Semi Permanent Tattoo

Semi Permanent Tattoo

Semi permanent tattoos are not permanent, meaning they are good for about one to two years. They are ideal for people who would like to get a tattoo, but are too impatient for the time-consuming process of getting a permanent one. Martha Deleasa shares her story of the tattoo on her wrist that she got during her struggle with addiction. I had my first tattoo with Kate, and now she’s the only body artist I will go with! I absolutely love my tattoos

Semipermanent Tattoos: Why Millennials Love The

A few months ago, I walked into a tattoo shop near my apartment, forked over $100, slipped a token into a gumball machine, and opened a plastic pod to find the image I would soon have on my upper arm for the rest of my life. The shop calls this game Get What You Get: You pay the house minimum and get a surprise design via the retro machine, then an artist turns it into a small, full-color tattoo. I got a human eye with an arched brow and a single tear. I asked for a green iris, but otherwise the details of the final product were left up to the artist. (Source: www.theatlantic.com)

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IMPORTANT!!!. The tattoos will take 24 hours to go from Silver to nice Blue on your skin. It cannot be cleared immediately and fades as your skin naturally regenerates. Make sure the skin surface is clean no cream or lotions or skin products or it won't take properly. Don't move around once you press down for 30 sec it can look a little smeared. To remove the tattoo, wipe with warm water and rub the tattooed area vigorously. SAFE TEMPORARY TATTOO. Contains 6 sheets long last temporary tattoos which are printed with100% plant-based tattoo ink and high quality paper meeting rigid safety and NON-TOXIC materials requirements. LONG LASTING TATTOOS. Leoars temporary long last tattoos uses a new tattoo technology ink. It will last 2 weeks, the color of the tattoo will fade until it disappears completely, depend on how many times it touch water, tattoo location and skin. WATERPROOF TATOO. Make sure to apply it to completely dry skin and let it set for about 30 minutes to ensure the adhesive has had time to bond. They are waterproof and are fine in the shower and the swimming pool — in fact, they will last longer if you keep it clean by washing the area gently. REALISTIC TATTOO STICKER. Exquisite and creative patterns. No thick layer of adhesive, just like a real tattoo, will not reflect, not stick to the clothes, even if close to the more difficult to see it is a fake tattoo. IMPORTANT NOTE. 1. Only apply a clear layer of silicone on a clean damp skin, not a buttoned shirt, or on clothes. 2. Apply with neat force, your hands. Take your hands and slide the end of the work through the holes, apply two drops of these drops.



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