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Buy and Sell your music online with Future Starr! Every music composer dreams of getting connected with millions of fans and build up their legacy… Join the Future Starr community and let your music speak from your life experiences. We let you interact with an audience that we attract from across the world. Future Starr has a strategic platform to help music artists become true entrepreneurs as well as build up a strong fan base just by uploading their music songs, videos, lyrics, photos, shows, etc. No matter if you are a recording artist from Atlanta, a Reggae artist, a Reggaeton artist, or a neoclassical artist, Future Starr will help you gain new fans and earn huge sales. However, it’s up to you as a Talent Owner to put in the hard work and earn your way up to becoming a Future Star. Sign up now and get connected with potential fans, like-minded people, and your future customers. With us, you can promote your music anywhere you want. Be a global star with Future Starr.

Artist- How to Sell Your Music?

Artist- How to Sell Your Music? As an independent artist, it’s challenging to get your music heard or get your albums or mixtapes sold. Nowadays, most artists are using platforms such as Youtube, Reverbnation, Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud, or Instagram to get publicity. However, these platforms are very competitive and not design for underground artists to run a legitimate business or get immediate rewards for their talent. It might take over 5,000 streams just to earn 5 dollars from these types of platforms. Imagine how many potential sales you could have earned out of those 5,000 views. Who is making the big bucks from your talent? There are many types of artists around the globe facing the same struggles. Major labels and big internet companies are earning huge profits from artists' hard work. With Future Starr you have free access to put your music in our marketplace and earn immediate income from your hard work. Every Talent Owner receives 70% per sales transaction, and you have full control over which price you would like to sell your product. No matter if you are an R and B artist, you have full ownership rights to your materials- Future Starr provides the resources to get your business started.

Why Artist should learn Music Notes

Passionate artists should learn music notes also understand the symbolism in music. Music notes and Symbolism in music create better artist development. If you are a group of boys with a music band that’s working on some music together, and your music band is not working on one accord. Maybe because one guitar player is not able to remember his or her music notes: what type of delays this could cause for your band? How will your band be able to meet deadlines in doing shows? Future Starr offers music teachers who are experienced in teaching music the opportunity to educate artists and sell their music lessons online through our platform. Whether it's music notes or learning how to play the guitar, piano, alto saxophone, etc. There’s a buyer who needs help with improving their music skills. That’s the diversity Future Starr brings to its platform adding value, services, and educating all at the same time.

Do you need an Artist Forum?

Some artists use sites like Reddit to promote and create a fanbase by using these artist forums. It’s great for marketing, however, it could potentially become complicated to make sales from visitors in your group forum. Future Starr has a section called “Social Buzz” that is designed for  Talent Owners to promote their products and interact with Buyers that’s interested in supporting upcoming talent. Some of the “Social Buzz” features include getting followers called “Riders”, the option to follow other users, share products or posts on the “Social Buzz” platform, and sell your products directly from the “Social Buzz” page.

Give Yourself A Breakthrough

We let the emerging musicians thrive by boosting up their creativity and build up a strong fan base. Whatever your genre may be; Punk, Rap, Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, Metal, Rock; just upload your music and start selling!

Boost Up Your Career

Uploading your music on Future Starr will help you become a digital entrepreneur along with getting recognized by various brands and a wider fan community. Our Talent Marketplace’ will help you access the new Talent and Technology industry. So Sign up today to create a buzz for your music.

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