Cool Tattoo Ideas:

Cool Tattoo Ideas:

Cool Tattoo Ideas:

The 50 Best Tattoo Ideas for Men [2021 Guide

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, then you probably already know what a big commitment it is. Not that any would admit it, but there are plenty of blokes dragging their regret around with some generic music tattoo, rose tattoo, dragon tattoo, scorpion tattoo, skull tattoo, crown tattoo, family tattoo, or phoenix tattoo. They would be the first to tell you not to bother. They didn’t make the right choice for them, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall into their shadow of shame. You need to be across all the best tattoo ideas for men before you walk into a parlour. And by all, we mean you need to look at everything, from the seemingly lame tattoo ideas to the best men’s tattoo ideas. With that kind of scope, you’re going to be able to pick out what resonates with you, at this particular time in your life, the most. (Source:

Where Should I Get My Tattoo?

In addition to thinking about tattoo designs for men, you’re going to have to decide which body part will be crowned with the freshly laid ink. It’s not enough to come up with some awesome tattoo ideas if they are just going to go in the wrong places and look awkward as a result. Tattoo design is as much about anatomy as it is about illustration, and the best tattoos are the ones that are strategically placed to further the personal meaning. (Source: www.bosshunting.com.au)

Tiny Sapling With a Name:

Although it looks tiny, this delicate sapling turns into a mighty tree with time! It represents longevity, hope, prosperity and youthfulness. It is painted in a vertical way to indicate an upward growth in your life. If you are embarking on a new journey in your career or a relationship, this pretty green sprout is a great representation. Add a name or a goal to it to bring in the connection!

The Delicate Flower:

Flowers are the best tattoo designs ever! They look pretty and mostly, never fail to create impressions! This dainty floral design instantly draws our attention towards it. The blooming flower, with a little bud, represents youthfulness, love, hope and beauty. The duo can also represent the philosophical aspect of life and death. Adding a watercolour like inking brings a fragile effect to the sketch. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

The Elephant Headed Ganesha:

Lord Ganesha is one of the major Gods of the Hindu religion. He is the remover of obstacles and difficulties. Not only is he popular in India, but also worshipped by millions across the world. Many westerners prefer getting a Ganesha tattoo for its deep spiritual meaning. The face represents knowledge and wisdom, while the Omkara and the Trishul symbols represent auspiciousness and destruction of evil.

19. Asian Calligraphy Tattoo:

In Asian countries, Calligraphy is considered to be the finest forms of art. The artistic strokes with a brush look very fascinating and intriguing. Even a common name can look very “exotic” when written in Chinese or Japanese fonts. This tattoo is one such example, in which the symbols convey a variety of meanings, emotions and ideas. Before you get it inked, make sure the design translates to the concept in your mind and not mere gibberish! (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Tattoos style:

Small tattoos are always popular, not only because they are very easy to hide,but also they can also express some meaningful information. The best design of small tattoo is the word and quote. They are so meaningful and really speak louder than other tattoo designs. The meaningful words and quotes tattoo designs really have great power to make you make a great change sometimes, and they are also give you some inspirations to help you make a great move. So they are so important when you have…

Many people use tattoos as an opportunity to express personal philosophies that are important to them, including religious ones. There are a lot of directions this can go, from symbols like a star tattoo, cross tattoos, and favourite religious verses. Christian tattoos commonly cite the most meaningful bible verses for the individual, although the religious historically frowns upon body ink, especially when compared to Buddhism and Hinduism, which are both rife with tattoos.

If you are a firm believer in the power of God and his doings, then go for this tattoo. It has a simple “Blessed” word inked on the top of the shoulder, meaning you are blessed to be under his presence and guidance. The Holy Rosary with a cross pendant indicates your spiritual and religious orientation. You can change the symbol depending on your own beliefs. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

If you are a firm believer in the power of God and his doings, then go for this tattoo. It has a simple “Blessed” word inked on the top of the shoulder, meaning you are blessed to be under his presence and guidance. The Holy Rosary with a cross pendant indicates your spiritual and religious orientation. You can change the symbol depending on your own beliefs. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

The symbol of this first zodiac sign is the Ram which is described to be aggressive in nature, so women can have this tattoo by applying some colours in it or by creating a cartoon sheep character that shape looks cuter. (Source: stylesatlife.com)

Aftercare is an important step of getting inked. Its effects are much more than skin deep, and this is why you must keep your new tat healthy. Follow your tattoo artist’s instructions to the letter, and your artwork will rock for many years to come. (Source: www.fashionbeans.com)

Trust in your tattoo professional is key when it comes to getting inked. It’s essential to have a good rapport and understanding with the person marking you for life. First, if the state requires one, find a reputable tattoo artist with a license. Look out for any diplomas, awards, or professional training paperwork on the studio walls. Once you’ve established you’re in safe hands, you can sit back and relax. (Source:

The average rib tattoo takes around 4 hours which can feel like an eternity since the ribs are known as one of the most painful spots to get inked. But, as they say, no pain, no gain! Rib tattoos for men make a statement that their wearer is anything but weak.

Beauty may only be skin deep, yet the reasons behind getting inked can run far deeper. A tattoo is a personal reflection of the man that lies beneath the art. (Source: www.fashionbeans.com)

Small tattoos might be discreet and dainty, but these miniature works of art prove that size doesn’t matter when it comes to ink. Tiny tattoos have big meaning—and huge influence on your style. Take models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, for example, who got matching designs as a symbol of their friendship. Or Kylie Jenner, who has proved her affinity for minimalist tattoos with multiple (and counting) on her body already. Mandy Moore, meanwhile, got one in dedication of her mountain climb, and the Pretty Little Liars cast got group ink. So whether you’re debating getting ink of your own or just want to go down a rabbit hole of ideas for small tattoos, click on through for our favorite celebrity examples. But know that happens to everyone. What you really need is a daily reminder that life will get better, in spite of a few bad days. And what's better than getting inked? There have been movements like the semicolon project that have helped people fight their demons just because of the ink onIf your partner loves getting inked as well, this is a cool option. Did you know that David and Victoria Beckham have matching tattoos too? (Source: their skin. (Source:

However, we recommend that you make sure 15-20% of your tattoo price should be tipped for service and execution each time after you get inked. If you are a newbie to the tattoo world, then these tips are sure to give you an insight into the do’s and don’ts before and after getting inked: (Source:

Some of the very simple tattoo designs; these are all of the linear patterns and small in size too. These are perfect for men as well as women who want to get inked for the first time and so would like to play very safe.

When we are talking about the best tattoo designs for women, inspirational and positive quotes are always very popular. There are a lot of men too who like writing getting inked which they find relatable. These tattoo designs for men are getting trendy among women too. The people who are attracted to the slogan of famous people get this tattoo inked. They also show the attitude of one to live with.

But, before you get inked, you need to understand that tattoos are not mere body arts! In the words of Johnny Depp (of Hollywood fame), our body is like a journal and the tattoos are stories written on it! Whether it is a simple name in an exotic script or a complex Asian art, you need to understand the significance of the design before permanently etching it on your skin.

If you’re mostly concerned with what tattoos are hot on guys, the hottest places for male tattoos – according to women – often cites any of seven spots: shoulder tattoo, back tattoo, side tattoo, upper arm tattoo, hand tattoo, chest tattoo, and of course, lower arm tattoo. Invariably, women seem to crave a badass tattoo on or around the bicep, with the upper arm typically seen as the most attractive place to get inked.

If our body is a canvas, there's plenty of room for a little arts and crafts. And what better way to cement a memory or pay homage to a favourite quote or symbol than with a carefully chosen tattoo? Whether it's on the collar bone, along the wrist, draping down the nape of the neck delicate, dainty tattoos are the ultimate accessory. Thinking of getting inked and on a quest for tattoo ideas? Fear not; we've got you covered with our ultimate inspo collection. (Source: www.pinterest.com)


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