unique mother daughter tattoos

unique mother daughter tattoos

mother and daughter tattoos

Lindsay, 28, her sister Melissa, 18, and their mom Linda, 56, all live in the Bay Area in California. "We had always wanted to get matching tattoos, so we did the moment my sister turned 18," says Lindsay. "We chose the forget-me-not flower because my mom's grandma used to grow them in her yard, and mom grew them in ours. It's always been her favorite flower!"

Kim, 22, and her mom Sonja, 50, got matching tattoos of both of their fingerprints in a heart, to represent the strength of their mother-daughter bond. "We’ve been through a lot together," says Kim. "No matter what happens she’s always there for me, and I'm always there for her. Because of my mom, I am who I am today." (Source: www.oprahdaily.com)

West Virginians Maribeth, 23, and Shannon, 49, paid tribute to their home state by getting its motto as matching tattoos. "No matter where we go everyone will know we're mountain mommas. My mom is definitely my lifelong best friend and partner in crime," Maribeth says. (Source: www.oprahdaily.com Since Macie, 16, was little she always wanted to get matching tattoos with her mom, Erin, 32. When the time came, the Las Vegas residents decided on hummingbirds. "My mom and me always used to make bird feeders. We'd just watch them all on our patio and help them if they needed it," Macie says. (Source:www.oprahdaily.com))

California native Nicole was always adamant about remaining tattoo-free. The 45-year-old has defeated ovarian and thyroid cancer, and is currently living with multiple sclerosis (MS). Her daughter Haley, 23, told us that since she and her sister Brooke, 20, were kids, dragonflies always followed their mom around. To her, they symbolized the little things in life—like taking a deep breath and family joy. Haley bugged her mom about getting matching tattoos until she finally gave in. "Any time she's having a rough day, she likes being able to look down and take a moment to step back, calm down, and appreciate all the good," Haley says. (Source: www.oprahdaily.com)

Buffalo, New York resident Kelly, 40, decided to get matching tattoos with her daughter Emily when she turned 18. Inspired by Buddhism, the Unalome symbol represents all the twists and turns life will throw at you, while the lotus flower signifies that even beauty can come out of darkness. "To my daughter, no matter what life throws at you it can be overcome. I carry this for her and she wears it as a reminder," Kelly says. (Source: www.oprahdaily.com) Grandson and Grandfather: Grandson and Grandfather Megan and Brad Campbell were married when they were in their twenties and lived together in a small Iowa


1. If you have two or more than two daughters than a very impressive mother-daughter tattoo idea would be to try the moon and star tattoo design. You can have a half-moon tattoo with two or more stars (should be equal to your daughters). The girls can have a matching tattoo with their mom but without the stars like this. (Source: tattoosboygirl.com)

5. Women are fond of butterfly tattoos. So a matching butterfly tattoo idea for mother and daughter would be to try the half design on each one’s body. It will be best suited on wrist or forearm – when you two join the forearms the tattoo will complete. (Source: tattoosboygirl.com)

10. Instead of trying complex tattoo ideas you can try a simple mother-daughter tattoo design like a simple heart tattoo or a heartbeat tattoo. Here is a heartbeat tattoo design on the index finger of this duo of mother-daughter.I think these quotes on the relationship of mother daughter beautifully explains it all. (Source: tattoosboygirl.com 14. If your family has a history in the navy then you should probably try nautical tattoos. One cool mother-daughter nautical tattoo idea is to try the anchor and ship wheel tattoo. The daughter should get tattooed with a ship wheel design and mother should opt for the anchor tattoo. (Source:tattoosboygirl.com))

tattoosboygirl.com)26. To be honest this is a weird mother-daughter tattoo design because the artist inked a frog on the hand of mother and a ladybug on the hand of the daughter. It can be improved by opting either for matching ladybug tattoo or matching frog tattoo. (Source:


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