Brings Out Lola Brooke in Her Apollo Performance Video

Lil Kim Brings Out Lola Brooke in Her Apollo Performance Video

Lola Brooke will be remembered for her unselfishness. The way she cared for others and helped them, even though she was the one who got them started. She was a role model for everyone. It is no wonder that she has been a big part of the Harlem Festival of Culture. And she will surely continue to be so.

During the concert

Lil Kim and Lola Brooke have just teamed up for a special performance at the Apollo Theater. The two performers performed the same viral hit, "Don't Play With It." Both artists had recently signed deals with Arista Records. They also shared the same New York city borough.

This particular performance was held during the Apollo's annual Harlem Festival of Culture. The event also featured a host of other performers including King Combs, Fivio Foreign and Remy Ma. While performing, Lil Kim brought out Lola Brooke for a surprise cameo. Although she wasn't in the performance, she took the opportunity to do a bit of bragging about her new deal with Arista. She even tweeted her appreciation for the honor.

Lil Kim has been known to wear a number of bold looks over the years. At the 1999 MTV Video and Music Awards, she made a big splash in a lavender jumpsuit. Today, she is the face of Canadian outwear brand Mackage. As a result, she has also been the proud recipient of a number of awards, including the Grammy for best new artist. Along with her impressive musical career, Lil Kim is also a well-rounded businesswoman, a model and a blogger. Her philanthropy extends beyond her music to include donating tens of thousands of dollars to charities. Aside from her work with Mackage, she is also a vocalist. Since joining Arista, she has made several guest appearances on songs by other artists, most notably "Ho Hey" by Drake and "Don't Play With It" by Big Sean. But what's most impressive about Lil Kim is her ability to stay true to her Brooklyn roots. In addition to being a talented singer, she is also a hip-hop icon, and is a pioneer of the "rap-a-la" genre. By blending genres with flair and style, she has become a worldwide superstar.

After the performance

Lola Brooke recently scored a ringer of a performance at the Apollo Theater in New York. The young Brooklynite wowed fans with her "Don't Play With It" rendition, as well as a full crowd sing-along. Not surprisingly, she's already been anointed by her city's movers and shakers. She even signed a deal with Arista Records earlier this month. While she's been making waves for years, it's her latest viral hit that is proving to be her calling card. Having been on the scene for more than six months, it's clear that the next big thing in pop music is on the way.

Considering the fact that Lola Brooke is a fellow Brooklynite, it's no surprise that she got the opportunity to perform at the fabled Apollo, which she calls home. Although there were several notable performances at the historic venue, it was the combination of the Lil Kim and Lola Brooke show that made the night memorable. Both MCs performed a number of hits, including the "Don't Play With It" acapella and the aforementioned "Money." After the show, both MCs had the chance to sign autographs and get photos taken. A couple of weeks later, the duo hung out with the media for an interview, and the two reminisced about their Apollo experiences.

Although it's not exactly a secret that Lola Brooke is a hip-hop prodigy, the fact that she was able to perform the aforementioned 'Money' and 'Woman's Mood' onstage is nothing short of a triumph. Performing with the likes of King Combs and Remy Ma, Lola showed off her skills in the grandest of ways. Having already scored a deal with Arista Records, it's expected that she will hit the big time in the near future.

During the Harlem Festival of Culture

Lil Kim was one of the many acts that attended the Harlem Festival of Culture, which will take place from November 18-19. She was joined by other acts such as Remy Ma, Fivio Foreign, and King Combs. Although she didn't perform, she did cosign Lola Brooke's performance. During the show, she shared her experience of being in the music industry and what helped her get there.

Lola Brooke's viral hit "Don't Play With It" has racked up over 16 million views on YouTube. After the Apollo performance, she announced on Twitter that Lil Kim brought her out during the show. Her career seems to be going quite well after a recent performance at the Barclays Center. She has also been gaining support in her hometown.

She's set to have a massive breakout in the next few years. Earlier this year, Billboard named her an artist to watch. As for her upcoming single, she's been working with rapper Future to develop the song, which is slated for release in the coming weeks. And Lola has a lot of love for Lil' Kim. In fact, she would love to play her in a biopic.

Lola's single has already received critical praise from Earmilk, and it has also received over two million views on YouTube. If Lola's future is anything like Ice Spice's, then she is set for a huge breakout in the next few years. That's not surprising considering the fact that the rappers are very similar. The two have been in close contact for a while. Eventually, they'll perform together and share the stage. This could prove to be a huge win for both of them.

If the Harlem Festival of Culture is a success, we can expect more great performances from other artists as they take the stage throughout the next few weeks. Watch for more guest appearances from the likes of Taylor Swift, Remy Ma, and Fivio Foreign as the event continues to roll out. Hopefully, you'll be able to get out and see some of the fun happenings at the festival.

Summer House on Music Lane

summer house on music lane

The Summer House on Music Lane is a lovely restaurant located in the heart of Nashville, TN. This upscale, artful, and chic hotel and restaurant features an elevated menu, outdoor seating, and a robust drink selection.

Open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Summer House on Music Lane is a full service restaurant in Hotel Magdalena. It is inspired by the casual, sophisticated atmosphere of a lake house weekend. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and features indoor and outdoor seating.

The menu is reminiscent of old-school hospitality, with dishes such as rotisserie beef, grilled scallops, and delicate scones. They also serve drinks and coffee, including a special "House of Effervescence" cocktail menu. A special Christmas dinner menu is also offered.

There is a full bar and a seasonal brunch menu. There are also 70 covered outdoor patio seats, and a slow food mentality. During lunch, they offer a four-course lunch. The evening menu includes dishes like beef tenderloin and a French onion tart.

Brunch is served on weekends. Breakfast is served from 7 AM to 11 AM. They also have lunch and dinner during the week. Some of the more savory options include a burger and a lobster roll. For dessert, they offer ice cream, cupcakes, and coconut cakes.

The drinks are great, too. They offer a wide variety of sparkling wines, including a limited edition "House of Effervescence" cocktails. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a relaxing drink, they have what you are looking for. You don't have to make reservations to get a table.

They have outdoor seating, a live fire grill, and 70 covered patio seats. Their menu includes dishes such as smoked fish, carmelized scallops, and a special Christmas dinner.

The restaurant is a sister establishment to Hotel Magdalena. This hotel is part of the Bunkhouse Hotels group. In addition to this restaurant, the group owns Jo's Coffee, Lou's Bodega, and Hotel San Jose.

While the building is not open to the general public, it is open to campus employees and members of the community. Depending on the day, it can offer special events such as craft workshops or bubble wrap stomps. These events are family-friendly and are held at two different times.

The next time you're looking for a place to relax in Austin, consider visiting one of these locations.

Take cues from the interior design

If you're in the market for a new digs, you might want to take cues from the design gurus at the Summer House on Music Lane. You'll find more than a few hints of Austin's unique charm. For starters, the place features a no-fuss menu of low-key favorites, biodynamic wines and an unpretentious sexiness to spare. Not to mention the suites boasting views of the city's best landmarks. From the hotel's onsite wedding planner to its on-site staff, you'll have no trouble putting the finishing touches on your special occasion.

While you're at it, why not try a few of their signature martinis? It's not all about the food, though. The hotel offers an enticing list of amenities including a full service spa, pool, sauna, whirlpool and a 24-hour fitness center. And with the hotel's close proximity to Austin's South Congress district, you'll be well equipped to delve into a local bar or club. Plus, the magdalena has a staff of nearly 200 to serve your every need. So go ahead, booze up, or grab some friends and get a room.

The best part about it all is that you'll be treated like a rock star by the time your meal is finished. And if you're looking to do some serious socializing after you've finished your dinner, the magdalena will keep you entertained in style.

Happy hour

If you're in the mood for a laid back afternoon or a fancy dinner, Summer House on Music Lane in Orlando offers a taste of the good life. The restaurant has 70 covered outdoor patio seats with a fun and interesting rotisserie and live-fire grill. It's part of a new development on Music Lane. You can also enjoy a classic breakfast or a relaxing brunch. In addition to a well-executed brunch menu, the bar has a selection of cocktails and wine.

Summer House on Music Lane is part of the Bunkhouse Hotels. This hotel chain has a reputation for excellent service and high quality food. The place has an open kitchen and 70 covered patio seats. It's a nice place to visit, whether for a business lunch or a romantic night out.

The place has a dazzling selection of cocktails, beer and wine. They also have a number of specials, including a Happy Hour. During Happy Hour, you can get a surprisingly large selection of signature cocktails for as little as $6, which is actually pretty decent. For something more expensive, you might have to wait until their early evening hours. Alternatively, if you're looking to stay within a budget, there are many places around Disney Springs that are less expensive.

Other places in the same vein that are worth visiting are The Station in Sanford and Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi in Ocoee. Both of these places are worth checking out for their happy hour options. Some of the best deals can be found on weekdays from 11 to 7 p.m., while on weekends, you'll be able to enjoy a few drinks, a meal, and a fun night out for a fraction of the cost.

There's no shortage of places to have a great time in Orlando. Whether you're looking for a boozy evening or a fun night with friends, check out these Orlando restaurants for the top-notch service and a good time. Among these, you can't go wrong with The Station, Dragonfly, or Summer House on Music Lane. Besides having a great time, you'll be able to sample their happy hour and the other gizmos abound at these spots.


Summer House on Music Lane is a new restaurant in Austin, TX, that will be serving up an upscale yet low key menu. Located within the Hotel Magdalena, it's one of the city's newest hotspots. This full service restaurant serves breakfast and brunch seven days a week, but you can also enjoy a menu that consists of classic summer house favorites all day. In addition, Summer House on Music Lane will be serving up biodynamic wines and ice cold martinis.

Guests who visit Summer House on Music Lane will enjoy a cozy, ambiance that is reminiscent of a 1970's summer lake house. The venue features an open courtyard, an indoor dining room with a straight banquette with two-tops along a courtyard facing wall, and an eight-seat bar. There are also outdoor seating options.

Summer House on Music Lane is a sister restaurant to Hotel Magdalena, which is owned and operated by the Bunkhouse Group, a Texas-based boutique hotel company. Both restaurants are led by acclaimed chef Jeffrey Hundelt, who previously worked at Launderette and was named the tenth Food & Wine Restaurant of the Year.

If you're looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown, check out the restaurant at Hotel Magdalena, a modern, boutique hotel located in the South Congress district of Austin, Texas. Whether you're looking for a breakfast or lunch, you can rest assured that the hotel restaurant's emerald green accents and vintage postcards will make your meal memorable. Afterward, you can relax and enjoy the hotel's spa, which features a sauna, a steam room, and a massage room. Lastly, you can grab an iced martini at the hotel's bar.

Since Summer House on Music Lane is a brand new restaurant, the menu may have changed since the last time the website was updated. It's always a good idea to call ahead and make sure you know what's on the menu before visiting. But, if you do visit, you can expect a relaxed and cozy atmosphere that's perfect for a date or a group of friends.

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