Rep Stucky Lynn - Texas House of Representatives

Rep Stucky Lynn - Texas House of Representatives

Rep Stucky Lynn - Texas House of Representatives

Rep Stucky Lynn  Texas House of Representatives

Rep. Stucky Lynn is a veterinarian who is a Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives. He represents the Denton County area in northern Texas. He is an advocate for animals, and he also serves on the Texas House Rules Committee. During the 2016 election, he was elected to represent his district.

Rep. Lynn Stucky

Rep. Lynn Stucky was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2016, and took the oath of office the following month. She is a graduate of Leadership Denton and has served on numerous boards in the community. She is also a longtime member of the Denton Chamber of Commerce. In addition, she serves on the board of the Kanakuk Institute, a graduate discipleship program. She and her husband, Lori, have three grown children, and have been married for 32 years.

Lynn Stucky is a Republican who represents District 64 in Denton County. She has worked as a veterinarian for nearly 30 years and has a background in education, including a Master of Science in animal science. Before entering politics, Stucky served as President of the Sanger ISD Board of Trustees. She has four children, and her top priorities are reducing property taxes for Texas residents, securing the border, and putting an end to human trafficking in Texas.

In the Republican primary in Denton County, Stucky led incumbent Andy Hopper by 102 votes in the final unofficial results Tuesday evening. Early voting results were delayed in Denton County due to an equipment problem. Stucky received 9,237 votes to Hopper's 9,135 votes.

Stucky has also signed the Term Limits Convention pledge. The Term Limits Convention has the support of over thirty-four state legislators. To hold an amendment proposal convention, states must get the support of the state legislature. In Texas, the Term Limits Convention pledge is signed by Stucky.


Rep. Stucky is a veterinarian who was elected to the Texas House in 2016. He is one of three veterinarians serving in the Texas House, and many of his fellow representatives have followed his example when it comes to animal welfare legislation. During his first session in the Texas House, 63% of his bills were passed.

Stucky grew up in rural Kansas. After earning his bachelor's degree from Kansas State University in Manhattan, he moved to Denton and practiced veterinary medicine. In 1997, he bought two local veterinary practices and opened his own Animal Hospital on Milam Road.

Stucky is a veterinarian who has served as a Board of Trustees President and member of the Denton Chamber of Commerce. He is a father of four children. He is a strong advocate for protecting religious freedoms, improving education, and securing the border with Mexico. He is a member of the Republican Party of Texas.

Member of Texas House of Representatives

During his first legislative session, Stucky was the leading vote-getter, passing 63% of his bills. That is higher than any other member of the Texas House. His campaign spent less than $100,000 and has raised more than $106,000. His only negative history is that he once went to small claims court to get paid for veterinary bills.

In a redrawn Texas House District 64, incumbent Lynn Stucky narrowly avoided defeat against Republican Andy Hopper, a former state representative. Hopper secured 5,861 votes in Wise County, while Stucky received 5,896 in the other two counties. Early voting results in Denton County were delayed because of equipment problems, but when they were finally posted, Stucky won with a tally of 9,237 votes and Hopper had nine hundred and thirty-five votes.

Stucky was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 2016, and swore the oath of office in January 2017. He serves on the Appropriations Committee, and on the Resolutions Calendars Committee. He previously served on the Land and Resource Management Committee, and the Committee on Agriculture & Livestock. He is married to Lori, and they have three grown children.

Rep. Stucky is a member of the Texas House of Representatives, representing District 64 in Denton County. His term is set to expire January 10, 2023, and he is running for re-election. He advanced from the Republican primary on March 1, 2022. Stucky was one of 48 candidates in a contested Republican primary last year.

Texans who voted for him in 2016

Stucky, a Texan with gray hair, a two-toned goatee, and wire-rimmed glasses, was a thorn in the side of the incumbent. He ran for office in the northern suburbs of Dallas. He was backed by his wife, who also doubled as his campaign manager. He had an opportunity to force a runoff. Instead, he stumbled.

Stucky is a graduate of Kansas State University, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He then served on the Sanger ISD Board of Trustees for 15 years, including four years as its president. Then, he ran for the Texas House of Representatives.

In 2016, he lost a tight race against GOP State Rep. Read King of Lake Dallas. The candidate, a former GOP precinct chairman and delegate to the national convention, garnered less than 55 percent of the vote. The incumbent won by only two points, but it was a close race.

The Francis-Wilks campaign focused on constitutional carry and ending taxpayer-funded lobbying. Several years ago, the coronavirus pandemic hit Texas and devastated the state's economy. Since then, many people have fallen victim to the deadly virus and the state's government is on the verge of bankruptcy. The campaign also echoed President Donald Trump's assertions about the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged rural Texas.

Meanwhile, in the GOP primary, Rep. Miller is expected to be named the Commissioner of Texas' Department of Family Protective Services. He insists he is "fully committed" to his 2020 campaign. His record in Congress has a long history of voting against children and families. He has voted against raising special education programs and increasing free breakfast programs. He has also opposed childcare for at-risk mothers.

Campaign finance data

Rep. Lynn Stucky is a Republican candidate for the Texas House of Representatives. He grew up in rural Kansas and attended Kansas State University, earning a Bachelor of Science and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, Stucky moved to Denton and opened two veterinary clinics. He has four children. His priorities include reducing property taxes for Texas homeowners and securing the Texas border.

Texas House members represent relatively small districts and are subject to frequent election cycles. While money isn't everything, it is a critical part of winning an election. The Democrats in Texas face a funding challenge as they try to catch up with the republican incumbents.

In 2016, Stucky was elected to the Texas House of Representatives. He took the oath of office in January 2017. His first term as a member of the Texas House saw him serving on many committees. He served as a member of the Appropriations Committee, the Resolutions Calendars Committee, and the Land & Resource Management Committee. In addition to his political experience, Stucky is also active in the community. He has served as a member of the Sanger Chamber of Commerce Board and the Denton Chamber of Commerce. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Kanakuk Institute, a graduate discipleship program.

The state's voters went to the polls on Tuesday, and the Republican Party held off the Democrats' ambitious goal of winning seats in all 435 Congressional Districts. In the Democratic primary, Delia Briones was the winner with 22,057 votes, or 64 percent of the vote. The new district map is designed to increase the number of districts with a majority of eligible voters.

Jeffrey Baker Obituary - Iles Funeral Home

Jeffrey Baker Obituary Des Moines IA  Iles Funeral Home

Iles Funeral Home

Iles Funeral Home is a local family-owned funeral home with many features and specialties. In addition to offering personalized services and custom-printed memorial books, they also offer large chapels with adjacent family rooms, ample visitation space, and a reception center. They also offer a children's playroom. Iles Funeral Home is located at 3211 Hubbell Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa.

Iles Grandview Park Chapel

If you are searching for the perfect funeral home in Des Moines, IA, then you've come to the right place. Iles Funeral Home has been serving families in the Des Moines area since 1970 and has honed their customer service. The funeral home is located at 3211 Hubbell Avenue.

Date of passing

Jeffrey A. Baker, 61, died on January 7, 2022. Born on November 17, 1979, in Erie, Iowa, he was a resident of Davenport, Iowa. He was a practicing attorney at Dentons Davis Brown, and also split time between Des Moines and St. Louis Park, Minnesota. He was a member of the Iowa Bar Association. In addition, he supported several charities. Below are a few of them.

Jeff Baker was a simple man, but his interests were many. He loved Hawkeye shirts and even wore them when he went to pubs. He was an avid traveler and never grew bored of seeing new places and meeting new people. Despite his busy schedule, he was always smiling and laughing. He was survived by six nephews and five nieces.

Service information

Iles Funeral Home has been serving the community since 1960. They are committed to meeting the needs of their clients and have in-house designers and videographers. This eliminates the need to hire outside designers and allows them to charge families less. They also offer preplanning services. Their office is located at 6337 Hickman Rd. You can make an appointment with them by calling or stopping by during business hours.

Jeffrey A. Baker passed away on January 7, 2022 at the age of 61. He was born in Davenport, Iowa. Jeffrey Baker has three charities that he supported. They are listed below. Jeffrey was a very active member of his community and was passionate about helping people. Iles Funeral Home values the feedback of families. They offer in-house video and graphic design services, so they are able to keep prices down.

Dentons Law Sues Alamy For Using Hi-Res Stock Photography Without Proper Attribution

Dentons law hires stock photography and images  Alamy

Dentons law has sued stock photo site Alamy for using public domain photos without attribution, as well as launching a new global head of environmental, social and governance. The Firm also recently added new member Siobhan Carlin to its Dublin base, and is expanding its offering outside of its traditional legal services.

Dentons hires first global head of environmental, social and governance

The global law firm has hired the first global head of environmental, social and governance (ESG) practice. This new role is a key step in the firm's ambitious growth plan, which aims to make it the first truly national U.S. law firm. The firm currently has about 1,500 lawyers in 23 offices. Sonia Martin is a member of the firm's executive committee, and previously served as an office managing partner.

Dentons is hiring an experienced professional to lead its global ESG strategy. The firm has tapped former Hogan Lovells sustainability and operations head Aragon St. Charles to fill the position. She brings to Dentons more than two decades of experience and has led several ESG initiatives in Japan and the Asia Pacific.

The new role is part of an organization-wide strategy to make Dentons a more inclusive workplace. The new head will report to the CEO and will coordinate initiatives across the firm. The team will focus on systems and processes and be proactive, rather than reactive. It will also work closely with internal groups across the firm to improve its practices.

Other new hires include Jeff Ehrlich, who joins from McGuireWoods, Daphne Higgs from Perkins Coie and Paul Lingard from Ashurst, and Eunice Choi from Goodwin. In addition, Dentons has added two associates to its Toronto office.

Firm sues Alamy for selling public domain photos without attribution

In a recent lawsuit, Carol Highsmith sued photo-licensing company Alamy for using public domain photos without proper attribution. Highsmith is known for her iconic photos of the country. In 2016, she received an e-mail from the company representing Alamy demanding payment of $120 to use one of her photographs.

Alamy is one of the stock photo aggregation sites owned by the PA Media Group, formerly the Press Association, and an affiliate of Getty Images. This lawsuit claims that Alamy has been stealing public domain images, and many stock photo sites are guilty of the same crime. This practice can result in loss of rights to the original owners.

Public domain images can be found in libraries like the Library of Congress and Getty Images. These archives and libraries have spent years collecting, archiving, and digitizing public domain content. They also work to protect the rights of content creators and distributors.

Highsmith first dedicated his collection to the public in a letter to the Library of Congress in 1988. Since then, the images have been used on postage stamps, feature films, and television shows, including House of Cards. Unfortunately, Getty did not attribute Highsmith as the copyright holder, and subsequently removed the images from their website. The lawsuit claims damages ranging from $2,500 to $25,000 per violation. If the claims are proven, Highsmith could collect up to $468,875,000.

Highsmith has filed a lawsuit against Alamy for selling public domain photos without proper attribution. Whether Highsmith retains any rights will depend on the outcome of the lawsuit. Although the lawsuit will not have a significant effect on the photographers, it may influence licensing policies in the future.

Firm adds Siobhan Carlin to Dublin base

Dentons law has strengthened its offering in Ireland with the recruitment of Siobhan Carlin as a partner. Carlin joins from William Fry, where she worked for 12 years. She is a specialist in real estate investment and project finance transactions. Her client list includes a diverse range of financial institutions and alternative lenders. She also has experience in loan portfolio acquisitions and debt restructurings.

Dentons also added Karyn Harty to its Dublin base to add to its roster of Irish lawyers. This means the Dublin office now has 11 partners and 26 lawyers. The Dublin office has been busy in recent months, advising GH Research plc on its pre-IPO fundraising and the liquidators of Wirecard, among others.

The firm has also expanded its banking and finance offering. It hired former Arthur Cox partner Brian Quinn from Zurich insurance in January. The firm has a strong connection to the pillar banks in Ireland, as well as to alternative lenders. It also has a strong presence in technology, construction and hospitality.

The firm's Dublin base has developed a strong team, with a broad focus on real estate financings, acquisition finance and restructuring. The firm's international and cross-border finance practice includes Peter O'Brien, who has international experience. He is assisted by Maireadh Dale, who has broad experience in the field.

Firm expands beyond traditional legal services

Dentons law has been expanding beyond the usual legal services it offers clients. It has an office in Jasper, Indiana, near a major poultry producer, and it has just begun work in Indonesia. The expansion is part of a larger strategy to compete globally. In the process, it is following the lead of the Big Four accounting firms.

The expansion is centered on providing holistic support to clients beyond the traditional legal services the firm offers. The firm has two subsidiary companies, Nextlaw Labs and Dentons Law Ventures, both of which are aimed at supporting and boosting the primary business. They both aim to create disruption in the $800 billion legal industry. Nextlaw Labs has several initiatives focused on in-house counsel, including Nextlaw In-House Solutions and Nextlaw Ventures.

Dentons has also expanded its global footprint, partnering with the International Refugee Assistance Project. Through the project, senior counsel Randy Bregman and partner Andrew Shaw helped a Rohingya refugee reunite with his family. The two men collaborated with their Kuala Lumpur counterparts.

Beyond legal services, Dentons has partnered with former EY consultants in Hungary to launch Impact Advisory. This venture will provide strategic and operational advice to clients on a wide range of business issues. The firm is currently piloting this new venture in Hungary but plans to expand the service in other countries. The new company's CEO, Balazs Tuske, has a background in corporate strategy and buy-side due diligence. He also worked with Arthur Andersen in Australia on a number of large transformational projects.

Dentons law also has a presence in Africa through its affiliation with a leading Tanzanian law firm. This partnership allows it to scale across the continent. The combination has made it the largest global law firm in Tanzania. The firm has 198 offices in 78 countries. This expansion is part of a larger plan to increase the number of clients it services in Africa.

The company also has an innovative technology group, BLG Beyond. BLG Beyond focuses on new technologies and processes to complement and transform the legal industry. It has recently acquired technology companies SimpleCitizen and Nomadic. It is working with corporate and government clients to develop new data analytics.

Payroll HR and Tax Services From ADP

Payroll  HR and Tax Services  ADP Official Site

If you are looking for payroll HR and tax services, you've come to the right place. ADP's RUN platform offers a complete solution that calculates and files payroll taxes automatically. It also provides proactive alerts to ensure compliance. Plus, RUN offers a personalized dashboard and step-by-step guidance.

RUN Powered by ADP(r) platform

RUN Powered by ADP provides small and midsize businesses with payroll, HR, and tax services that are both reliable and fast. It offers basic payroll and tax services, as well as help with compliance and reporting. The platform also offers powerful features such as new hire onboarding, garnishment payment services, and background checks.

The payroll software also provides mobile timecards and a customizable dashboard for managers. The software also allows for the creation of customized reports and exporting to Excel. The service is available for both Mac and Windows computers, as well as for Android and iOS devices.

ADP offers several payroll packages, depending on the size of the business. Larger companies can choose Workforce Now packages, which include enhanced HR tools and features such as talent acquisition, onboarding, and employee performance. Smaller businesses, with fewer than 10 employees, can choose the cheaper RUN Powered by ADP package. It includes payroll, HR, and tax services, and costs $29 per month plus $5 per employee.

ADP is a popular payroll service provider, with customer satisfaction ratings high. Its customer service representatives are helpful and courteous, though some customers have complained about long hold times. The platform is user-friendly, with new HR tools and features available frequently. However, many users have had problems running reports. Moreover, the overall price is higher than the market average. However, ADP's service is still a reliable option for small and midsize companies that don't need to handle complex payroll and tax filing.

The RUN Powered by ADP(rTM) platform for payroll HR and tax services promises certified payroll professionals who will be available around the clock. The company is the world's largest payroll service provider. It provides solutions for small and midsize businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Another ADP feature is the ADP Portal. This application allows users to view and print pay statements. ADP's self-service platform also allows users to enter general information and customize employee settings, such as rates, security assignments, and more. It also has self-service options for small and midsized employers.


SurePayroll offers HR capability with its HR Advisor tool, which includes various HR forms such as an Exemption Worksheet, Employee versus Independent Contractor, Form SS-8 for Worker Status, Application for Employment, Sample Interview Questions, and Termination Letter. Moreover, SurePayroll is able to perform pre-employment screening and new hire reporting.

SurePayroll is also easy to use, with an intuitive user interface. The system requires very little data entry, and it has a convenient Auto Payroll feature, which is perfect for companies with salaried employees. Once selected, the Auto Payroll feature sends a reminder to users before the processing date, prompting them to make any necessary changes. This feature also requires a few details, such as default hours for each employee.

SurePayroll is an online payroll solution that works with both Apple and Android devices. Its full-service plan includes payroll processing, tax remittance, and filing. With an affordable monthly plan, you get unlimited pay runs, direct deposit capabilities, and more. Plus, it's fast and easy, and costs less than half of what you would spend on in-house payroll processing.

ADP's service login page allows you to manage your payroll and record supplemental earnings. In addition to online payroll management, ADP's payroll and HR software allows you to deposit employee paychecks directly to their bank accounts. You can also record supplemental earnings and access your payroll codes. ADP also provides payroll deduction cards for your employees.

Costs vary depending on your business size and needs. Basic payroll solutions cost around $20 a month, while higher-tier plans offer more assistance and automated tax filing. However, there are also lower-cost payroll solutions, as you can file taxes yourself, or hire a payroll manager. However, it's important to check the features and the ease of use before you decide which payroll software to use.

SurePayroll has many features that make payroll processing easy for small business owners. Besides offering free direct deposit, this service also offers payroll reminders, correspondence with state and federal agencies, and automatic tax filing. Plus, it offers quality customer support and tax advice to help you stay in compliance with the tax laws.

Upnetic Legal Services2

Upnetic Legal Services provides pre-paid legal services to businesses and organizations. This includes consultations and advice. Upnetic Legal Services also provides legal records for employees. The company has partnered with Legal Club of America (LCA) to provide the legal services. Legal Club is not a law firm or insurer, and its network of participating attorneys does not include its own attorneys or employees. These attorneys are responsible for providing legal services in accordance with special fee guidelines.

While Upnetic(r) strives to provide you with helpful and accurate assistance, the service contains typographical errors and technical inaccuracies. Upnetic makes no warranty or guarantee, and expressly disclaims all liability for any damages, direct or indirect. Unless otherwise stated, these terms apply to the content, software, and services provided by Upnetic.

In addition to providing information to members, Upnetic provides a means for members to ask questions of its attorneys and network of consultants. Upnetic states its goal is to answer questions within two business days. However, Upnetic does not guarantee response timeframes. It is always best to contact a licensed attorney for specific matters.

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