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Sw Gas is the smallest gas company in the UK (by number of gas meters served, not number of customers or revenue generated). After years of losing money, the company slashed its rates for residential customers by 36%. And people are flocking to the company because gas is just not profitable anymore. That might sound like a depressing business, but Sw Gas is one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK.

Investor Relations

Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SWX) is an energy holding company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc. owns two primary operating companies, Southwest Gas Corporation and Centuri Group, Inc. Southwest Gas Corporation is a regulated utility and provides natural gas service to more than 2 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers in most of Arizona and Nevada, and parts of northeastern and southeastern California. Centuri Group, Inc., is a comprehensive utility services enterprise dedicated to delivering a diverse array of solutions to North America’s gas and electric providers. This growing network of well-established brands include NPL, NPL Canada, Neuco, Canyon Pipeline, Linetec Services, and National Powerline. Centuri Group Inc. operates in major markets across the United States and Canada. (

Careers and Employment at Southwest Gas

This company is very hard to be promoted in if you are in the call center. They definitely play favorites at this company. Also, they monitor your every move and limit bathroom breaks constantly. I feel like they pay their employees at a higher rate than others because they treat them poorly. They don't even let you decorate your desk for holidays. Not the company I thought I was signing up to work for

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

The fun and informative Southwest Gas Energy Efficiency Education Program reinforces energy concepts and teaches lifelong lessons on energy and water efficiency. Fourth and fifth grade students and teachers receive Take Action Kits containing energy saving devices. The program also provides an engaging, online presentation, activity guides for teachers and students and online games and e-learning to empower participants to be leaders in energy efficiency

How Can Schools Participate in the Program?

Fourth and fifth grade teachers may register by clicking the link above. After school eligibility is determined, an Educational Service Representative will contact teachers to schedule the assembly and deliveries of teacher materials and Take Action Kits. (



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