Miss Georgia 2021 OR

Miss Georgia 2021 OR

Miss Georgia 2021


It’s not a real state, but it’s a tweet that has garnered a lot of publicity thanks to tweets between Carlos Danger and Griffin Darnell. Other users have added to the discussion, leading up to Miss Georgia 2021 mashing two Twitter accounts together. The tweet has gone viral, but it is most definitely a fake.


“I am honestly so honored to be able to stand next to every woman that has been crowned Miss Georgia in the past and to be one of them now. I have looked up to them since I was a child and I can’t believe I’m one of them,” Pennington said of her new position. “And I’m more than excited to represent the State of Georgia for an entire year and definitely at the Miss America Competition.”

“Tomorrow, we will begin to prepare our new Miss Georgia and Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen to compete at their individual national competitions and support them in every way. Additionally, plans begin now for the 2022 Miss Georgia Scholarship Competition,” shared Trina Pruitt, CEO/Executive Director of the Miss Georgia Scholarship Organization. “With teamwork we managed to execute a great event. We thank each and every person that contributed to this year’s success and look forward to seeing everyone next year in Columbus.” (Source: www.wrbl.com)


Miss Georgia Southern University Scholarship Competition is the longest standing preliminary pageant to Miss Georgia in the entire state! Once crowned, the winner could go on to become Miss America! Miss Georgia Southern University represents the student body, attends traditional and community events both on and off-campus. Anyone that is interested in participating, must attend at least one information session (no exceptions) and submit an application.

"Karson is such a wonderful representative of Georgia. She is incredibly smart, talented, hardworking, selfless, and beautiful," The Miss Georgia Scholarship Organization’s CEO and Executive Director Trina Pruitt said in a statement. "We are so excited for her to be able to represent Georgia, and to be able to compete in such a significant Miss America competition as it is the 100th anniversary." (Source: www.fox5atlanta.com)



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