Rihanna Tattoo:

Rihanna Tattoo:

Rihanna Tattoo:

Located on the center of her torso, directly above her solar plexus and running across the front of her rib cage, Rihanna has a black and gray tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis was the greatest Egyptian goddess and possessed powers for healing, protection, and magic. Rihanna’s tattoo is applied in clean lines, gray wash shading and is dedicated to her late grandmother as stated though a tweet she released debuting her new ink.

She's encouraged us to address our feelings with moving songs like 'Stay', be creative when it comes to style (need we mention her showstopping Met Gala looks?), take risks in beauty - this was the woman who pulled off a mullet, guys -, taught us the importance of standing up for social justice and being charitable, living life to the full by always having fun and generally employing a 'no f*cks given attitude in life', like the time she took a hip flask to the Grammys or the constant clap backs to impatient fans badgering for her ninth album.

The Shark on Her Ankle.

)In September 2016, celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang inked RiRi’s shark tattoo, reportedly in Drake’s Miami dressing room. Rumour has it, the inking was inspired by a stuffed shark Drizzy got Rihanna during a date at an aquarium in Toronto, and he got a matching tatt on his arm as well. In June 2021, however, fans noticed that Rihanna had covered up the tattoo. During a date night with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, fans spotted the shark had been replaced with a crown. (Source:

'rebelle Fleur" on Her Neck.

Translating to “rebel flower”, many people questioned whether the phrase should say “fleur rebelle“ in order to be grammatically correct. However, RiRi cleared this up with her tattoo artist Bang Bang, saying: "Rebelle Fleur translates to rebel flower, NOT rebelious flower, its 2 nouns so in that case fleur does not HAVE to be first!" (Source:

The Pisces Symbol Behind Her Ear.

Another early inking of Ri's is the symbol for Pisces, her astrological sign, behind her right ear. It was done by a famous Brazilian artist who makes his clients book three years in advance - lucky for Ri, they were in Tokyo at the same time and she got it done there and then. (Source: 


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