Shape of a diamond

Shape of a diamond

Shape of a diamond

There are many other shapes of gemstones. In this article, we'll look at the different cut diamond shapes and what makes them so popular. But first, we ought to start with the most basic—round diamonds. The most given shape, round diamonds have been researched by gemologists more than any other variation. The round brilliant cut is renowned for its unrivaled fire and brilliance, but also comes with better light refractive properties.From round to cushion cut, the shape of diamond that you choose will have a huge impact on the look of your fiancé-to-be’s ring. It could also have a surprisingly large impact on the engagement ring’s price.



Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. You may decide to go with the timeless round cut which is an excellent choice. After all, who can say no to a stunning diamond like this one from Blue Nile. Other popular shapes include the princess, cushion and emerald cuts. Or you may follow your own sense of style. My personal favorite is the oval cut. In my mind, there is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly cut oval like this one from Blue Nile.

As we’ve covered in our guide to diamond cut the cut quality of a diamond has a huge impact on how much it will sparkle. While an Excellent (GIA) or Ideal (AGS) diamond will look fantastic in just about any shape, even a round brilliant cut diamond will have relatively little sparkle if it has a Fair or Poor cut grade. (Source: www.diamonds.pro)


With this said, each diamond’s characteristics can affect its pricing and overall value for money. For example, while an emerald cut diamond will cost less than a round brilliant cut diamond, its large table means it’s more likely to display inclusions or color. This means that you might need to buy a diamond with a higher color or clarity grade than you would for a round brilliant cut, negating some of the value for money factor.

Absolutely perfect and timeless aesthetics, the round brilliant cut remains the sure value. Calibrated in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky to give it maximum brilliance and shine, the stone has 57 facets. This shape has remained the most sought-after since then because it is the most brilliant. The certificates of the GIA, HRD and IGI laboratories (the three most reputable) note all its size parameters. Ratings range from Fair (Poor) to Excellent. We recommend diamonds with either Very Good or Excellent cut ratings. (Source: www.i-diamants.com)



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