Sid Toy Story

Sid Toy Story

Sid Toy Story

Sid Toy Story

Sid is here with an exciting new product! You’ll be the first to know what the latest, greatest toy is all about. So, you better grab your laptop. In the meantime, I’ve been invited to an exclusive event to find out more about the new toys. It starts soon. So, keep your eyes peeled. If you’re lucky, you might even have the chance to test them out… Branded to Death Branded to Death Branded

Sid From Toy Story

Overview... middle school kid with sociopathic tendencies. Sid tortures his toys, reveling in the destruction. He blows them up, sets them on fire, and even reassembles their exploded pieces into strange Frankenstein-type monsters. And in his world, toys are sentient, so they feel the pain he inflicts on them. He’s a scary contrast to his neighbor Andy, who loves and cares for his toys like few other kids. (Source: www.charactour.com)

List of Toy Story Character

This is a list of characters from Disney/Pixar's Toy Story franchise which consists of the animated films Toy Story (1995), Toy Story 2 (1999), Toy Story 3 (2010), and Toy Story 4 (2019). This list also includes characters from the Toy Story Toons series (2011–2012) and the television specials Toy Story of Terror! (2013) and Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014). (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Buzz References a Famously Decapitated Queen While Drinking Tea With Headless Dolls.

When Sid's sister pulls Buzz into her room for a tea party with her mangled toys, the space ranger calls two of the headless dolls "Marie Antoinette and her sister," in reference to the famously beheaded queen. (Source: www.insider.com)

Sid Phillips

Sid was Andy's sociopathic next door neighbor, until the Davis family moved out near the end of the film. He wears a black shirt with picture of a skull on it. Sid is introduced near the beginning of the film as a toy terrorizer, when he explodes a Combat Carl with an M-80, with his toy-chewing dog Scud by his side. Andy's toys are surprised to see him back at his old habits so soon, assuming he got expelled from summer camp early this year. Later that day, Andy and his family go to Pizza Planet, where Sid also is. After playing Whack-an-Alien, the Crane Game catches his attention. After grabbing an Alien, Sid notices Buzz Lightyear in the Crane Game. When Sid goes after him, not only does he get Buzz, but Woody hooked onto his foot as well (as he tried to save Buzz, but the Aliens wouldn't let him). After skateboarding back home with his new toys in his backpack, he is immediately greeted by Scud, whom he gives the alien to viciously chew. Then, seeing his sister Hannah with her Janie doll, he grabs the toy and runs up to his room, slamming the door in Hannah's face. He then pulls out his Pterodactyl toy as he plays doctor for his "double-bypass brain transplant." After putting the Pterodactyl's head on Janie's body, he opens up the door and shows it to Hannah, who runs off to report to their mother. Sid throws the mutant toy onto the floor and runs after her, claiming Hannah is lying. With Sid gone, Woody explores his room to search for a way out, but the door is locked and he's unable to escape. Trying to find another way out, he then discovers that Sid has disassembled other toys and reassembled them in strange combinations, much to Woody's horror. The next morning, Sid torments Buzz by spinning him on a drill bit (as seen in a deleted scene) and then takes Woody and throws him across the floor, pretending to interrogate him. Next, he opens up the window shade to let the sun in. He then takes a magnifying glass and focuses the hot beam of light on Woody's forehead, until Sid's mom interrupts and says his Pop-Tarts are ready. (Source: pixar.fandom.com)



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