Chick fil a Menu: Chicken Nuggets, Salads, Breakfast & More

Chick fil a Menu: Chicken Nuggets, Salads, Breakfast & More


Chick fil a Menu

Chick fil a

Chick fil a menu includes specific breakfast sandwiches, salads, and entrée dishes. The restaurant also has a children’s menu that has a modified chicken sandwich and 3 options for kids.

"To appeal to consumers in a crowded food delivery marketplace, Chick-fil-A has promised its customers low-price delivery. In its mobile application and on its website, usually in the amount of $2.99 or $3.99," the filing states. "These representations, however, are false, because that is not the true cost of having food delivered by Chick-fil-A… Chick-fil-A secretly marks up food prices for delivery orders by a hefty 25 to 30 percent. In other words, the identical order of a 30-count chicken nugget costs approximately $5 to $6 more. When ordered for delivery than when ordered via the same mobile app for pickup, or when ordered in-store." (Source: www.foodandwine.com)


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At Chick fil a, food is served with care and respect to all guests, even if it’s your first time visiting. That’s why they’ve adopted a long-term commitment to sustainability to ensure they are giving back as much as they take. It’s these values that have helped them grow to be one of the largest and most-loved restaurant chains in the United States.

Chick fil a Menu


Learn about the amazing menu choices available.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken - Grilled chicken is paired with our signature honey drizzle and crispy pickles for a delicious combination of flavors and textures.

Although the classic crispy nuggets are the most popular, Chick-fil-A did premiere grilled nuggets in 2012 as a healthier alternative. The grilled nuggets were first introduced as a kids' menu item, but adults wanted in on the grilled chicken goodness, too. Thanks to popular demand, Chick-fil-A added grilled nuggets to the main menu later that year. (Source: www.tasteofhome.com)

Chick fil a Menu

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* A meal includes dressing, waffle fries, and a beverage.

Spicy Southwest Salad: With crisp lettuce, sweet corn, and spicy chicken chilled to such a degree that it is nearly unidentifiable as animal protein, This salad comes with more table side lourishes than a three Michelin-starred restaurant. You rip open a plastic bag of chipotle dressing to drench the lettuce in tart buttermilk. Then you rip open another plastic bag to season the salad with cumin-laced pepitas. Then you open up a third plastic sachet to shower the affair with lime-spiked tortilla chips (as sour as Warheads candies). And finally, you open up a fourth plastic bag to retrieve the fork. And start eating it out of the two-part plastic container in which everything is contained. It’s all a startling balance of flavor for a fast-food salad, but really, it’s a ton of waste. Rating: 6/10. Calories: 290 Fat: 8g. Sodium: 970 mg. (Source: www.eater.com)


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