Vernon Lynch Jr,

Vernon Lynch Jr,

Vernon Lynch Jr


The Fresh Prince of the crunk era. He's been widely credited with reintroducing the hip-hop subgenre back into popular culture.

After being introduced to the entertainment industry before he even knew what the term meant, Vernon_Lynch immediately took to it like a fish to water. With over two decades in entertainment, including a minimal stint as a Rapper, Lynch has found his niche in producing and creating redeemable content. Lynch has coined the phrase, "Real Good Feel Good TV" to describe the content he creates and produces. (Source: www.imdb.com)

Eddie Murphy

During a single night, the two comedy icons went head-to-head in the "SNL" competition and the following morning Vernon was the talk of the worldwide media and had gained all the attention of millions who were interested in his personal and witty performance.

Eddie Murphy’s fame and success are undisputable. He went from earning national attention as part of the cast of “Saturday Night Live,” to becoming the star of films like “Beverly Hills Cops,” “Coming to America,” “The Nutty Professor,” and “Dr. Dolittle.” (Source: news.amomama.com)


Vernon Lynch Jr was named after his father, Vernon_Lynch Sr. Born in a housing project in Philadelphia he was raised by his single mom and his older brother Vernon Jr.

The world knows all about the iconic Eddie Murphy and his accomplishments- from Saturday Night Live, to Trading Places, to Raw, Delirious, Coming To America, and, The Nutty Professor, beyond. We also know all about his brother, the late Charlie Murphy, ever since he made his presence known on The Chappelle Show, The Boondocks, Black Jesus, and more. BUT little did many of Eddie’s and Charlie’s fans know, their other brother has made a name for himself in the entertainment world. His career started in 1988 and he’s still doing his thing in 2019. By the way, if it were not for the help and encouragement of Charlie Murphy, their brother wouldn’t have even started his career in entertainment at all. Scroll down to peep who he is… (Source:www.iloveoldschoolmusic.com)


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