Become the Best Standup Comedian

Becoming the best standup comedian presents itself here with Future Starr’s marketplace. It takes hard work and determination for comedians to get their careers off the ground. Either by performing at local open mic shows or marketing your comedian skills on YouTube. No matter what, you got to have talent in the comedy industry here in America. What are your dream goals as a comedian? What strategies do you have written down to help achieve them? There are not many platforms that allow comedians to become the next Kings of Comedy. Everything is going digital now. But there’s hope with our platform. How to build up a strong fanbase is the biggest fear and challenge that every comedian must face. Various aspiring and promising comedians that were on the rise disappear every year. Organizing a stellar comedy event and having great comedy timing is not enough to reach the audience. What you need is a platform that not only helps you to reach your target audience but also helps to expand your fanbase. Sign up with Future Starr and get connected to global audiences.

Funny Comedy brings Joy

Black famous comedians such as Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphey, Chris Rock, Mike Epps, Bruce Bruce, Martin Lawrence, or stand-up comedy female like Whoopi Goldberg, etc. understood the importance of of bringing joy into peoples’ hearts by making them laugh. There are many more underground comedians with the same passion but lack the exposure needed to share that joy with others. With our platform, Comedians can upload their best works, events, video clips from their T.V. shows, podcasts and expand your fan community way beyond to achieve becoming a global star. Not only you can become a global star, but the main goal is for our marketplace to help you to become a global entrepreneur by running a profitable digital business. Selling comedy online is a different approach to not only generate revenue to help feed your family but also create an opportunity to become the next CEO to appear on the Entrepreneur magazine or Fortune 500. The sky is the limit…. Packing out millions of people in an auditorium while generating millions of downloads through Future Starr’s platform could put you in a good position to help achieve these goals. Nothing happens overnight, but if you are willing to put in the hard work, anything can be achieved.

The best Comedy Movies of all Time

The best comedy movies of all time: are not only movies people enjoy and remember but it also becomes a part of history. Talented people with a positive mindset to make a difference in the world make history. A list of comedy films such as; Kindergarten Cop, Bad Boys, coming to America, Friend giving, Friday, Girls Trip, etc. all will become a part of someone’s favorite movie collection. You can make history too, but the comedy industry is a tough market and you must be creative to do so. Our platform allows you to stand out amongst your competitors. We have resources such as a dashboard option for you to track your sales, market your digital products, chat live with potential buyers, and advertise your products on our Social Buzz page. Teamwork is what makes the dream work.

Bring the definition of Comedy

How would you define comedy? As part of its definition, one term that stands out is “work” there is always light at the end of the tunnel when a person puts in the work. There are often rewards that come along with it. When there are rewards it often brings joy. That’s what comedy is all about. Become a Partner with Future Starr. Let’s work together to bring joy into not only your audience's lives but within your household too. Future Starr will put in the hard work on the back end while you exercise your comedian skills on the front-end to attract new buyers who are waiting to release their stress and get a good laugh. Be a part of someone’s collection and start selling your comedy talent to our audience. Tap into the digital world of comedy today!

Target Your Fans

Future Starr will allow you to create a fanbase that comes again and again to you. With us, convert your online audience to download purchases.

Advertise Yourself

You can also advertise your approaching events through Future Starr, promote your comedy events, and get the word out to the right people and make yourself successful. We look forward to partnering with you.

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