Stomach Tattoos Womens

Stomach Tattoos Womens

Lotus Stomach Tattoo:

These kinds of stomach tattoo designs are widely popular around the world, for both men and women. A lotus symbolizes purity, perfection and spirituality in one’s life. The above tattoo is made more elegant by using different colors and dark shades of various colors. The tattoo is also accompanied by the initials with beautiful fonts and musical notes to make it more attractive. This is one of the perfect stomach tattoo designs for girls. (Source:

Henna Stomach Tattoo:

stylesatlife.com)This kind of girl stomach tattoos designs are based on the designs of henna or can say mehndi designs. They are widely inked with only dark black colour to make them more attractive and eye-catchy. The curvy designs give a unique effect on the stomach. To add to its beauty, piercing is also done and a butterfly is hanged to show that a butterfly is with the tree branches. Such kinds of tattoos are widely carried out by college girls, actresses or working women, as they give glamorous effects in parties etc to give a sexy look. this is a beautiful stomach tattoo for women. (Source:

Snake and Dagger Tattoo:

This kind of tattoo is becoming popular among various men stomach tattoo designs. This tattoo symbolizes healing and medicine, and hence this kind of tattoos are more viral among the doctors or person carrying the same profession. The colours used in the tattoo along with the shading done give it a marvellous effect. This tattoo is widely carried by men, mostly in America and Africa. They also give a 3D effect when carried out only with black ink. It is a popular stomach tattoo for guys. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Will Pregnancy Ruin My Stomach Tattoo?

Unfortunately, yes, if you get pregnant and have a stomach tattoo, you will notice some drastic changes in the shape and appearance of your tattoo. During pregnancy, your stomach starts to stretch, causing the design of the tattoo to change. If you want to get a stomach tattoo, but also planning a baby, you should wait. Get it done afterward so that you don’t waste your time and money.

How Much Will My Stomach Tattoo Cost?

The cost of your stomach tattoo depends on the size and design of your tattoo. If you’re going for a small or medium-sized stomach tattoo, that will cost you $100-$200. If you opt for a bigger tattoo that covers your whole stomach with extraordinary details, you will have to pay around $250-$400 or even more. The other factor that you must consider is whether the parlor charges per tattoo or per hour. Some tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis that is around $100-$150.

How Can I Make My Stomach Tattoo Pain Less?

No matter what you do, you will experience some kind of pain during the tattoo process. But, there are a few things you can do to control the pain. It is very important to stay hydrated and eat a healthy meal before heading for your tattoo appointment, as this prevents you from getting sick and collapsing. Also, avoid alcohol intake as it makes your blood thinner causing more pain and get a good night’s sleep rest before the big day. (Source: www.wildtattooart.com)



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