10 Super Awkward Moments From The 2023 Super Bowl

10 Super Awkward Moments From The 2023 Super Bowl


10 Super Awkward Moments From The 2023 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of sports' greatest spectacles. Whether you're an ardent fan or watch it only once a year, there will be plenty of unforgettable moments to cherish.

Some of these moments are hilarious, while others can be downright embarrassing. No matter if you're in need of some laughs or just want to witness some truly awkward Super Bowl moments - these are sure to please!

1. John Kasay’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Super Bowl XXXVIII between the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots produced many memorable moments, including Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at halftime that overshadowed the game itself. But a more technical discussion on this topic reveals that John Kasay's kicking error was by far the most notable and noteworthy one.

Kasay's 22 year career culminated in one of the most enjoyable and awe-inspiring moments this week, serving as both his most notable accomplishment and tribute. While he may have been a bit on the wild side during his playing days, his unwavering devotion to his family -- wife and two children -- helped shape him into an icon for generations. A few years back, he graciously answered some questions about his life and career while playing professional football for over ten years.

2. John Cena’s Awkward Crush

It's no secret that WWE superstar John Cena enjoys an enormous fan base. He's a beloved icon, and many female fans have expressed their affection towards him through manifested crushes.

Liv Morgan, the SmackDown Women's Champion, is no exception to this rule. In a video released by WWE recently, the 28-year-old revealed her past love affair with John Cena.

His commercial was an odd one. It featured a teenage boy getting his arm stuck in a tube of Pringles and featured Tina Turner's mega-hit song, "The Best."

3. Tom Brady’s Awkward Crush

After the Patriots won Super Bowl LIII, CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson ran out to Tom Brady for a postgame interview. As Brady waited to speak with Wolfson, however, he was surrounded by reporters and NFL officials.

Tom Brady had to maneuver through a crowd of fans eager for an up close view, which proved challenging in itself. This was clearly Tom's moment of weakness.

Tom Brady is unquestionably one of the biggest celebrities in the world. His iconic status and good looks ensure he always receives admiration when he meets new people, making it no surprise that he gets starstruck when interacting with fans.

4. Tom Brady’s Awkward Crush During The Halftime Show

Celebrities meeting fans can often lead to awkward interactions, but when NFL quarterback Tom Brady met NBA legend Charles Barkley it proved embarrassingly awkward.

Barkley was in awe when he first encountered the NFL great. The former basketball player shared this awkward moment with Jimmy Kimmel Live host Jimmy Fallon, admitting it was the first time he's ever crossed paths with a football legend.

Fans of Barkley know he has an entertaining sense of humor, as evidenced by his invitation to a New England Patriots event one week before the Super Bowl.

5. Tom Brady’s Awkward Crush During The Postgame Show

At the 2023 Super Bowl, Tom Brady - seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion - was a familiar face for sports reporters. After his team rallied from behind to beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the closing seconds, CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson approached Tom for an interview.

Before Wolfson could finish her question, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's daughters interrupted her. According to People magazine, the mother-daughter duo was seen cheering on their husbands during the game.

After his devastating loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, it appears Tom Brady may be ready to retire from football permanently. At his press conference on Monday night, he expressed gratitude to reporters for their coverage and appeared to have made an announcement regarding his future plans.

6. Tom Brady’s Awkward Crush During The Halftime Show

Tom Brady has made NFL history countless times, and there can be no doubt that he is one of the greatest players ever. Unfortunately, after their team lost in the wild card round, Brady may be feeling a little down.

Making matters worse, he was met with many vicious trolls on Twitter. While being one of the world's most renowned athletes, it is understandable that he would want to avoid any awkward situations.

After announcing his retirement in February, he is now taking some time off. On social media, he surprised fans by posting a shirtless selfie wearing only boxers from his athleisure line.

7. Tom Brady’s Awkward Crush During The Postgame Show

Tom Brady is one of the greatest athletes in history. He has earned 14 Pro Bowl selections, three MVP awards and seven Super Bowl titles to his credit.

But there's another aspect of his character that's often overlooked - his loyalty towards friends.

That explains why he enjoys such a close relationship with Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization.

His fans will tell you that much of his success can be attributed to the close relationships he formed and the encouragement from Belichick and his teammates.

He understands how to maximize a team's strengths, and can turn any player he works with into an excellent football player.

8. Tom Brady’s Awkward Crush During The Halftime Show

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have a reputation for getting into heated exchanges during press conferences, which continued on Sunday when a reporter asked Brady if he had any New Year's resolutions to share.

The Patriots quarterback responded with a sarcastic but encouraging reply to the question. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to the reporter for asking him the question.

At times it was an awkward moment for Brady and Wolfson, yet Brady remained composed as he battled through the crowd to get her interview. He even had to pass by several other reporters and NFL officials in order to speak with her.

9. Tom Brady’s Awkward Crush During The Postgame Show

Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history and has won seven Super Bowls. However, this season he had some difficult moments and had issues with the media.

His postgame press conferences can get quite emotional when his team loses, so it was refreshing to see him thank the reporters after their team defeated Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night.

He's been an inspiration to so many, and has won the hearts of so many. However, the end of this NFL season came as a bit of a bittersweet moment for him, particularly after his loss against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night.

10. Tom Brady’s Awkward Crush During The Halftime Show

Tom Brady has been a pro football icon for years, with seven Super Bowl victories and 35 playoff appearances to his credit. He's won the MVP award three times and completely altered postseason history in the process.

After his loss to the Rams in 2022, many thought Brady had retired for good. Instead, he returned to Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is currently competing for a seventh Super Bowl ring.

Tom Brady's NFL fans are constantly amazed by his dedication to his personal life, even as he rumor has it he may be seeing 2016 Miss Slovakia Veronika Rajek.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen began rumoring a romance last year, which has recently returned to the fore in his public life. According to reports, they've been spending a lot of time together - they even went on vacation together!

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