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What is your purpose as an Author?

What is the author's purpose? Commonly, readers go off and locate the author's purpose by other people's thoughts and impressions based on the resources they find online. The metacognition comes in once we explain to people things to consider when it comes to the author's purpose. Peer-reviewed articles or content-related articles which have been closely scrutinized by audiences in the comment sections after the journal article content are submitted by the author are only opinionized and may not be factual. With that being said, the purpose of an author comes down to your own goals and objective as a writer.

Identify Your Author Tone

When it comes to the author's tone, it's all about how the author expresses themselves to readers. Whether it's through their grammar and how they implement their words, or their writing style and how it's presented to the audience. To drive sales to your books, you as an author must ensure you are using the appropriate author tone that will help readers stay engaged with your book.

How do you define yourself as an Author?

An Author’s definition is all determined by how a writer defines themselves when writing a novel, poem, essay, literacy work, etc. As an author, you may comprise yourself under different characters and express them by the stories you write. That's the benefit of being a great author. Being able to capture the reader's interests based on how you define yourself as an author.

Are you the best Author of all Time?

How do you want to go down into history? Do you want to be the best Author of all Time? You may be a Romantic Author or a drama type author. Based on any Author's point of view, it’s all about doing something you are passionate about and expressing your vision to readers who express that similar interests. It’s not always about the money, become a Future Starr by doing something you are passionate about, and your rewards will come.

What kind of Divergent Author are You?

What makes you a divergent author? What separates your writing talent from any other authors in the world? There are millions of writers across the globe that has a story to tell. However, this shouldn't stop you from pursuing your dreams. Your skill sets and being who you are is enough to create your audience amongst the billions of users that exist on the internet. Future Starr has the online resources to express your talent with no overhead and give you the freedom to present your resume to the audience by displaying and sharing your story without any politics involved. Take control of your destiny- build a profitable book business as opposed to your book sitting on the shelves or in the back of some website's database. That's what makes you a divergent author.

What kind of Author Salary do you want to make?

What kind of vision do you have for your Author's salary? Book authors can make from $0 to over $1 million. No matter what, it's going to take hard work and persistence to achieve the financial freedom you want. Let Future Starr help become the resource you need to create the type of salary you want to take care of your family and establish your dream business career.

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