Widow's Perchor

Widow's Perchor

Widow's Perch

Would it kill them to call her by her first name? Would it kill them to call her by her first name? I swear, I did not blog about THAT. This is something I've talked about before in blog posts about customer service. It's about thinking about specifics about the person you're helping and making sure to leave that individual with a sense of ownership of the response. It's about reconsidering the initial reaction you have and looking for a more genuine reaction.Widow's Perch is a crude wooden shack built on the edge of the Ash Heap near the Forest. There is a small cooking station on the northwest side of the roof. The top floor has random debris piles, an armor workbench, and a brewing station. There are a mattress and a wooden crate on the next floor down.


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However, many historians argue that the purpose of the widow’s walk has been misrepresented. There’s a much less romantic explanation: because the chimney was typically incorporated into the platform, they were likely used for putting out chimney fires. Families would store buckets of water and sand at the base of the ladder and, in the event of a fire, would pour them down the stack to extinguish the flames. Widow’s Perch is the central, fictional town in the Regents Walk comic series. The majority of the story and events transpire in this town, which has many services and municipalities for a city its size. Though it serves as a hub for its satellite towns, Widow’s Perch itself is a sleepy backwater that economically relies on its lumber trade. It has rebranded itself many times, and in the last few decades it has upgraded its schools, built a small art college, put up a mall, and created a minor league baseball team. Most of this has been financed by its “patriarchs”, the men of the Lyons family. (Source: regentswalk.com)



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