Social Introvert: The life of a party

Social Introvert: The life of a party

The life of a party when you are a social introvert - Future Starr

Being an introvert is not a crime. Introversion is a personality trait characterized by shyness—people who tend to feel shy and focus on internal feelings. Introvert people don't care about how they are going to represent in public. Instead, introverted people feel nervous and often known to be liars. Introvert people feel sick in gatherings and parties. However, there are many misconceptions about introvert personalities.

How to be the life of a party:

If you are an introvert, you will never enjoy your work parties, networking event, or friend gathering. These are never going to be your favorite activity. But here's good news you are not alone in this to enjoy the experience of the party. An estimated 25-40% of our population have introvert personalities. Introversion is not social anxiety. Being an introvert doesn't mean you cannot be the life of a party. You can be the life of a party. In this article, we will tell you how to be the life of a part when you are a social introvert.

Some many successful professionals and entrepreneurs have the same introvert personalities and felt sick when being at a party or any event. In this article, we will cover every survival tips and helpful advice which will make your next party bearable or even much more fun!

Social Introvert: The life of a party

Show up with an escape plan.

As soon as you receive an invite to a party, you might have a thought in your head that I should skip this. But if the host is essential to you and you don't want to ditch them you should make a plan in your head, probably an excellent escape statement to leave the place asap! You can nicely say to the host, " I am happy to be here, thanks for inviting me but these kinds of events tend to wear me down, So I should leave at this time," suggests Helgoe.

“another example, I respect that you invited me to your place, but I am tired I have to leave atm."

Plan B:

Bring someone with you. If you don't want to face people at a party and you don't have to be the life of a party you can bring your friend with whom you usually feel comfortable. If your friend knows about your introvert personality, they'll assist you to charge yourself up at a party. Trust us; Friends know you well more than anyone. 

Social Introvert

Divert your Self:

Sometimes having chitchat with someone you don't know sucks. The solution to avoid people and not be the life of a party is to keep distance and keep yourself busy.

Take Breaks:

Take some time and decide what you should do. Manage your energy and recognize yourself before you are going to attend a party. Being the life of a party means to enjoy every moment to the fullest. When in gatherings, if you feel exhausted and drained, just take 10 minutes to break from the party, go into any area where it's quiet and clear up your head. Recharge yourself with a cold glass of water.

Be kind and helpful:

Everybody loves to help others and being supported. Yes, at a party, if you want to be the life of a party ask someone to give you some work, whether it can be chopping cucumbers or making drinks make yourself busy. You will probably make an introduction and help someone. Likewise, you can take responsibility for managing the running event. You can reach early to the party and help. Be kind, don't rush out. Sometimes you have to keep yourself busy and help others to change yourself, not others. Being an introvert doesn't make you less careless but helpful and caring. We have seen people having introvert personalities kinder and more generous than many others.