La Cornue 110 Range - A Professional-Size Oven With Double Electric Convection Oven

La Cornue 110 Range - A Professional-Size Oven With Double Electric Convection Oven


la cornue 110 range

The La Cornue 110 range comes with many features that make cooking a pleasure. For example, its Sear meats better than a conventional oven, and it features a professional style cooktop and a Double electric convection oven. In addition, this model features a professional-style cooktop, double electric convection oven, and a water dispenser that keeps food hot.

Sear meats better

The Convection Oven was invented by Albert Dupuy in 1908. Until then, the ovens were flat craters with a naked flame beneath the racks. Dupuy's ovens were unique because of their vaulted ceilings, which guided the heat around the food. Today, La Cornue continues to innovate, introducing new styles and designs and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

The Cornufe 110 range features two electric-powered convection ovens, five gas power burners, a side-swing door and a large storage drawer. Designed to be an exceptional appliance, the Cornufe 110 is designed to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Besides having a professional-style cooktop, the 110 range also features a double electric convection oven and five gas burners, including a simmer burner. The CornuFe 110 range also comes with seven cooking modes.

The CornuFA (c) 110 is a 43-inch range with a five-zone powerful induction cooktop and two electric convection ovens. The CornuFA(c) 110 also features a storage drawer with three trim accents. The oversized power burners are perfect for cooking large pots or pans. It weighs 315 pounds and has a 35-inch width.

La Cornue ovens are a true work of art and science. Unlike ordinary stoves, they are handcrafted, made to the highest quality standards. Every part of a La Cornue range is meticulously crafted by craftsmen, each one engraved with a unique number. The craftsmanship and design of La Cornue ranges is a testament to the quality of French craftsmanship.

La Cornue's signature French style is reminiscent of the style of Provence, France. It is a true exhibit piece in your kitchen. True chefs know the importance of having the right appliances. Whether you're cooking for a family or entertaining friends, La Cornue has the perfect cookware for your cooking needs.

The innovative technology behind the CornuFe 110 range cooker optimizes circulation of heat to cook food evenly and retain tenderness. It's a symbol of convivial cuisine. A perfect blend of traditional La Cornue craftsmanship and contemporary technology, the CornuFe 110 range cooker is sure to delight you.

Double electric convection ovens

The La Cornue 110 range is an elegant, professional-style appliance that features double electric convection ovens. The ovens are equipped with seven cooking modes. There are also five powerful gas burners, a simmer burner, and a storage drawer. This range comes in a variety of color and trim options.

The double electric convection ovens on this range allow you to cook two different dishes at once. The ovens also include a fan to circulate cold air in the oven, making them ideal for defrosting small items. A safety feature will automatically shut off the gas flow if the flame goes out, ensuring that you will always have the proper temperature to cook a delicious meal.

The French brand La Cornue is one of the most popular luxury appliance brands. They first made the convection oven in 1908. A Convection oven is a combination of fan-forced air and heat to create a high-temperature interior.

The French heritage is embodied in La Cornue's designs. With colorful exteriors and customizable cooking elements, the ranges embody the essence of French design. Even if you're on a tight budget, a La Cornue oven can make your kitchen look beautiful. The Chateau Series is La Cornue's premium line of ranges. The ranges are built in a workshop outside of Paris.

Professional-style cooktop

La Cornue ranges are hand-built by 60 master craftsmen. The company has been manufacturing ranges for generations, adding only a few machines to speed up the process. If you meet one of the craftsmen, you'll likely hear him talk about his passion for making these ranges and how important it is to him to produce them with care and craftsmanship. This makes La Cornue ranges unique in an age of mass-produced, automated appliances.

The La Cornue 110 range features a professional-style cooktop, a double electric convection oven and five powerful gas burners. The central burner is a whopping 17,500 BTU, while the remaining three burners are adjustable from 600 to 6,000 BTU. A simmer burner is also included, making it easy to simmer sauces. The overall cooking area has a capacity of 4.6 cubic feet.

The professional-style cooktop is not only functional, but it also adds a modern touch to your kitchen. This range has a beautiful stainless steel finish. The ovens are separate from one another, and you can use one for baking, one for cooking, and one for warming.

While the La Cornue CornuFe is a great value for the money, it doesn't come cheap. In general, high-end ranges are more expensive, but they also have higher-end materials and craftsmanship. They're also more usable. But this doesn't mean that La Cornue is the best choice for every kitchen. The ranges are beautiful and functional, but they're not for everyone.

If you're looking for an upgrade from the basic stove, a La Cornue 110 range is worth considering. A La Cornue range can give your kitchen a French flair. The range is a real showpiece and will become the center of attention. You'll want your kitchen to be designed around it.

A La Cornue range is a great investment - it's like an exhibit piece in your kitchen. It will add a unique touch to your kitchen while also meeting your budgetary needs. And it's a true showcase piece, reminiscent of the style of Provence. True chefs know how important having the right appliances is for the best tasting food. Choose from the Chateau or CornuFe Series to meet your unique needs.

La Cornue ranges feature a classical and custom look. Their designs are reminiscent of the finest art pieces, and are available in rich, deep colors and trim options. The ranges also feature a range of 8,000 different combinations. You can choose a single or double oven for your kitchen, as well as one with a convection oven and a microwave.

Chateau Supreme Grand Palais 180 Price

grand palais 180 price

The Chateau Supreme Grand Palais 180 is an entirely handcrafted product, made in Paris. The price ranges from $2,600 to $8,500, depending on the features and accessories. It is handcrafted by French artisans using traditional techniques, which gives it its unique style. It is the most expensive Chateau Supreme cooker, but it is well worth its price.

Chateau Supreme Grand Palais 180

If you are looking for a kitchen appliance that is big and beautiful, you can't go past the Chateau Supreme Grand Palais 180. At almost six feet in length, this oven is the crown jewel of the Chateau Series. It features two grand vaulted ovens that can be connected to gas or electricity. You can also choose from one of seven cooktop configurations. Each range is handcrafted by artisans outside of Paris in their own workshop.

This range comes in a variety of finishes. You can choose from four Standard Colors, about 40 Premium Colors, and three Deluxe Colors. Additionally, there are four exclusive colors designed by Ferris Rafauli for this line. If you're interested in a specific color or style, you can order a Chateau Supreme in the Chateau color you've always wanted.

This range of ovens is designed with the most sophisticated design in mind. Each piece is meticulously crafted, with every line and detail perfect. Even the handle is crafted with fine materials. This is not your average oven - it will make your kitchen look and feel amazing. A Chateau Supreme is the ultimate kitchen appliance.

Chateau Supreme Grand Palais 150

The Chateau Supreme is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. The prices for this dazzling kitchen appliance start at $25,600, with an option to customise yours to match your kitchen décor. Designed by renowned French designer Ferris Rafauli, the range exemplifies French taste and style with every line and detail meticulously crafted.

The Chateau Supreme ranges are made with a gas or electric oven. They have two oven compartments and can include optional warming drawers and warming cupboard modules. The ornamental elements on Chateau Supreme ranges are the work of Ferris Rafauli, while a Lava Rock Grill is included for cooking gourmet meals. A solid walnut chopping block is also included.

The Chateau Supreme is available in a variety of finishes. It comes in four Standard Colors, about forty Premium Colors, 3 Deluxe Colors, and 4 Ferris Rafauli Exclusive Colors. You can choose between Essex Green, Cloud Gray, California Blue, and FR Blue. You can also customize the color of the stove top. The Chateau Supreme is also available in leather, walnut, and brass.

Impress Your Guests With a Cornufe Oven

cornufe oven

If you want to impress your guests with a high-quality, high-priced oven, you should consider a Cornufe oven. These appliances are handmade by artisans in a boutique outside of Paris. They have a powerful gas burner and seven different cooking modes. They are also available in smaller models for smaller kitchens.

La Cornue is a statement of science and art

Albert Dupuy created the world's first convection oven in 1908. The vaulted ceilings guided heat around the food. The oven was also an innovation for its time, drawing on city gas lines that ran through street lamps and homes. Dupuy named his oven La Cornue, after the French word for "cornel," or refining system. The oven was a revolutionary device, and is now sold in over 40 countries.

A La Cornue oven is more than a kitchen oven; it's a piece of French culture. Built by hand by craftsmen, each oven is an exquisite representation of French craftsmanship. Every oven comes with a handcrafted inscription from the craftsmen that is unique to that model. From the aesthetics of its interior to the technology used to make it, the La Cornue oven is a work of art.

Each piece of La Cornue equipment is handcrafted by a master craftsman. Each piece is stamped with a Ferris Rafauli brand plate and is available in exclusive color options. The Chateau range, for example, is available in full solid walnut with dual-finish control knobs. With a price tag of $113,000, the La Cornue Chateau is a statement of art and science. Many buyers buy them as commissioned pieces of art, and La Cornue ovens are often passed down through generations.

La Cornue ovens are a celebration of French living. Their products are designed to make the most delicious foods. They embody the art and science of cooking, and are the ultimate kitchen trophy. For both professional chefs and home cooks, La Cornue's ovens are a dream come true. Each piece is crafted with each client in mind, so that they can achieve their culinary goals.

While other modern ovens have added features to make cooking faster, the La Cornue oven is a timeless masterpiece that still maintains its heritage. This oven has several cooking modes, including fan-assisted, convection, defrosting, and more.

It is made to order by artisans in a boutique outside Paris

The La Cornue oven has been a French icon since its founding by perfumer and herbalist Albert Dupuy in 1908. A La Cornue oven is not just a stove; it is a one-way ticket to Provence. Chefs like Julia Child have even handpicked one for her own kitchen. The La Cornue oven comes in three styles: traditional, compact and super-modern.

The most popular Cornufe oven in the US has seven cooking settings. It can do conventional cooking, convection broiling, and warming. The oven is also equipped with two separate ovens, one for each function. The oven is not very deep, but it is quite tall.

Unlike other ovens, a Cornufe oven is custom-made. Each oven is individually handcrafted in an atelier outside Paris. Three generations of artisans create each oven. Each one is numbered and has a unique configuration. The oven comes with the patented vaulted oven, invented by Albert Dupuy in 1908. Chateau ovens are available in seven sizes, ranging from 32 inches to 71 inches. They come with complementary cabinetry and can be paired with a rotisserie.

The original Cornufe oven range has five gas power burners and two electric convection ovens. The range also comes with a large storage drawer and French side-swing enameled steel doors. In addition to the original Cornufe oven, Cornue also offers a Cornufe 110. It features a four-kW central burner, two electric ovens and a spacious storage drawer.

The La Cornue oven is a masterpiece of French craftsmanship, art and science. Each piece is handcrafted with precision and tested to ensure its functionality. The result is a culinary trophy worthy of being displayed proudly in your kitchen. Although expensive, the La Cornue oven is an investment in French history, art, and science, and is made to evoke memories of home cooking.

It has seven cooking modes

If you love to cook and you want your range oven to make a wide variety of dishes, you'll love the CornuFe range oven. The unique design features one or two electric convection ovens, as well as seven distinct cooking modes that give you the versatility to complete any recipe. Plus, it has a wide variety of useful accessories and a beautiful range of colours and finishes. In addition, you can also select a trim package to suit your interior decor.

The Cornufe range cookers combine fantastic looks with first-class cooking performance to give you the ultimate in home cooking. The two models in the range cooker range come with a convection oven and high-performance burners, and have a variety of colours and finishes.

The CornuFe 110 is a 43-inch range cooker that comes in eight classic colors and three trim options. It includes a double electric convection oven, seven cooking modes, five powerful gas burners, and a large storage drawer. The range cooker's design is also built to be easy to maintain and features a wide selection of accessories.

The CornuFe range oven has an impressive 110-litre capacity, which makes it ideal for roasting large dishes. It also features a divider that heats just half of the oven at a time, saving energy and preventing food from burning. The oven also has five gas hobs to provide an even cooking experience. Each stove is crafted by skilled artisans using fine materials.

La Cornue Double Oven

la cornue double oven

La Cornue double oven is an iconic piece of kitchen equipment. Handcrafted in France, this piece is both a kitchen showpiece and family heirloom. This oven features dual fuel capabilities and is also very energy efficient. To learn more about this oven, read this article. It is an excellent option for people who are on a budget but still want a quality oven.

La Cornue double oven is a family heirloom

If you've been considering upgrading your oven, you've probably heard of the legendary La Cornue. This French oven maker has been producing handcrafted ranges for over a century. The French company's ovens are the preferred choice of chefs and legendary home cooks alike. With prices as high as half a million dollars, La Cornue ranges are a true status symbol for any kitchen.

The new Chateau color palette from La Cornue is inspired by the colors found in vintage race cars. This color palette will surely inspire racing enthusiasts and culinary enthusiasts alike. The Chateau line of appliances comes in a variety of colors and finishes. In addition to a variety of colors and materials, each range has its own unique trim combination.

The hood is especially beautiful. Amy Macar designed it out of a century-old tin and soldered, painted, and burnished it to create a striking design. She also added the backsplash tiles, which are hand carved and painted in metallic finishes. The interiors also include shelves in the spice drawers for storage.

It is handcrafted in France

For more than a century, La Cornue has been handcrafting ovens in the town of Saint-Ouen-l'Aumone, France. This brand of ovens has a rich history and a range of customizable features. They can include an indoor gardening system and a wine cooler.

The first convection oven was created by Albert Dupuy in 1908. Before his invention, ovens had nothing more than craters with racks suspended over a fire. Dupuy's oven was different because it had a vaulted ceiling to guide heat around the food. Today, La Cornue is sold in more than 40 countries and employs 60 people.

The design is classic and sophisticated, and the craftsmanship is second to none. Whether you're cooking for family or entertaining friends, La Cornue double ovens are built to impress. The sleek and elegant exterior and sleek interior will enhance your kitchen decor. The range's many features and options allow you to create the ideal menu.

A La Cornue oven is a masterpiece of French craftsmanship. These ovens combine art and science to create a beautiful and functional product. Each component of this appliance is handcrafted and meticulously finished. The craftsman who makes them has put years of practice into creating the finest oven possible. Every single piece is essential to culinary perfection.

It is a showpiece

Known for its superior performance and stunning style, the La Cornue double oven is a showcase for your kitchen. Whether you cook for one or for a large family, you will love the results of this elegant oven. Its steam function helps loosen stubborn, cooked-on grime while the temperature remains constant at 225 degrees F.

One of the most important aspects of any La Cornue range is its design. Its signature style reflects the heritage of the French kitchen. Since the company was founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, an herbalist and perfumer, La Cornue ranges have remained a representative of French cooking. A La Cornue range is more than a stove - it's a showpiece that transports you to Provence. Julia Child herself has handpicked the brand's ovens for her kitchen. The brand offers three types of ovens: a single oven with a single door or a double oven with two or three doors.

The Cornufe 90 Albertine chimney hood features powerful four-speed blower technology and halogen lighting for enhanced performance. The Cornufe 90 Albertine chimney vent is designed to complement a La Cornue range and includes a remote control and three 20W halogen lights. It is available in Satin Chrome and Stainless Steel.

It is a dual fuel range

If you're looking for a dual fuel range that's both beautiful and functional, you'll love this 44-inch La Cornue double oven. It features five powerful gas burners, dual convection ovens, and an enormous storage drawer. It is available in six different colors and three different trim levels.

Whether you're buying one for your rental property or as a new kitchen appliance, La Cornue ranges are ideal for small spaces. The La Cornue range features two ovens with up to seven different cooking modes. It also has room for multiple roasting pans. The oven doors swing open from the middle so that heat and temperature are not lost. If you're not ready to make a decision yet, contact your local appliance retailer to find out more about La Cornue double oven dual fuel range options.

La Cornue was founded in 1908 by a Frenchman named Albert Dupuy. He was a renowned chef who built the world's first gas oven. His ranges were built with the finest materials available, and produced natural convection heat. His grandson, Xavier Dupuy, continues to oversee the production of the company.

It has a French top

A La Cornue double oven with a French top is an impressive kitchen appliance that boasts two ovens with a total capacity of 4.6 cubic feet. This double oven range features two electric-powered convection ovens and five gas power burners. It also has a large storage drawer and French-style side-swing enameled steel doors.

The La Cornue brand is a celebration of French culinary tradition, with each piece displaying timeless design and exquisite taste. The company offers two series: the Chateau Series and the CornuFe Series. The CornuFe Series is not as customizable as the Chateau Series, but it still features twelve different colors and three trims. It comes with a powerful gas burner and a ceramic glass induction rangetop.

La Cornue is one of the more popular brands of French ranges in the United States. When I first saw a La Cornue, I was drawn to its distinctive design. It commands attention and becomes the focal point of your kitchen. When you install a La Cornue, make sure you design the rest of the room around it.

It is a convection range

If you want a double oven with great features and plenty of space, a La Cornue range is for you. This range has two ovens, seven different cooking modes, and space for multiple roasting pans. It also has a center door that swings open to maintain heat and temperature.

The La Cornue range is an elegant masterpiece that combines regal elegance with functional design. It features two electric convection ovens, a seven-mode multi-function oven, and five powerful gas burners. The range also includes a spacious storage drawer.

It has a traditional design with a modern twist. It comes with two enamel baking trays and an oven trivet that elevates food from the pan to prevent burning. It's also perfect for multi-rack cooking. You won't lose any of the flavour when you switch between racks.

It has a conventional cooktop

If you're looking for a high-end oven, look no further than the La Cornue. Founded in 1908, this French company's ranges are equipped with innovative features. Their convection oven is the world's first. Before it, ovens were simply hollow iron boxes with a rack suspended over a fire. Albert Dupuy, the company's founder, was one of the first to see cooking as more than heating food. His unique design included vaulted ceilings to circulate hot air around the food while using city gas lines to power the oven.

The CornuFe 110 has two electric convection ovens, a seven-mode multifunction oven, five powerful gas burners, and a large storage drawer. It is available in 8 classic colors, four Suzanne Kasler Couleurs, and three trim packages.

You can customize your La Cornue range by choosing the trim color and hardware finish. You can also choose a cooktop configuration.

La Cornue Ovens - Give Your Kitchen a Stylish Look

range la cornue

If you want to give your kitchen a stylish and high-quality look, a La Cornue oven could be the perfect choice. Its sleek design is made of solid wood with a decorative brand plate by Ferris Rafauli. You can even order the oven in a custom color. Prices start at $113,000 for a Chateau range with full solid walnut trim and dual-finish control knobs. Choosing a La Cornue oven will be an investment that you'll probably enjoy for generations to come.

Ivory White

La Cornue is the crown jewel of the Italian kitchen appliance manufacturer. You can choose from 8,000 configurations. The company also offers a full-service kitchen design studio, Bella Cucina. Their team of experts can help you find the perfect La Cornue range to fit your kitchen and your lifestyle.

The La Cornue CornuFe range features ivory stucco finish and gold mosaic tiles. It is surrounded by white shaker cabinets with brass hardware. It also sits against a gray and white marble slab backsplash. It also features a powerful gas burner and ceramic glass induction rangetop.

Pure White

The La Cornue range is available in a variety of colors and trims. Its two ovens each have seven cooking modes and plenty of room for several roasting pans. It also features a large storage drawer. You can order a range from La Cornue today. A representative will be happy to help you decide what is best for your home. They are a full-service kitchen and bath design studio.

La Cornue's ranges are known for their stunning appearance and functionality. They have a clean and hygienic surface, which is essential to the modern kitchen. They also feature a deluxe wine storage unit that makes them an excellent choice for an upscale home. Whether you need a new oven or a new cooktop, these luxury stoves are an excellent choice. There are plenty of reasons to choose a La Cornue white range.

Matte Black

The La Cornue CornuFe range adds a show-stopping look to a transitional kitchen. The range's swivel arm pot filler and gold dome vent hood are accentuated by white subway tiles. The range also comes with a matching sink and faucet.

This range includes a professional-style cooktop and double electric convection ovens. It also has a five-zone induction rangetop and a large storage drawer. It is the perfect addition to any kitchen. A large storage drawer is located in the bottom of the range.

La Cornue Range and Custom Hood Review

la cornue hood

Rob's kitchen includes a 65-inch La Cornue range and a custom hood. While Rob initially wanted granite, he decided to go with marble instead. Marble never gets stained, and develops a unique patina over time. Rob's hood is made from Calcutta Gold marble, which has gold speckles that tie in with his kitchen's carbonized bamboo floor.

Stainless steel induction range

If you're looking for a new range for your kitchen, consider the Stainless steel induction range. Compared to conventional models, they use induction technology to heat up foods faster and more evenly. This makes them more efficient at preparing your meals, and they're also easier to clean. They also come with features such as an air fry function, which makes cooking healthier meals a breeze. They also have sleek stainless steel exteriors and manual control knobs.

Another advantage of induction ranges is that they transfer heat from burners to cookware. That makes them safer to use in homes with small children. One model, the Samsung NE63B8211SG, comes with a child lock, which prevents kids from accidentally operating the burners. In addition to that, it has steam-cleaning and self-cleaning functions. However, it lacks other features such as air fryers and convection cooking.

If you're buying an induction range, you should check the electrical requirements. Some induction ranges require a 50-amp electric circuit. If you don't have such a circuit, you can use a normal induction range instead. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you'll need to be sure that it has the right electrical connections.

Induction ranges have two main compartments - the oven and the cooktop. These two pieces of equipment work together to provide efficient, energy-efficient cooking. The induction cooktop also ensures that the cooking surface doesn't get too hot or burnt. The result is less energy consumption and lower utility bills. If you're an eco-friendly homeowner, an induction range is an excellent choice. It's also easy to maintain.

An induction range's features include precision temperature control and a variety of cooking modes. For example, you can bake an entire chicken in the oven, roast vegetables, simmer a sauce, or prepare side dishes on the top. You can cook multiple dishes simultaneously, and some models even come with a built-in air fryer. Besides its versatility, induction ranges are also safer to use and are more energy-efficient than traditional stovetops.

Convection oven

The La Cornue hood convection oven is an impressive oven that comes with a variety of features. Its seven cooking modes, two ovens, and wide door opening allow for convenient access. The hood does not lose temperature or heat during cooking, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen. The unit is available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can find the one that is perfect for your kitchen.

The name La Cornue comes from a French word, "cornue," which referred to the system that heated the oven. The company is a small business that employs 60 craftsmen, making each oven by hand. They take pride in their work and stand behind their products.

La Cornue ovens have an elegant design that makes cooking an easy task. With so many options and designs, it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase. The French company was founded by Albert Dupuy in 1908 and today offers more than forty different models. It is a leading manufacturer of high-end kitchen ranges.

The hoods of La Cornue hood convection ovens can be customized to fit your kitchen. The hoods come with different cooking modes, which are ideal for baking pies, breads, and pastries. For those who want a custom hood, you can opt for a cast iron grate and hood that is suitable for your needs.

When choosing a hood convection oven, be sure to consider the features and benefits of the La Cornue brand. This company has been designing appliances for nearly 100 years and continues to set the bar for excellence in kitchen ranges. Their commitment to their clients' needs is evident in every product they create.

Marble hood

A La Cornue hood is an elegant piece of kitchen equipment that is both functional and luxurious. These hoods are available in different finishes including marble and arch mantel stone. In addition, recirculation kits are also available for this hood. They are very popular among homeowners due to the many benefits they provide.

This black and white kitchen features a La Cornue hood with brass trim, set over a brass pot rack on the backsplash. The kitchen features white fabric counter stools and a farmhouse sink. The kitchen's brushed-brass accents echo the luster of the hardware, faucets, and island pendants. Meanwhile, the La Cornue hood adds dramatic black and brass accents to the space, creating a dramatic and grounding atmosphere in the prep area.

The design of a Marble hood is largely dependent on the design and size of your kitchen. Some are arch mantel-style while others are designed to fit a high ceiling. The type of style and design of the hood will determine the enjoyment you derive from cooking. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider all the options before deciding on the perfect one.

4-speed variable motor

La Cornue hoods are designed to be efficient and beautiful. The brand is renowned for its innovative designs and is favored by many chefs and restaurant owners. The company specializes in creating ovens with multiple settings, allowing you to tailor the cooking experience to fit your own tastes. Their hoods also feature three halogen lights, a remote control, and four fan speeds. They have easy-to-clean baffle filters and are dishwasher safe.

The La Cornue CornuFe range hood is made from stainless steel to protect your kitchen from smoke and exhaust. It is designed with a four-speed variable motor and three high-intensity halogen lights. The filter is dishwasher safe and is available in a wide range of colors.

A La Cornue range is a culinary icon and an expression of French cuisine. They offer eight different models, including a double oven. They are available in a variety of finishes and trims, and they're sure to complement any kitchen. The company's products are of high quality and a luxurious feel. However, their price tag is hard to pin down. The prices vary depending on the model.

Professional-style hoods

The Professional-style la cornue hood offers powerful extraction and unobstructed air flow. Its two baffle filters capture grease and are dishwasher safe. The telescoping flue cover extends up to 39 1/3 inches. A recirculation kit is available for added convenience.

These hoods match the performance of La Cornue ranges, so they look as good as the range. The hoods are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, and can even be custom-made to fit your specific needs and decor. Aside from their performance, these hoods are also works of art and can add an extra touch of style to your kitchen.

The CornuFe series is available in twelve different finishes and three trims, as well as a powerful gas burner. They also feature ceramic glass induction rangetops, and can be ordered with optional accessories. Other features include a French Plaque and a Wok Ring.

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