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Turn your Tattoo tips,photos,or portfolios into online revenue

Establish a new salary for yourself as a tattoo artist here with Future Starr! Being a Tattoo artist takes hard work and creativity. It’s a tough and competitive business, especially when it comes to building a local clientele to support your hard work. Here at Future Starr, we understand Tattoo Artists take their work very seriously. Which is the reason why our Talent Marketplace is here to help expand your business endeavors. If you are a Tattoo Artists looking to expand your business. Try something new and run your business offline at your local shop, and begin creating an online store with our site selling your best tattoo art designs in digital format, for example, videos, pdf, mp3, word doc, etc. The average Tattoo Artist salary fluctuates anywhere from 30k up to 100k which is not always consistent. Future Starr is here to help add value to your business by creating a platform to help expand your artwork to users nationwide and globally.

Setup and Sell your Tattoo Art Gallery

Create a free account and start selling your Tattoo Art to our pool of buyers online who’s searching for new creative Tattoos. Whether it’s a tattoo sleeve idea, tattoo on the chest, a tattoo of a wolf, tattoo of a dragon, etc. Use our platform to upload some of your best work and set the price that you believe it is truly worth. With Future Starr, you as a Tattoo Artist have the flexibility to work from home getting your artwork as much exposure as needed to help generate sales. The internet has over a billion users online. We are here to help make sure your product is in front of a percentage of this market. There are many resources online users can get new ideas for their next Tattoo; However, there are not many platforms that allow users to communicate with subject matter experts to get advice or answers for any questions the user may have. With our platform, you have the opportunity as a seller to be the subject matter expert where buyers can communicate by using our live chat feature. Buyers may have questions about your art or looking for professional advice. We leave it up to the Seller’s expertise to provide buyers a good customer experience.

Support and Tip Your Favorite Tattoo Artist

If you are a buyer looking for a site that allows you to financially support upcoming Tattoo Artists: Join us at Future Starr. Our site allows you to support local or national Tattoo Artists by purchasing and downloading their latest artwork. If you missed the opportunity to tip your tattoo artist, now you have a new opportunity to purchase from their online store. You can’t go wrong with giving back. You find the best tattoo for men’s arms or a cute small tattoo for a female. We have a pool of tattoo talent waiting to earn your business. Support your favorite Tattoo Artist by creating an account with Future Starr which is free to sign up. Visit our Talent Mall section to browse and search for new tattoo ideas, consultation on your first tattoo, or latest styles and tattoo trends. We have a genre of passionate Tattoo Artist you can connect, and chat live with. Reach out and get the answers and positive experience that no other platform can offer.

Offer New Tattoo Artist Tips

If you are a certified licensed, professionally trained tattoo artist: Your value creates unlimited opportunities to create new assets by selling knowledge, tips, and expertise to individuals who is eager to improve on their Tattoo Art skills. Post for sale your latest video tutorials, teaching individuals how to become a better Tattoo artist on Future Starr’s platform. See how many sales you can potentially earn every minute, hour, day, month, and annually. Future Starr is building a network of Tattoo Artists who is determined to build and improve their tattoo art along with wanting to raise a reputable platform for their art. Future Starr is your ultimate destination. Here we would facilitate your first steps in your journey towards success. Future Starr helps tattoo artists, studios, and tattoo conventions go digital and operate more efficiently. Future Starr is a one-stop destination for tattoo art and lifestyle. We provide artists with the opportunity to get connected with new clients as well as help them to find new tattoo ideas by linking them up with another artist for their business growth.

Revolutionize Your Tattoo Space

Through Future Starr, you can get connected with reputable tattoo artists, and purchase from the latest portfolios easily. Future Starr is creating digital entrepreneurs around the world. Our global platform will bring you closer as well as make you accessible to a new global audience.

Let Your Talent All Hang Out

Upload your curated art galleries, articles, tattoo photo, tattoo songs, client’s reviews, artists’ recommendations, and tattoo videos. Let the world know that tattoo art is much higher than ink on skin, let them appreciate and share your tattoo art.

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