Christmas town in Georgia

Christmas town in Georgia

Christmas town in Georgia

Okay, so it was pretty ambitious for me to tell you about Christmas town in Georgia. Clear your calendars for the next 12 days, you’ll be playing in the snow for good old time sake.Carriages roam around downtown, filled with late-night, sweater-swathed passengers craning to catch every inch of the scenery. Right down the street, the Shenanigans crew celebrates well into the night. With white Christmas lights hanging from every wall within, the band kicking a tune around the pub's backside, and lingering partyers making merry—it's a warm, inviting scene for any passersby peering in the windows from the sidewalk.


There's nothing like a small town Christmas. The cobblestone streets make gift shopping feel like a holiday adventure, and the twinkling lights make finding the perfect dress for Aunt Ruth's annual party seem trivial. Because, well, it's Christmas—and it's here for a good time, not a long time, and small towns take that to heart. Dress shopping can wait; creating memories can't.These Georgia towns will make you forget all about checking everything off your holiday to-do list. Instead, make the first few weeks of December the best kickoff to Christmas ever. Take a ride on a real-life Christmas train in the mountains, line up to watch a beachy parade comprised of decked-out golf carts, and experience the old-fashioned charm in a deep-south hunting town. These Christmas towns in Georgia have just the right magical touch to get you there. (And they don't even need snow.)

Be careful—you might just bring Thomasville’s festive, old-fashioned charm back home for the holidays. Start walking within the quaint eight-block downtown area, and don't stop until you've hit every store and restaurant. They're all worth a visit and absolutely decked out for Christmas. Book a room at The Paxton, where you'll find trees in all the rooms and the common areas dressed up in a classic mix of citrus, greenery, cottonIn case you missed our ode to Dahlonega's Old-Fashioned Christmas, it's time for a second glance. Catching this place during Christmastime is really something. You'll feel like you're stepping into a snow globe: The North Georgia town is draped in twinkling lights and flush with rambling horse-drawn carriages—and hosts a month-long celebration, featuring everything from a hometown parade to a charming tree lighting. See? Really something.(Source:www.southernliving.com)


Oh, yes, you read that right. This town loves Christmas so much that it's named after jolly 'ole Saint Nick himself. Santa Claus, Georgia, is, by all marks, teeny-tiny with a population hovering below 200. Not to mention, it fancies itself quite clever, with street names like December Drive and Reindeer Street. You'll find Santa's mailbox outside of the Santa Claus Post Office, which is a helpful tip for those traveling with little ones (with important letters to be delivered).We'll take any excuse to head to the beach, especially when getting to miss the spring and summer crowds. Enjoy the most festive time of year in Jekyll Island’s historic district. With twinkling twilight tours, an ice-skating village, and a beachy Christmas parade lined with decked-out golf carts, this coastal town isn't shy about its love for the holiday season.

Off the beaten path, this tiny South Georgia town sits with a quiet charm that perhaps feels the most authentic. Down here, folks are crazy about Christmas and celebrate the only way they know: loud and proud. Walking around the old-timey town square, centered by a courthouse, you'll feel the small-town magic. A canapy of twinkling lights drape from the courthouse out in all directions, and the whole community gets together in the square to watch the annual lighting. (Anyone else getting Stars Hollow vibes?) With the old-timey appeal of Mayberry, the quirky characters of Stars Hollow, and a laid-back attitude that's all its own, Dahlonega strikes small-town gold. Tucked in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this easygoing community offers sweeping views and plenty to do, with hiking trails for the adventurous, an impressive collection of North Georgia wineries for weekend tours and tastings, and a historic town square with worn brick facades centered around a courthouse, which dates back to the state's early 19th-century gold rush. And while this whistle-stop feels secluded, you can easily make it here from Atlanta in about an hour and a half. (Source: www.southernliving.com)



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