Willow for Saleor

Willow for Saleor

Willow for Sale

Musician and novelist Zac Shaw has turned his story about the tree of life into a company offering a regenerative bed. In this video, Zac talks about the benefits of the Willow bed and the forest it could help to restore.Cuttings’, ‘Whips’, ‘Setts’ and ‘Slips’ are all common terms used for Unrooted Hardwood Cuttings. Planting hardwood cuttings is by far the best and easiest method of establishing willow plants. They will establish and grow better than rooted plants, because there are no roots that need to recover from being disturbed. Even a 1ft cutting will often grow 6ft or more in the first growing season when planted in weed free soil.


We provide the top selection of high quality willow cuttings and willow whips for sale, all at an affordable price. Over the last 10 years, we have provided willow cuttings and willow whips for large-scale biofuel projects, snow and privacy fences, living walls, riparian buffers, phytoremediation projects, and ornamental uses, such as basketry and dried willow arrangements. From biofuel production to weaving, we offer willow cuttings and willow whips that can meet your unique needs.Over the years, Double A Willow has developed a large and impressive nursery capable of providing willow cuttings for sale to growers across North America. In fact, we were chosen in 2004 by the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF), who provided 20 years of research into the development of the shrub willow, as the only licensed commercial nursery to grow and distribute their patented high yielding and fast growing varieties.

We sell willow cuttings for propagation. These hardwood cuttings are an easy and reliable way to grow new willow plantings. The willow varieties in the table have grown well at Dunbar Gardens in northwest Washington. Most of them are very useful for basket making; some are good for hedges, living fences, sculptural work, or garden ornamentals. There will be variation in the color of both the fresh and dried rods. Order instructions and prices are further down the page. There are also planting and growing tips further down the page which are included with orders. Please keep in mind that these cuttings are intended for use in gardens or where there is active control of weeds and grass. These are not large enough for conservation type plantings. (Source: www.dunbargardens.com)



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