A Lela Rochon

A Lela Rochon

Lela Rochon


Lela Rochon is the beautiful ex-Spudette from the long-running Budweiser and Bud Light commercials who went on to appear in major films like Moonlight and Waiting to Exhale. In 1998, Lela became the producer of I Know What You Did Last Summer, a film about Sidney Prescott, who is stalked and killed by a killer out for revenge. But Prescott begins as a killer herself!


She was born Lela Rochon Staples in Torrance, California, on April 17, 1964, to Samuel Staples and Zelma Staples of Camden (Ouachita County). Her parents, both alumni of Lincoln High School, attended Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical, and Normal College, now the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB). Her father graduated from Arkansas AM&N and went on to own and operate Aladdin Enterprises, a graphic-arts business in California, from 1968 until his retirement in 2002. Her mother became a nurse practitioner at the University of Southern California Medical Center and retired in 2000. She has an older half-brother named Kenneth, but she grew up living in an only-child household. Her parents are of Haitian descent, and she was named for her paternal grandmother.

Lela Rochon Staples is an American actress and producer, best known for her role in the critically acclaimed romantic movie 'Waiting to Exhale'. Intensely competitive from her formative years, she was a star athlete in high school, especially in track and basketball. She worked as a dancer and model for over a decade and appeared in numerous commercials before beginning to be recognized as an actress. Thanks to her versatility and powerful acting, she became a sought artist by producers and filmmakers. Some of her best performances were seen in movies, such as 'The Chamber', 'Gang Related', 'Knock Off', 'Why Do Fools Fall in Love' and 'Any Given Sunday'. With her passion and determination, she has successfully established herself as one of the most valued and relevant actresses of Hollywood. Rochon was once chosen among 'The 50 most beautiful people in the world' and 'The 10 Sexiest Women of the Year' by People magazine and Black Men Magazine, respectively. She is happily married to the American director Antoine Fuqua; and the couple has two children together. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)


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