dylan barbour

dylan barbour

dylan barbour

Former reality television show contestant Dylan Barbour took to Twitter on Jan. 30 to voice his distaste with producers of the franchise in which he took part. Hannah Brown eliminated Barbour in week six on The Bachelorette in 2019. Barbour and Hannah Godwin met and got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise that summer. Barbour has seen a lot happen on the two shows, and he decided to speak out in a since-deleted Twitter thread.


He confirmed a couple of things that we already had suspicions about, like the show's producers giving villains of the season a rose even if the Bachelor/Bachelorette don't want to. In fact, Barbour said that producers have "nearly all control" over who stays and who goes. The producers are also apparently the ones who encourage a contestant to visit the season's star in their room outside of "normal date hours."

Why he decided to go on this crusade against the show still isn't totally clear, but it seems to have to do with a conversation with his mom, who is very well to-do and acquires intellectual property rights for just about everyone. Her familiarity with Hollywood and its loopholes is probably the reason why he said he "negotiated a lot of it," regarding his contract with ABC. It comes at a time, however, of criticism of the current season of the Bachelor and its choice of especially toxic contestants, namely villain Victoria Larson. Barbour alleged in his Q&A that though the show has spoken publicly about being anti-bullying, they encourage it on the show and reward "villains" in many ways, including vital "screen time." (Source: www.refinery29.com)


Though every contestant signs up to go on The Bachelor, they don’t always like the outcome of being on the show. Through editing, some contestants come out looking like villains and receiving backlash from fans of the franchise. Dylan Barbour did not get the classic Bachelor villain edit. However, he recently still felt the need to speak out against the unfair editing and politics that go on behind the scenes of the shows.

"This past weekend, I got into the discussion of being in the public eye and its effects on mental health," Dylan shared. "I've seen a lot of people thrust into this level of notoriety, and with it comes immense scrutiny. And those same friends have had their mental health suffer tremendously from it. I felt the need to speak out as I've been one of the lucky ones to have a great experience from this transition, but with that said, I believe the way the message was delivered was wrong." (Source: www.eonline.com)


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