Tattoo Artist

Tattoo Artist: Turn your Tattoo Tips, Photos, or Portfolios into Online Revenue!

Establish a new salary for yourself as a tattoo artist here with Future Starr! Being a Tattoo artist takes hard work. It takes imagination and creativity when designing a tattoo. It is a tough and competitive business, especially when it comes to building a local clientele to support your hard work in the field of tattoo designs. Here at Future Starr, we understand Tattoo Artists take their work very seriously. It is up to the Tattoo Artist to help the customer to create a picture of what they want before getting their tattoo. If the customer is happy, they will come and gets another tattoo. Tattoo designs are very special because it speaks about individual’s personality. There are different types of content represented by different tattoo artists. Creative tattoo designs are all determined by the vision of the artist.

 You can also become a tattoo designer by taking classes learning how to make a tattoo. However, there are not as many classes that teach how to earn a living from your tattoo work. Our Talent Marketplace helps tattoo artists expand their business endeavors. If you are a novice Tattoo Artist looking to expand your business, you have the option to run your tattoo business offline by working inside a local shop. Because of technology, the tattoo artist has the option to sell their artwork online without working at their local shop. You can start by creating your first tattoo online store on Future Starr’s site selling your best tattoo art designs in digital format, for example, videos, pdf, mp3, word doc, etc. The average tattoo artist salary fluctuates anywhere from 30k up to 100k which is not always consistent. Future Starr is here to help add value to your business by creating a platform to help expand your artwork and be visible to users nationwide and globally.

Setup and Sell your Tattoo Art Gallery

Create a free account and start selling your Tattoo Art to our pool of buyers online who is searching for new creative Tattoos and in search of getting a tattoo. Whether it is a one tattoo sleeve idea, one tattoo on the chest, one tattoo of a wolf, one tattoo of a dragon, etc. Use our platform to upload some of your best tattoo work and set the price that you believe it is truly worth. With Future Starr, you as a tattoo maker have the flexibility to work from home getting your content and artwork as much exposure as needed to help generate sales info. The internet has over a billion tattoo artists online. We are here to help make sure your product is in front of a percentage of this market. There are many resources online tattoo artists can get new ideas for their next tattoos; However, there are not many platforms for an artist that allows users to communicate with subject matter experts to get advice from artists or answers for any questions the user may have. With our platform and your profile, you can get your first tattoo image, video, or word doc., and be the subject matter expert where buyers can communicate and purchase using our live chat feature. Buyers may research artist info and have questions about your art. Your tattoo artist info should professional advice that buyers are in search of. We leave it up to the seller’s expertise to provide buyers a good customer experience.

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