Science brings into minds the wacky physics equations, bubbling analysis devices, telescope heredity, ecology, and many more puzzling ideas. If you are a geek at all these and want to provide virtual teachers aid to parents or students; Future Starr is the platform. Through us, we offer design-board learning strategies, lesson plans, illustrations, to make the student understand various scientific concepts. Upload your lesson plans related to biology, philosophy, earth science, astronomy or anthropology.

Provide Hands-on Experience

Future Starr let you provide online hand on experience to the students. You can upload animations or quizzes that you have developed related to different topics of science and keep your clients or students entertained and engaged as well.

Upload Your Classroom Teaching

Upload your actual classroom teaching visual clips or experiments in biology, chemistry, engineering or you can also upload charts graphs, or tables to provide detailed knowledge about various scientific concepts. Future Starr enables you to provide a virtual lab to your students. Be accessible and searchable with Future Starr.