Coffee Tables - $17000 For a Coffee Table

Coffee Tables - $17000 For a Coffee Table



The coffee table is an essential item in living rooms and dens, providing convenient storage for drinks, remote controls, magazines, books, decorative objects and more. Typically short and rectangular in shape, coffee tables come in various styles and designs. Over the years they've become more versatile; low chests, round ottomans, kitchen tables with shortened legs or old trunks have all been used for this purpose - often seen today in interior decorating style. Abstract shaped coffee tables add dimension and a sense of style to a space while providing convenient support for items like magazines or books.

Selecting a coffee table can be overwhelming, as there are so many choices available in various materials, colors and shapes. Before making your selection, take time to determine what best fits your family's lifestyle and visit multiple stores to compare prices.


Coffee tables are an integral part of any living room, providing a place to store drinks, magazines and remote controls while adding an element of style. Available in various styles such as modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic and more, coffee tables will bring life and function to your space.

The materials used to craft a coffee table can influence its cost. For instance, wooden tables tend to be cheaper than those made of stone or metal.

Wood is an accessible material that can be easily cut and shaped to create unique designs. But it's essential to understand the different types of wood so you can select the correct one for your project.

Oak, pine, and walnut are popular wood choices due to their durability, ease of workability and aesthetic appeal. These types of woods also come in various thicknesses and colors so you're sure to find one perfect for your space.

If you want a wooden coffee table that's easy to keep clean, opt for materials resistant to dirt and mildew. Some woods like pine or maple can be stained easily to achieve beautiful hues.

Another option is purchasing a pre-made coffee table tailored to meet your requirements. Some of these tables feature shelves, drawers and other design elements for added functionality. Although these types of tables tend to be more expensive than wooden options, the investment could be worthwhile if you want something truly unique and stylish in your home.

The size of a coffee table can have an impact on its price point. Larger tables tend to be more costly than smaller ones as they require more materials and labor during production.

Selecting the ideal size for your coffee table is key to getting the ideal look. Measure the length of your living room and then determine what fit best. You can do this using a free floor plan app or by hiring an experienced designer to assist with selection.

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