Who Wants to Be a Millionaireor

Who Wants to Be a Millionaireor

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

It was a simple math problem with basic income data containing 3. 5 million+ people. And I thought, here's my chance to get rich. I plugged the numbers into a ton of calculators, got estimates of how much each person would have earned over time with different portfolios, and then searched for millionaires in my new city.


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (abbreviated WWTBAM and informally known as simply Millionaire) is an international television game show franchise of British origin, created by David Briggs, Mike Whitehill and Steven Knight. In its format, currently owned and licensed by Sony Pictures Television, contestants tackle a series of multiple-choice questions to win large cash prizes in a format that twists on many game show genre conventions – only one contestant plays at a time, similar to radio quizzes; contestants are given the question before attempting an answer, and have no time limit to answer questions; and the amount offered increases as they tackle questions that become increasingly difficult. The maximum cash prize offered in most versions of the format is an aspirational value in local currency, such as one million pounds in the U.K. or 70 million rupees (7 crore) in India. On 18 September 2010 a Sinhalese version called, "Obada lakshapathi mamada lakshapathi"(ඔබද ලක්ෂපති මමද ලක්ෂපති) was launched by Sirasa TV of Capital Maharaja Television Network. Since then, it has grown its popularity immensely through local audiences. It is presented by Chandana Suriyabandara, a senior commentator in Sri Lanka. It offers 2 million rupees (Sri Lankan rupees-LKR) as the ultimate prize. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, it's re-branded as a Who wants to be a ලක්ෂපති.

¿Quién quiere ser millonario? (English translation: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?) The show is hosted by Ignacio Santos Pasamontes. The main goal of the game is to win 30,000,000 Costa Rican colón (US$50.434 as of August 2020) by answering 15 multiple-choice questions correctly. There are four lifelines – fifty fifty, phone a friend, ask the audience and ask one person from audience. ¿Quién quiere ser millonario? was broadcast from 3 February 2009 to 3 September 2013. It is shown on the private TV station Teletica. When a contestant gets the fifth question correct, he leaves with at least â‚¡500,000. When a contestant gets the tenth question correct, he leaves with at least â‚¡3,000,000. Only one contestant won top prize. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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