Turn your Cooking Talent into a digital business

Turn your Cooking Talent into a digital business

Future Starr talent marketplace is reaching out to chefs, cooks, or anyone passionate about cooking and wants to discover new ways to make a living from it. A lot of chefs do not get the recognition or compensation they deserve. Whether it’s from using their famous recipes or providing hot cooked meals on time to servants in the restaurants, sometimes the hard work does not amount up to the pay. For some cooks it’s not about the pay: they are simply passionate about what they do for a living. There are many reasons why people become cooks. One thing we do know is that it helps make a positive impact on people’s lives. Especially when you provide good food to customers. Future Starr is helping to expand chef and cooks’ opportunities to earn new income by turning their cooking talent into a digital business.

What is Cooking for You?

What is cooking for you? Not every chef or cook is good at preparing good meals but may good at creating great recipes. It all depends on how you can express your talent to people that show interest. With our platform, you can start an online business selling your best cooking efforts to Future Starr’s customer base. All the products you sell are in digital format, for example, mp3s, pdfs, videos, photos, etc. We make it easy for sellers to have products accessible and deliverable to help operate their business. Future Starr attracts real buyers that are looking for the next great talent to offer them cooking advice or healthy slow new recipes. Not everyone is looking at Youtube or cooking shows on Netflix to get educated on food. Besides, sometimes you get what you pay for.

Display your Classy Cooking Skills

Display your classy cooking skills online with us today! Future Starr is helping individuals to become the next star in business success as opposed to be the next YouTube or Instagram star. Why waste your talent just to get views and likes, when you can put your hard work and skills up for sell. 1 free video like on YouTube, could have potentially been 1 video sale, earnings from $1 on up to $10000. Our platform allows you to set your price for your materials if you are providing true value to customers.

What is your Cooking Interest?

Future Starr is not only interested in attracting sellers to our platform, we are ultimately looking to establish a community of buyers and sellers to our platform. If you are a buyer that’s interested in cooking shrimp recipes, videos of how to slow cook oven ribs, or the best way of cooking asparagus: Future Starr ensures to provide a platform enriched with information and resources catering to your specific needs. We make it easy to purchase and download products of your specific interests. It’s free to sign up and offer some of the best ways to stay engaged with your sellers through communication and being able to follow your favorite sellers in which we call “Riders”. You can build a loyal base while discovering some of the best cooking talents on the internet. You never know, the next upcoming superstar may end up being a friend of yours in our community. Set up a free account with Future Starr today. Visit our Talent Mall page and start shopping for amazing independent cooking talent available in the market.

Go viral by selling Cooking recipes

If you are food enthusiast and want to be tomorrow’s trendsetter in the culinary industry through your exquisite tempting dishes, get connected with Future Starr. Promote and share your culinary expertise with a like-minded community of cooks, culinary fans, and food lovers. Just upload your video clips, cooking tutorials, share and sell pictures of your recipes, food items, or other food-related activities, and Future Starr will provide you a platform where you can share, promote, earn income, and interact with our fan community. Not only chefs can sign up, but even the restaurants can also market and sell their expertise themselves through our diversified platform. You do not have to be tech-savvy to sign up and begin the process of setting up your online business. If you can follow simple instructions, you can get set up on our site seamlessly. We also have a customer service team you can connect with in case you have any questions or concerns about our services.

Advertise Your Skills

Through Future Starr, you can exhibit your culinary skills not only to your fan community but also to culinary professionals including restaurant owners, or executive chefs. You never know who may become a potential buyer. You must first get your products on our site.

Grow with Future Starr

Create galleries through pictures of your recipes video tutorials and reach worldwide food enthusiasts. Raise your professional culinary standards with Future Starr’s digital credentials and realize your full potential.

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