Women's size 7 in men's

Women's size 7 in men's

Womens size 8 in mens

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When you would like to convert a women’s shoe sizes to men’s, you need to understand how shoes are made, what you are looking for, and how to convert sizes. Use these simple tips to find the right shoes no matter what you would like to wear. Also, remember that you can wear any shoes you want providing it fits. Some women like men’s shoes and some men prefer women’s running shoes.

Running shoes should have a bit of room in them. They will be snug because they need to cling to your foot while you are running, but you also need to wear socks, leave room for your feet to expand as you run, and prevent any chaffing along the edges of the shoe. Therefore, a man who has found the perfect running shoes in a women’s style might convert his size 7 feet to a 9 for the extra space. Given the equation above, a man with a size 7 foot will wear an 8.5, but the 8.5 might be far too snug.

When you convert women’s shoe size to men’s, you will find that women can wear men’s running shoes and even boy’s styles. For example, a woman with a size 5 foot, would wear a 3.5 in boys. Kids shoes will not be quite as wide as a men’s shoe, and that could be very helpful. If a woman wears a large size like 9 or 10, she will be catapulted into the men’s sizes. Men’s shoes tend to be cut a little bit wider because men tend to have slightly wider feet, are taller, and are a little bit heavier than women on average. This can be helpful for women with wide feet who cannot get the right fit in women’s shoes

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