Hashirama and madara

Hashirama and madara


Hashirama was a ninja town that a group of shinobi fought a war over. The central location of the town, which got the name from the phenomenon of trees springing from the ground as if they were growing from a single root, was comprised of a large earth filled with buildings and houses. In the middle of the town was a large hall where the Hokage's office was located.


Before the founding of the Hidden Leaf Village, Hashirama was born on October 23 into one of the world's most powerful clans that dwelled in the forests known as the Senju Clan.

Since Hashirama was blessed with extremely high levels of chakra and physical endurance, he became the leader of the clan along side his younger brother, Tobirama and married Mito Uzumaki. Throughout the decades, the Senju Clan rivaled the other most powerful clan, the Uchiha Clan, and the clans battle each other everyday on the battlefield for dominance over lands. Hashirama eventually grew tired of all the battles and made a truce with the Uchiha Clan with its leader, Madara Uchiha, to ally together by creating a village where they could live together in peace which is to be known as the Hidden Leaf Village or Konohagakure. (Source: hero.fandom.com)

Hashirama Senju is the first Hokage, and, with Madara Uchiha, the co-founder of Konoha, the hidden village of the leaf. Unable to agree on how to carry out their ideals of peace, the two ninjas end up fighting in a historic battle. (Source: www.tsume-art.com)

aayushvarora.medium.com aayushvarora.medium.com))When the Naruto series begin, one can see his face carved above the village, along with other Hokages (village leaders) and he is revered as the God of Shinobi. He is shown to be the one who found the leaf village and is now long deceased, Although he was briefly shown in a fight when the leaf village was attacked by Orochimaru (bad guy), it’s only much later that his true personality is shown, when Orochimaru (ooh I promised no spoilers!) yet again summons him to the living realm.

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