Lovejoy Band 2023

Lovejoy Band 2023


whats lovejoy band  2023

Lovejoy are an upbeat indie band from Brighton, England. Their popularity has grown due to lead singer Wilbur Soot's success as both an internet personality and game streamer.

Since their debut EP was released in 2021, The Kills have been steadily building a fan base and selling out shows around the world. Now they're embarking on an extensive 20 date tour across North America!

1. Wilbur Soot

Lovejoy are an indie rock band from Brighton, England. The lineup consists of frontman Wilbur Soot, guitarist Joe Goldsmith, bassist Ash Kabosu, and drummer Mark Boardman.

They made their debut in May 2021 with the EP Are You Alright? and since then their single One Day has amassed over 105 million streams on Spotify alone. Their second EP Pebble Brain followed shortly thereafter in October 2021.

The band has been making waves in the music scene with their quirky, sassy lyrics and double kick drums, captivating fans around the world. They boast an incredibly dedicated fan base as well as renowned for their live shows.

Following their four-show spree in December, Lovejoy is back on the road for a 20-date North American tour. Tickets for the trek are on sale now and include performances at Nashville's Basement East on May 4 and Shaky Knees in Atlanta on May 5.

What started as a YouTube channel has blossomed into an accomplished, self-funded band. Lead singer Wilbur Soot boasts an impressive social media following with over 1.6 million followers on Spotify alone. Their music has been praised for its quirky witticisms and clever banter, making it perfect for today's YouTube age.

Lovejoy has an eclectic blend of indie rock and comedy music influences that allows them to craft an original brand of indie pop. Their performances are truly amazing live acts that I highly recommend for anyone looking for an amazing way to get up and dance in front of a crowd!

Lovejoy are passionate and energetic when performing, enjoying every minute of it. There's a special connection between them and their audience; Wilbur even takes time between songs to thank everyone for coming out to support their band.

The band has been releasing their music in various forms, and recently collaborated with mxmtoon for their newest single "Soft Boy." This catchy tune will definitely get you moving - it's one of those songs you could listen to for years and never get tired of!

2. Joe Goldsmith

Lovejoy are making waves in the music scene and within the industry, selling out tours quickly. Composed of Will Gold, Joe Goldsmith, Ash Kabosu and Mark Boardman from Brighton, these four men recently completed a Northern UK tour that sold out all venues within minutes!

The band has made waves with their debut EP Are You Alright?, featuring hits such as 'One Day' and 'Sex Sells' that have had a major impact on the internet. They now boast 1.16 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Lead guitarist and one of the songwriters for Lovejoy, Joe Goldsmith has an impressive online presence across various social media platforms such as TikTok. He's been with the band since 2020, and is currently working on a new EP that will be released shortly.

He boasts an international fanbase, with followers on his Instagram, Twitter and TikTok accounts. His dedication to music and himself as a person are evident through his sense of humour as well as how he engages with his fans. He truly exemplifies true talent!

Ash Kabosu, bassist for Lovejoy, has an enthusiastic following on social media platforms such as his own Twitter account with over 1.7 million followers and Instagram posts filled with humor. Additionally, the band's fanpage boasts a substantial number of passionate supporters that show their appreciation for the band members.

Mark Boardman, drummer and percussionist for the band, has been an active member on social media since 2020. Although he began playing professionally as a drummer only recently, he boasts an impressive number of followers across his various channels. Furthermore, Mark is the only member with a public TikTok account for the group.

In spring 2023, The band is embarking on an incredible tour across the UK, Ireland and Europe. To learn more about these incredible musicians, be sure to visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

3. Ash Kabosu

Lovejoy are an exciting band from Brighton that have come from nowhere to revolutionize the music scene. Led by Will Gold and featuring Ash Kabosu, Joe Goldsmith, and Mark Boardman, these Brighton-based foursome is making waves within the industry; selling out tours quickly and amassing an adoring fanbase!

Their debut EP 'Are You Alright?' was released in 2021 and quickly amassed millions of streams. Three tracks from the EP made the UK Official Singles Chart: 'One Day,' 'Taunt' and 'Sex Sells.

It was an enormous hit in the US, where it soared to the top of streaming charts. Its accompanying videos for 'One Day' and 'Taunt' quickly amassed millions of views online.

Recently, The band released their single 'Call Me What You Like' and have just announced a series of UK shows. If you want to experience them live, join their waitlist now and be the first to know when tickets become available!

Lovejoy boasts an incredibly devoted fanbase, having amassed hundreds of millions of streams across their albums and having over 48K people sign up to their Discord server within 24 hours. Despite only being a young band, Lovejoy have already sold out shows around the globe and amassed 1.16 million YouTube subscribers!

You can now pre-order Lovejoy's first two EPs on 12" 140g vinyl with a printed inner lyric bag designed by Ash Kabosu. These limited edition opaque white pressings are exclusive to Lovejoy and will be available starting Friday, October 14th 2022.

This album has an upbeat, happy attitude throughout. While not too upbeat or serious, each song boasts plenty of catchy melodies that will get you up and dancing!

Their sound is an eclectic mix of funk and pop. Their harmonies are superb, as is their guitar playing - it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

They possess an intriguing atmosphere, one which cannot help but draw people in! In 2023, these guys should definitely be on your radar as a band to watch out for.

4. Mark Boardman

Lovejoy is an indie rock band composed of Wilbur Soot, Joe Goldsmith, Ash Kabosu and Mark Boardman that has only been making music together a short while but already boasts an enthusiastic fan base and sellout shows.

Whats lovejoy band 2023 all have distinct musical styles, but they all share a passion for storytelling and satirical social commentary. They're renowned for their cheeky lyrics and overdriven, treble-topped guitars.

They began as a small band from Manchester, England but have rapidly blossomed into global superstars with their infectious and captivating music. They have an adoring fanbase that has supported them since their debut and continues to expand.

Their second EP, Pebble Brain, was released in October 2021 and quickly rose to #2 on Spotify's Top UK Album Debuts chart. At 23 minutes long, it features seven songs plus two music videos.

This album includes songs about toxic relationships or missing one's youth, as well as British political commentary. The melodies are catchy and can be enjoyed across various genres.

The band has an eclectic fan base, with many young followers traveling across America to witness them perform live.

Whats lovejoy band 2023 is a group that features many talented individuals working behind the scenes to make their music come to life. Everyone involved enjoys writing music and has an ardent desire to assist other artists in reaching success.

Lovejoy boasts a huge fan base, with over 48K joining their Discord server within 24 hours! It provides an opportunity for fans to engage with other members and discuss music together.

This band offers a fun and energetic sound that can be heard both live in concert and online. Their blend of pop, indie rock and electronica is ideal for everyone to enjoy!

The band is currently on a US tour, with two final dates scheduled in California. Their concerts promise to be sold out, so be sure to get your tickets today!

lovejoy music video  2023

Lovejoy Music Video 2022

Lovejoy is the latest band to emerge from a social media frenzy, taking their debut EP "Are You Alright?" to an unprecedented height with over 32 million views.

Wilbur Soot and Will Gold, better known by their online persona Will Gold, have built an adoring fan base since their debut on May 2021. Currently touring the United States with two sold out shows in Los Angeles and New York City, these musicians are sure to delight fans everywhere!

Call Me What You Like

British band Lovejoy have quickly made their way to the top of the charts with their quirky and infectious music. With an enthusiastic fan base, they've sold out shows around the world and amassed a large Spotify following. Recently, they announced a 20-date North American tour that will include stops at Nashville's Basement East on May 4, Shaky Knees in Atlanta on May 5, Novo in Los Angeles on May 16 and Governor's Ball Festival in New York on June 10.

Wilbur Soot founded this group after creating a popular YouTube and Twitch Minecraft account. Their songs often have an edgy, dark tone that resonates with their young fans.

"Call Me What You Like" is the lead single from their forthcoming EP WU&IO, set for release in early 2020. The catchy tune boasts playful lyrics and clever banter throughout. Directed by bassist Ash Kabosu, you can watch its video above.

In the video, the singer expresses his affection for his girlfriend. The lyrics explore uncertainty in relationships, offering support and affection while striving to find happiness within an uncertain world.

When the singer sings "the grace of God goes you", he wishes his girlfriend peace and comfort. Additionally, he asks if she is bored yet, suggesting that he wants to entertain her.

The next line of the lyrics serves as a subliminal reminder that he doesn't trust the internet, with the line "I feel unsafe in my head". The song implies both the singer and his girlfriend are struggling with mental health issues, feeling uncertain about what their future holds for them both.

Sex Sells

Lovejoy are relatively new to the scene, but they've already made a name for themselves by selling out shows quickly and following all of the current social media trends. Their lineup consists of Wilbur Soot, Ash Kabosu, Mark Boardman and Joe Goldsmith; producing quality music with sometimes edgy yet insightful lyrics.

The band boasts an enviable fanbase, even online! They've earned many accolades and created numerous YouTube videos as proof of their success!

The first time I saw them, they completely mesmerized me. They played through an extensive set list and never once lost my attention - no doubt due to being such a tight-knit group who know how to have fun while playing together. Their stage presence and performance would make any live show go wild! Their new album "The Last Best Place" has already become hugely popular with fans; currently the band is on US tour so make sure you get your tickets soon!

One Day

British indie rockers Lovejoy's song One Day has earned them the title of best love song of the year. With its strong message and uptempo groove, it's no wonder why it has been climbing charts for months now. Now they're embarking on their first UK tour with an ambitious lineup - an eponymous tour de force set to hit the road soon! Check out all the dates below and stay tuned for more in 2022!


Lovejoy is an indie rock band from England composed of four members: Wilbur Soot (lead singer/songwriter), Joe Goldsmith (guitarist), Ash Kabosu (bassist), and Mark Boardman (drummer). They debuted their first EP Are You Alright? in May 2021 and since then their fanbase has grown to 1.6 million monthly Spotify users.

So far, the band has released two music videos and an album - with already amassing over 32 million views on YouTube! As a result, they're embarking on their US tour in December.

Their debut music video explores the difficult relationship between a man and his girlfriend, illustrated with vibrant explosions. The lyrics of this song are incredibly clever, while the video production is top-notch.

The second music video, Taunt, showcases the energy found in these songs. This catchy number features a famous Minecraft streamer named GeorgeNotFound who makes an appearance at both the start and end of the song - prompting social media to explode with reactions from fans.

From there, Lovejoy transition to an indie breakup song with Perfume. Running just under four minutes long and featuring a stunning instrumental solo towards the end, this track is definitely not my favorite but still enjoyable enough that you won't feel like you're missing anything important.

This track has an infectious earworm of a melody, filled with catchy guitar riffs and energetic percussion. There's also an unexpected change in the middle where it starts sounding more pop than punk-rock.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the work that went into this EP. It's an energetic yet distinctly British record that keeps playing in my head.

Next week, this band that I have been eagerly awaiting live will be performing at the Mercury Lounge in New York City! It will be their first American show and I can't wait! They are an incredibly good live act and always manage to get the crowd enthused! Hopefully they do more US shows soon!

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