Who is Xavier in Wednesday?

Who is Xavier in Wednesday?


Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) is sent to Nevermore Academy, where she meets outcasts with special powers such as werewolves and sirens. One of her classmates is Xavier Thorpe, a psychic artist.

Wednesday has taken on a new love interest in Xavier, who has quickly gained fans' affection. However, his admirers are few and far between.

Xavier Thorpe

Wednesday is a Netflix spinoff of The Addams Family that has become hugely popular with viewers. Aside from its whimsical world, viewers are also drawn to the love triangle between Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) and Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White).

The show is renowned for its supernatural and mystical themes, with characters often compared to those in Harry Potter. Recently, however, sexual assault allegations against Percy Hynes White - who played Xavier Thorpe in the first season of Wednesday - have left fans questioning if he should be removed from the show altogether.

Xavier Thorpe is an aspirant psychic artist attending Nevermore Academy as a student. He possesses precognition in his dreams and the ability to manipulate art with telekinesis. A quiet yet charismatic individual, Xavier develops a relationship with Wednesday (Jenna Ortega).

As an Enneagram Six, Xavier has an analytical personality type who appreciates intellect and makes decisions based on that understanding. He's passionate and adventurous but also deeply loyal to friends and family members.

He is an adept listener and understands other people's unique personalities. Being a Taurus, his ability to see things from various perspectives helps him comprehend people better.

His keen sensitivity and perceptions enable him to read others' emotions more accurately than most. Additionally, he is an intuitive individual who can sense when people are struggling or need someone else's company.

Wednesday Addams' friend Xavier helps her with her investigation throughout the first season of Wednesday. He's a sweet, charming character who initially seems reserved but warms up towards her in time. Additionally, he has an intense affection for her and offers advice about her visions.

Although he is a kind man, his relationship with his father can be strained. He's not always available to support him and sometimes ignores calls from him.

Psychic Artist

A Psychic Artist is an individual who uses art to convey spiritual messages. These healers have been around for centuries and still use their gift today to spread spiritual guidance.

Psychic art encompasses a range of mediums who channel spirits to create artwork such as precipitated paintings and automatic drawings.

Wednesday meets Xavier Thorpe, a student at Nevermore Academy with psychic abilities that manifest in his paintings. Wednesday is initially impressed by Xavier but ends up engaged to Tyler Galpin - another student at Nevermore who also possesses these gifts - through their mutual admiration society.

The show follows Wednesday Addams (Elias Koteas), a teenager who transfers to Nevermore Academy and becomes involved in an intense high school drama that involves murder and mystery. Through it all, Wednesday discovers how to use her psychic abilities for good.

Wednesday is introduced to Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White), a fellow student with the unique ability to bring his drawings to life. Their relationship quickly escalates into an intense love triangle between Wednesday and Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), the student competing for her affection.

As Xavier and Wednesday grow closer, she begins to experience visions of him and his father. It appears that Xavier has some sort of connection with his dad, which may explain why he spends so much time painting ravens in Nevermore's quadrangle.

Wednesday eventually breaks into Xavier's studio and discovers his paintings are actually inspired by drawings of the Monster, a mythological creature with a twisted face that can sever its victims' hands or feet. After learning about this creature's powers, Wednesday decides to take him down.

Wednesday, Xavier and the students at Nevermore Academy must fight a fierce battle in order to triumph. As she develops her psychic abilities, Wednesday also grows closer to Xavier as they strive together for victory.

Psychic artists have been practicing their craft for millennia, offering a range of services. In addition to creating artwork, some provide readings and guidance to people. Psychic readings have the power to impart spiritual knowledge that can guide individuals down the right path in life.

Love Interest

If you've been watching Wednesday, then you may have come across the character Xavier Thorpe. He is a student at Nevermore Academy who has romantic feelings for Wednesday Addams. Percy Hynes White plays this character and possesses psychic powers.

Wednesday has already met Xavier in several episodes of the series. In one episode, he saved her from being crushed by a statue and at another funeral she was saved from being set afire in a furnace. These interactions establish an interesting connection between them that could be explored further in future seasons.

Xavier is a beloved character among all students at Nevermore Academy. He's quiet and reserved, with psychic powers. Additionally, Xavier was once in love with Bianca Barclay and still has an immense crush on Wednesday.

In addition to his talents, Xavier is an adorably kind individual who does his best for Wednesday and takes care of her whenever possible. However, he also has his share of flaws; one student at Nevermore Academy has even accused him of being the Hyde and it is suspected that he is controlled by psychiatrist Kinbott.

It appears Xavier and Wednesday have an arc, both seeking to escape their own problems. When Wednesday gets into trouble in the first season, Xavier steps in to save her. Additionally, he is one of few people who believes in her which can be difficult for her to believe at times.

Unfortunately, Wednesday has yet to receive a renewal and it remains uncertain what the future holds for Xavier. Nonetheless, his role will remain pivotal in the story arc moving forward.

Wednesday is entering her senior year at Nevermore Academy and must confront her feelings for Xavier. She must decide whether or not to give him the same chance she had with her friends.

Despite her doubts, she is determined to make things work between them. Her faith in God gives her assurance that He will bring them together eventually.


Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) is an introverted, shy girl trying to fit in at her new school. But she's not the only outcast in her group; there's much more going on behind closed doors than meets the eye.

In addition to her mother Morticia (Gwendoline Christie) and sister Bianca, she also has a close friend at school called Rowan (Calum Ross), who initially has it out for her but eventually comes around. Additionally, she has an intense crush on Tyler (Hunter Doohan), the boy next door.

Wednesday spends most of her free time in the art shed with Xavier Thorpe, an artistic student who can bring his artwork to life through animation. For instance, he created an image of Wednesday playing the cello which when animated creates music. Furthermore, Xavier experiences precognitive dreams which give him insight into the world around him.

Xavier Thorpe, the son of celebrity psychic Vincent Thorpe, is an exceptional athlete with impressive speed and agility. Despite his competitive streak, he displays humility by admitting his mistakes when they occur.

Xavier is an impressive athlete, but he also has a hidden dark side that few people know about. His relationship with his father is complicated and he holds high expectations for himself. Additionally, his fierce competitive nature causes him to get frustrated when his team fails in the Poe Cup.

He strives to win with the best team possible and, no matter what it takes, he always keeps trying. Additionally, he's an incredibly hard worker who never gives up; thus making him an excellent friend to have.

As the series progresses, Xavier Thorpe becomes an increasingly significant character for Wednesday Addams and their friendship becomes increasingly complicated. At the end of the season, he decides to give her a phone so they can communicate more easily - an act of apology for his behavior during her time in jail and an indication that he's not a bad person.

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