Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Spark Dating Rumors After Sharing a Kiss

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Spark Dating Rumors After Sharing a Kiss


Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Spark Dating Rumors After Sharing a Kiss

Following her separation from husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, model Emily Ratajkowski has ignited dating rumors after sharing sloppy kisses and dancing with singer Harry Styles in Tokyo.

In photos and video shared by The Daily Mail while on their Love On Tour stop in Japan, pop star Justin Bieber and model Ratajkowski appeared to be kissing. Their reps have yet to address these rumors.

1. Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Kissing

Rumors are swirling that Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski may be back together. The pop star and model were seen sharing a kiss in Tokyo, raising hopes that they may be getting closer.

Styles and Wilde met on the set of Olivia Wilde's movie Don't Worry Darling, but their relationship ended last year due to work commitments and family responsibilities, according to PEOPLE magazine.

Since they were last seen together, it remains uncertain as to what their relationship might be. According to Page Six, there is no 'bad blood' between them and they remain "good friends." However, after being photographed making out on the street in Tokyo, fans are wondering if there is potential for something new between them.

Styles, 29, and Ratajkowski, 31, were captured kissing in video and photos obtained by The Daily Mail. It appears they were touring Japan as part of Styles' Love on Tour concert series when the video shows them locking lips against a parked vehicle as pedestrians pass them by.

They both appear to be wearing casual clothing, though it remains uncertain if they are currently dating. The singer was seen wearing a white shirt and black jacket while Ratajkowski donned a pink-and-black jacket as well as a long black skirt.

Ratajkowski wrapped her arm around Styles' neck and pulled him close as they shared several kisses. Additionally, she appeared to wrap her leg around his waist and hug him tightly.

On Saturday morning, Styles was seen wearing a white shirt and black pants as he held Ratajkowski's hand as they kissed. He was accompanied by bodyguards, but his rep did not comment on their relationship status as of Saturday morning according to People magazine.

Four months after Styles' split from Olivia Wilde, Ratajkowski has been linked to celebrities including Pete Davidson, Brad Pitt and Eric Andre. In July 2022 she filed for divorce from her former husband Sebastian Bear-McClard; the couple shares two children together.

In July, they were seen taking a leisurely walk together without wedding rings on. Rumors swirl that they may be engaged in custody negotiations over their son Otis.

2. Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Dancing

Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski have ignited dating rumors after sharing a kiss on the streets of Tokyo. Videos showing them kissing and dancing together have been circulating online.

The 29-year-old singer is currently touring Japan and was caught sharing a steamy kiss with the 31-year-old model during one of his Love on Tour concerts series performances. They were seen making out in front of a silver van on the street, appearing to be having an intimate moment.

Fans are beginning to speculate that this could be a new romance between the singer and model after they separated last year. The 29-year-old had been seeing Olivia Wilde, while the 31-year-old had an extensive relationship with Pete Davidson before divorcing in 2022.

No matter the end of their relationships, Harry and Emily can still be seen making out. Our exclusive video captures Harry, 29, passionately kissing Emily as she stands next to him on the streets of Tokyo.

It's not the first time these two have been photographed kissing and dancing together. The singer and model have been seen in various places, such as on a skiing vacation in California and an intense makeout session during a party in Paris.

These pictures and videos have certainly sparked some dating rumors, but they are untrue. When celebrities share something as private as a kiss on the street with someone they don't really date, it usually serves only for publicity purposes.

According to People, a representative for Styles did not immediately respond to their request for comment. The publication also obtained video footage of the couple making out and dancing on the streets of Tokyo.

On Tuesday night in Tokyo, two men were seen sharing a kiss and dancing on the streets. Videos of them have been making rounds online and sparking dating rumors as they appear to be getting close with one another.

3. Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Getting Close

After Harry Styles shared a romantic moment with Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo, dating rumors swirled. The "As It Was" singer is currently touring Japan as part of his Love On Tour concert series and was reportedly seen spending the evening with the American model.

The pair was caught kissing by a car in the video, prompting varied reactions on social media. Some expressed excitement as they saw two famous celebrities kissing and dancing together; others were shocked to see 'As It Was' singer and 'High Low with EmRata' podcast host making out in public.

In the video, Styles and Ratajkowski were dressed casually. The former One Direction star donned a white shirt and black pants while Ratajkowski donned a pink jacket over her dress. Additionally, they could be seen holding hands throughout their interactions.

Though they shared a sweet kiss, many fans are not delighted with their relationship. Prior to this, Styles was in a relationship with Olivia Wilde which ended in November when it became clear she had different priorities than him. Despite this, they remain close as friends.

On the contrary, she was previously linked to serial dater Pete Davidson and filed for divorce from film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard in September. Additionally, she has a son with Sebastian, and recently opened up about her dating life on her podcast.

Some are suggesting Harry and Emily are not actually dating, but are simply trying to gain attention as she searches for a new partner after her divorce. Some online commenters have ridiculed the 31-year-old over her desperate need for attention.

According to pictures and video shared by Daily Mail, the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer and the model from 'I Feel Pretty' were seen sharing kisses on a Tokyo street. Neither star has commented about their night out; Access Hollywood has reached out to reps for both of them for further comment.

Though most fans have expressed support for the relationship, some doubt it to be anything but a publicity stunt. With such an expansive fan base, it would be expected for them to gain some media attention at some point.

4. Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Making Out

Last week, Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski caused a stir by sharing a kiss in public. After performing at a Love on Tour concert in Tokyo, Japan, the former One Direction singer and the model were seen making out on the streets of the Japanese capital.

According to the Daily Mail, two men were seen making out in front of a van and passionately kissing each other. Both were wearing casual outfits and appeared to be having an enjoyable time.

Though they have been seen kissing before, this was the first time it had been captured on video. The couple appeared to be enjoying themselves and even dancing together in the street - an indication of a possible new romance developing between them.

Last year, Harry Styles ended his relationship with Olivia Wilde and speculation swirled that he might be dating a "mystery woman". To date, Harry has remained silent about the matter.

Ratajkowski, who divorced Sebastian Bear-McClard in September 2022 and has been linked to comedians Pete Davidson and Eric Andre as well as DJ Orazio Rispo, recently opened up on her podcast High Low with EmRata about being single and casually dating.

Though its duration remains uncertain, this relationship appears to have special meaning. After all, both former One Direction members appear to have found happiness in their current relationships despite previous high-profile breakups.

No matter if it's true or not, the fact that both Styles and Wilde have managed to move on from their past relationships with ease is truly remarkable. After having a long-term relationship before breaking up last year, Styles also had a brief affair with Andre while she was still married to Bear-McClard.

Last weekend, they were reportedly caught kissing in a Tokyo nightclub, raising suspicion as to who they were with. Since then, the video has gone viral on social media with fans taking to Twitter to condemn their irresponsible behavior.

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