Amparo Grisales - Colombian Model and Actress

Amparo Grisales - Colombian Model and Actress


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Amparo Grisales is a model and actress from Colombia. She was born on 19 September 1956. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is of Colombian nationality and belongs to the Christian religion. She is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

She is a Colombian model and actress

Amparo Grisales was born on September 19, 1956, in Manizales, Colombia. She is a 62-year-old Colombian model and actress. Grisales' career has spanned nearly four decades. Born in Colombia, Grisales is of Colombian nationality and follows the Christian faith.

Amparo Grisales started her career as a model at a young age and was soon starring in popular Colombian telenovelas. She has acted with tenor Placido Domingo in several music videos and has also made appearances in feature films. In 2009, Grisales appeared as Lucrecia in the Colombian television series "The Doll of the Mafia."

Amparo Grisales has been entertaining Colombians for decades. Her sexy figure has caused controversy in the past, but she has defended her figure and shared her secrets on how she stays in shape. Amparo Grisaless maintains her figure and looks by maintaining a strict vegetarian diet and rigorous skin care. She also indulges in ice baths to keep her skin tone in tip-top shape.

Amparo Grisales has a number of achievements, including being named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Microalgae Spirulina Institute. She is an avid dog lover, enjoys tattooing and loves to learn new things.

The Colombian model and actress began her career in the 1970s when she modeled for the Barranquilla Wedding Fest. In the 1980s, she began appearing in Colombian soap operas and grew closer to Julio Iglesias. In the 1990s, she appeared in a starring role in the film, "The Sins of Ines de Hinojosa," directed by Jorge Ali Triana. She has also appeared in several music videos.

Her age is no longer a secret, however. She shared a photo of her cedula on social networks that revealed her real age. She was born on September 19, 1956. Consequently, she will be sixty-years-old in four months.

Amparo Grisales has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million. It is unclear exactly how much she earns, but it is estimated that she has earned in excess of $5 million from the Yeezy sneakers. This is among the biggest celebrity cashouts ever, and is a result of multiple sources.

Her social media accounts will be treated as separate entities

Amparo Grisales began her modeling career at a young age and has appeared in several magazines. In 2007, she began acting in television series, including Telemundo's Madre Luna. The series is one of the most-watched shows in Colombia. Grisales starred as Lucrecia in the series.

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You can check out Amparo Grisales' net worth and earnings by reading the following article. You will also find out about her family name. Currently, she is the bestselling author of several books. In addition, she has starred in two popular Netflix movies.

Amparo Grisales' net worth

The Colombian movie actress has an estimated net worth of between $100,000 and $1 million. While official sources are not available, there are websites that offer information on the net worth of celebrities. Among these are CelebsMoney and NetWorthStats. While the exact amount of Amparo Grisales' net worth is not known, the amount she has made from her acting career is considerable.

Currently, Amparo Grisales is a well-known film and television star. Born on September 19, 1956, in Manizales, Colombia, she has worked in several feature films and television series. She first made her acting debut in 1979 in the movie Pasion por el peligro. She later went on to complete her Bachelor degree in the United States, where she made her name.

Amparo Grisales' career started when she was sixteen. She was married to an actor who was an early fan of the actress and later divorced him. However, she still holds her married name in her citizenship. Moreover, Amparo Grisales has two children, a son and a daughter.

As of 2022, Amparo Grisales is 61 years old. Her birthday is September 19. She is a Colombian national. According to her social media accounts, she has 1.4 million Instagram followers and 1.1 million Twitter followers. Moreover, she follows 1177 people on Twitter.

The Colombian actress began her career as a model at a young age. She appeared in several magazines before landing a role in a television series. Her acting skills have since been recognized internationally. She has also starred in feature films such as Madre Luna, 'Reflejos' and 'Surviving Escobar'.

Amparo Grisales' family name

Amparo Grisales is a Colombian actress. She is best known for her role as Lucrecia Rivas in the television series The Mafia Dolls. She also starred in the 2007 Telemundo serial Madre Luna. Her family name is Grisales de Tessarolo.

Amparo Grisales was born in Colombia and is of Mexican descent. She has a son and a daughter. She is a member of a certain ethnic group and has studied at a certain university. Her family name is Grisales, which means 'Grisales.' She is also a goodwill ambassador for Colombia.

Amparo Grisales was born on September 19, 1956 in Manizales, Colombia. She is a film and television actress, best known for her roles in television shows and movies. She made her acting debut in the 1979 film Pasion por el pelgro.

Amparo Grisales is a Colombian actress. She is best known for her roles in Spanish-language telenovelas. Her roles in movies and telenovelas have won her many awards and accolades. In 2007, she appeared in the TV series Madre Luna. This series has become one of Colombia's most popular.

Amparo Grisales has a healthy weight and a huge social media following. She has a massive following, with thousands of loyal subscribers. Moreover, she is a YouTube star and has a large social media presence. This makes her a popular star.

Amparo Grisales has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. She also makes an estimated $500,000 to $800,000 a year. Her height is 170 cm and her eyes are dark brown. Her estimated age is 65 years old. The estimated net worth of Amparo Grisales depends on her source of income and the size of her business.

Amparo is a female name that means protection and shelter. It is closely related to the Virgin Mary and is also associated with Valencia, Spain. Although it is not currently on the US name roster, it was popular throughout the 20th century. Amparo Grisales' family name has been used for generations.

Amparo people are often indecisive, and are likely to prefer to keep to themselves. They don't like to have to explain themselves to others. Although they are often smart and successful, they lack in a sense of joy. Their blunt expression may also alienate those around them.

Amparo Grisales

Amparo Grisales  Kidadl

Amparo Grisales (born September 16, 1972) is a Mexican actress and singer. She is also known as Gabriela Tafur. She is a former Miss Mexico. She has been a part of telenovelas En cuerpo ajeno and La sombra del deseo.

Amparo Grisales

Amparo Grisales is a Colombian model and actress who started her career at an early age. She has modeled for many magazines and acted in feature films and television shows. Her television series Madre Luna, which debuted in 2007, has become one of Colombia's most popular series. During this time, she also appeared in the movie 'Reflejos,' starring Robinson Diaz. Her latest role was in Surviving Escobar as Monica Machado.

Amparo Grisales was born in Manizales, Caldas, Colombia. She grew up with four siblings and completed her schooling there. She later attended university and earned her bachelor's degree at U.S. State University. She married German Tessarolo when she was 16, but the couple split after four years.

Gabriela Tafur

Gabriela Tafur is a Colombian beauty queen and television presenter, who is well-known for her role on "El Desafio, The Box." She was previously Miss Colombia and competed in the Miss Universo competition, where she finished in the top 10 overall. A social media sensation, Gabriela has over five million followers on Instagram.

Gabriela Tafur, Amparo Grasales | Kidadl (2013) - Two years after the Miss Universo competition, the two women are seen posing together in social media videos. The relationship between Gabriela Tafur and Esteban Santos is certainly worth exploring, and many have been anticipating her public appearances and publications.

The actresses are a great match for one another. Their comic timing and their mutual admiration for each other have made them an ideal pair for the national farandula. They both have impressive acting skills. Their roles as the host of Kidadl make the program one of the most anticipated shows on the local television circuit.

The actress Gabriela Tafur was born in Cali on 7 July 1995 and studied at Universidad de los Andes, where she met Amparo Grisales, who acted as her assistant. Gabriela Tafur is also a well-known TED Talks speaker. She was recently recognized for her answers to questions during a question and answer session.

Net worth

Amparo Grisales, born in 1956, is a Mexican actress and singer. She gained fame as the star of the Telemundo soap opera Madre Luna. She has also appeared in music videos, and was seen with Placido Domingo. During her early career, she also dated Mexican actor Jorge Rivero. However, their relationship ended before the couple got married. Nevertheless, her citizenship card still bears the married name.

Amparo Grisales has a net worth of $1 million. Her acting career started with the movie 'Pasion por el peligro', and she went on to act in telenovelas such as 'La sombra del deseo' and 'En cuerpo ajeno'. Then she moved to Los Angeles and started appearing in films. Eventually, she returned to Colombia for the film 'Madre Luna'. This film brought her to a wider audience.

Amparo Grisales is an actress and singer in Colombia. She was born on September 19, 1956. Her net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $100 and $1 million. Her current relationship status is unknown. Amparo Grisales is a member of the Baby Boomers generation, making her one of the richest women in the country. She is 62 years old, is of Colombian descent, and has no children.

Amparo Grisales | Kdadl's net worth in 2021? Listed below are Amparo Grisales's age, height, weight, and shoe size. Amparo Grisales' net worth: According to Celebrity How, she will have a net worth of $1 million in 2021.


Amparo Grisales is a Colombian actress. She started her career in the 1970s, when she was still a teenager. Her career took off after she was famous for her relationship with Mexican actor Jorge Rivero. She also had a relationship with Julio Iglesias, which she detailed in interviews. She married German Tessarolo when she was 16 years old, but separated from him later. However, she retains her married name on her citizenship card.

Amparo Grisales was born on the 19th of September, 1956. Her birthday is on September 19. She is a Colombian national, and her birthday is on September 19. She has a massive following on Twitter and Instagram, where she has 1177 followers.

Amparo is also known as the "diva" of Colombian television. She has starred in several television shows, including the popular Mafia Dolls. The show is now on Netflix and once aired on local television. She also starred in the 2007 Telemundo series Madre Luna.

Amparo Grisales has a net worth of $22 million. She has been married a few times and does not have children yet. Her net worth is derived from several sources. The actor's income comes from her movies and her appearance on television.


Amparo Grisales is a Colombian film and television actress. She was born on September 19, 1956, in Manizales. She was raised in a strict Christian household. Her hobbies include photography, learning, traveling, and reading. Her estimated age at death is 66 years old. You can learn more about Amparo by reading her biography, which can be found at the Celebrity How website.

Amparo Grisales grew up in Manizales, Colombia, where she had four siblings. She completed her schooling there. She later went on to earn her bachelor's degree at U.S. State University. She married German Tessarolo when she was 16 years old, but the couple separated after a few years.

Amparo Grisales - Carolina Cruz

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Amparo Grisales is a Colombian model, actress, and tv personality. Born in 1956, Amparo Grisales is a member of the Virgo zodiac sign. She is a citizen of Colombia and follows the Christian religion.

Amparo Grisales - Carolina Cruz

Amparo Grisales has become one of Colombia's most prominent female celebrities. For decades, the actress has been entertaining Colombians. Although her body has drawn criticism, she has managed to maintain a young appearance. Recently, she opened up about her secret to keeping her figure in shape. The actress revealed that she follows a vegetarian diet and has a strict skin care routine. She also says that she often takes ice baths in order to keep her body in shape.

The relationship between Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque is over. The couple had two sons together and were considered one of Colombia's most stable couples. However, in March 2022, the two separated. Although Carolina and Lincoln were once married, they are no longer together and live apart.

Fans of the Colombian actress have reacted to her sensual photo on Instagram. She was dressed in a black lenceria and posed for the camera. She has a very prominent curva and a tonified cola. Her fans have praised her, calling her the "la más beautiful among the las" (the most beautiful of all)!

However, this beauty queen has faced a lot of criticism before. She was accused of being a transphobe. She has since apologized. However, she has received numerous criticisms for her actions. However, her fans still believe in her and continue to support her.

Despite being 65 years old, Amparo Grisales has managed to maintain vigor in Colombia's entertainment industry. She is currently one of the most highly mentioned celebrities in the country. Aside from being a porro in her youth, she has also managed to become a writer, published a book, and starred in TV shows. The actress is also an accomplished linguist.

The former model has a very strong pro-life stance. She has publicly complained about being harassed for her stance on abortion. She believes that the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is through education.

She is a Colombian model

Carolina Cruz is a Colombian model and art presenter. She was born in Medellin, the capital of the department of Antioquia. She was selected to represent Colombia in Miss Colombia International. Today, she earns more than $500,000 a year. In the past, Cruz has been married and has a son named Matias. She was a cheerleader and soccer fan during her teenage years.

Several days after the breakup with her husband Lincoln Palomeque, rumors of her new love started circulating in the Colombian show business. Several of these rumors centered on a picture that Cruz posted on Instagram. The photograph showed the reflection of an unknown man. Her followers immediately claimed that this was the man she was dating.

She is a tv personality

Amparo Grisales is a TV personality in Colombia, who has been entertaining her country's audience for decades. Although some of her photos have gotten a lot of criticism for showing her sexy body, she has recently revealed her secret to keeping her figure in shape. She explains that she follows a vegetarian diet and has an extensive skin care routine. She also bathes in ice tubs to keep her skin as supple as possible.

She has become one of the most famous TV personalities in Colombia. She began her career in the 1970's and has had several productions to her credit. She has a diverse range of opinions on current issues and has won awards for her sensuality. Recently, she stole the show at Happy Saturdays 50th anniversary party in a sensual red dress. She also presented the award to Barranquilla humorist Fabiola Posada.

In addition to her role in soap operas, Amparo Grisales is an artist, a fashion designer, and a TV personality in Colombia. She began her artistic career in the 1970s by posing for wedding dresses. In fact, she had an affair with actor Julio Iglesias during that period. In addition to being an artist, she has appeared in soap operas in Colombia for several years.

Amparo Grisales - Columbian - Amparo Grisales is a TV personality in Colombia who is best known for her role in Madre Luna, a 2007 Telemundo serial. She has also appeared in a music video with Peruvian singer Placido Domingo. Other Colombian television personalities include Ana Maria Orozco Aristizabal, who portrayed Betty in a telenovela.

Amparo Grisales - Colombian television personality - Amparo Grisales is a famous actress in the country. She studied at the Boston College and the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts. She also does voice work for a number of television shows. She also plays the role of Sombra in the popular Overwatch video game.

She is a businesswoman

Amparo Grisales has entertained Colombians for decades, but she has been attacked for her youthful looks and body in photos. But the businesswoman has finally revealed her secret to keep her figure in good shape: she eats a vegetarian diet and has a thorough skin care routine. She also bathes in ice tubs.

Amparo Grisales - Learn About Her Interests and Relationships

Amparo Grisales s Instagram

If you're curious to know more about Amparo Grisales, you've come to the right place. Here, you can learn about the Colombian actress and model's interests and relationships with other people. Also, you can find out more about her love life.

Amparo Grisales' instagram

Amparo Grisales is a beautiful actress who has gained the respect of fans worldwide. She is active on social media and has 1.2 million followers. She rarely posts on her Instagram, but she does occasionally post a photo. Her last post was of her in a bikini, enjoying a vacation in Cartagena.

Amparo Grisales was born in 1956 in Manizales, Colombia. Her zodiac sign is Virgo and she has a Christian faith. Her hobbies include reading and photography. She also enjoys traveling and learning new things. Her estimated age is 66 in 2022.

Her relationship with Jorge Rivero

Amparo Grisales' relationship to actor Jorge Rivero is no longer a secret. In fact, the two were once married. But it seems the couple split up years ago. Amparo was a diva when she met Rivero, working with Aztec divas during the 1970s and big stars in Hollywood. In fact, the actor even took her to a shoot with a famous Aztec singer.

Amparo Grisales' relationship to Jorge Rivero began when she was a teenager. She was fifteen years old when she first fell in love with a German, who was 10 years older than her. Although she later separated from him, the beauty always managed to attract men.

Amparo Grisales was known as an icon in Mexico. During the 1970s and 1980s, she was famous and popular, and her relationship with Rivero was no secret either. In fact, she even confessed that she and Jorge were in love with each other. However, their relationship broke up when she had to film a movie in Brazil.

Before she met Jorge Rivero, she had been dating Julio Iglesias, a model and actor. The two were together for four years. They later divorced after she revealed that she was pregnant with their first child. Despite their long distance relationship, they remained friends. She went on to become a model and an actress. She was also married to German Tessarolo.

Amparo Grisales' love affair with Colombian filmmaker Jorge Rivero is a sensitive subject. The movie was nominated for several awards including the Academy Award for Best Actress. It was also nominated for a Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. Moreover, it was the winner of the competition 1-2 Award at the Warsaw International Film Festival.

Her hobbies and interests

Amparo Grisales is a Colombian actress, who is known for the 2007 Telemundo serial, Madre Luna. She also starred in the music video for the Peruvian song, "La Flor de la Canela." You can find out more about her hobbies and interests by looking at her Instagram account.

Amparo Grisales is an actress who has acted in several films, including Besame Mucho and Bolivar Soy Yo. She also appeared in Reflejos, which she co-starred with Robinson Diaz. In the 2013 film Surviving Escobar, she played Monica Machado. She has received several awards and honors, including being named as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. She has also been recognized with the Colombian Government's India Catalina award.

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