Ladybug Tattoo

Ladybug Tattoo

Up until 12 years ago, tattoos were restricted to those who felt compelled to ink their bodies permanently. But something happened around 2006 — tattoo sentiment changed — and the market opened up. More and more people began considering tattoos permanent and not just frivolous and fun. Like many other industries, tattoos went from a rebellious and taboo tattoo market to a mainstream and commercial one.

And what happened next was a gold rush. The market grew magnificently and small business owners took notice. Now, it runs in their blood and they would never stop. Mr. Katts: The reason I started Tattoo Captains is that I wanted to open.

Top 31 Best Ladybug Tattoo Idea

A lucky subject that has grown in popularity in the tattoo world is the ladybug. Besides their meaning as a sign of good luck, a ladybug—or ladybird as they are known in the UK—also make for a great tattoo design thanks to their cute appearance, link to childhood happiness and unmistakable color combination featuring black and orange. (Source: nextluxury.com)

101 Amazing Ladybug Tattoo Ideas You Need to See!

Getting your first or even just a new tattoo can be quite stressful. Not only do you want the tattoo to turn out perfect, but you also want it to have some meaning behind it as well. Today, we are bringing you some of our favorite ladybug tattoos that we are confident you are going to love! Keep on reading to find out more. (Source: outsons.com)

Exotic Tattoos: Ladybug Designs Examples With Photo

designpress.com)The ladybug is a very popular tattoo design among women. The ladybug symbolism is considered to be holy and auspicious. There is a popular Catholic mythological story according to which the ladybug was sent on earth to destroy the pests that were damaging the crops of farmers. Therefore, some people consider it as an avatar of the Virgin Mary. The ladybug symbolism has many myths associated with it and is present in many traditions. The ladybug tattoo symbolizes good fortune and luck. Prosperity, love, friendship, passion, etc. are also meanings that are related to the red and black ladybug. This is why it’s no wonder that the ladybug tattoo is such a popular tattoo to get. (Source:

20 Delightful Ladybug Tattoos and Their Symbolic Meanings

Ladybugs also are known as ladybirds have tremendous symbolism from cultures all across the world. That makes them a brilliant subject for a tattoo. In Christian symbolism, the ladybug is often associated with the Virgin Mary. This connection comes about from the ladybug’s protection of plants. In Chinese symbolism, the ladybug is very auspicious and considered very good luck. Asian lore indicates if ladybug land on your clothing, your true love is sure to come to call. The number of spots on the ladybug is an indication of how many months will pass until you meet your true love. Other symbolic ladybugs meanings are luck, love, happiness, friendship, protection, good deeds one. Here are some tattoo ideas revolving around ladybug meaning and symbolism. Enjoy! (Source:

Top 10 Ladybug Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are the oldest form of body art, known to man. They are created by injecting bio-ink under the dermis layer of the skin. They are permanent until the ink is removed by surgery. The types and variants of tattoos have been increasing with time, from the initial tribal art tattoos to the current trend of getting the photograph of a loved one or a pet tattooed on your body. From monochrome tattoos to colored ones, to 3D art and even UV tattoos that glow in the dark, tattoos have come a long way to become popular with the masses.



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