What is russia famous for

What is russia famous for

Despite being largely misunderstood, Russia may be a hugely asked for tourist destination. Whether embarking on the bucket list worthy trans-Siberian railway, galivanting around Moscow or exploring the vast countryside, there’s lots to like about Russia. After all, it’s not only the world’s largest country with 11 timezones; it’s also one amongst the foremost culturally and historically fascinating destinations. From natural wonders to relics, here are seven things Russia is legendary for.

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What is Russia Famous For?

1. Vodka

While the origin of vodka is extremely disputed between Russia and Poland, there’s certainly no nation more known for his or her vodka consumption than Russia. In fact, the word vodka comes from ‘voda’ which in Russian means water. Over the centuries it’s been known to cure ailments and is loaded with superstition and tradition. Read more about Russian drinking traditions here.


2. Lake Baikal

Set deep in Siberia, Lake Baikal holds the title for the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake within the world. Not only is Lake Baikal visually stunning with its crystal clear waters and beautiful forest surroundings, but it’s also scientifically impressive. due to its unique location and depth, Lake Baikal is stuffed with incredible biodiversity, including 2,500 plant and animal species. Two-thirds of which aren’t found anywhere else within the world.

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3. The Red Square

The Red Square is definitely the foremost iconic national symbol of Russia and has been the stage of countless prominent events in Russian history. Set within the heart of Moscow, the Red Square is framed by the mighty Kremlin and holds the Gum, Lenin’s mausoleum and also the State Historical Museum. However, the foremost impressive sight is St. Basil’s Cathedral with its colourful onion domes and rich history.

4. Matryoshka dolls

Matryoshka dolls, otherwise referred to as Russian nesting dolls are one among Russia’s most iconic toys and vintage symbols. These stackable and nestable dolls resemble a vibrant babushka, or traditional Russian grandmother. The very first matryoshka doll happened due to Sergey Malyutin within the late 1800s. Just a decade close to later, the doll won the celebrated medal at Paris’ World Fair.

5. The Hermitage

Boasting over three million artefacts starting from oriental treasures to prized fine paintings, The Hermitage is one in all the world’s most prestigious museums. The Hermitage’s collection is so extensive after all, that if you viewed each exhibit on display for only 1 minute at a time, you’d need eleven straight days. due to its notable status, The Hermitage isn't just an emblem of St Petersberg but Russia as an entire.

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6. Moscow’s Metro System

Moscow’s metro system is widely known together of the world’s most fascinating and delightful. Not only is it stuffed with elaborate design, it’s also one among the world’s largest metro systems complete with 229 stations and 14 lines. Inside you’ll find a plethora of soviet-era architecture showcasing countless Soviet artists, icons so far more. The metro is so famous for its beauty that 44 of the stations double as cultural heritage sites.



7. Advancement in Space

In its day, the Soviet programme was the most effective of its kind within the world. From putting the primary man, Gagarin, in space; to launching the primary satellite, Sputnik; Russian space achievements are one in every of the nation’s biggest claims to fame. to the current day, space accomplishments are an enormous source of pride for several Russians because the Roscosmos continue the Soviet legacy.

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8. Kremlin


One of the foremost famous Russian citadels is that the Moscow Kremlin, simply called the Kremlin. it absolutely was founded within the center of the town by the dynasty Rurikids around AD 862. The word Kremlin means “fortress in an exceedingly city.” This fortified complex contains four cathedrals and five palaces, moreover because the Kremlin Wall and Kremlin towers. The Kremlin is that the official residence of the President of the state. it's receptive the general public and truly holds guided tours, whether individually or in groups. a number of the sights to work out here are Tsar Cannon, Tsar Bell, and also the Armoury Chamber.


9. the dominion of Permafrost


If you’re searching for one in all the simplest attractions in Russia besides its landmarks and major cities, the dominion of Permafrost may be a great spot to go to. This tourist attraction is comprised of an elaborate network of neon-lit tunnels laid out into the permafrost in Yakutsk. Inside are the intricate ice sculptures of the Yakut legends and gods. In simple terms, the dominion of Permafrost is an ice cave. If you’re visiting Yakutsk during the summer, you need to absolutely visit this place. Not only does one get to chill off, but you furthermore may get to explore one among the foremost unique places in Russia.

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10. St. Petersburg


If there’s anything Russia is thought for it's its vibrant cities. one amongst which is Saint Petersburg which is found along the Baltic Sea. it absolutely was founded by Peter the good in 1703 and maintains its role because the country’s cultural center, mainly because it's home to Mariinsky Theatre and also the State Russian Museum. one amongst the biggest art museums within the world, the Hermitage, is found within the city a well. Saint Petersburg also is a big a part of Europe’s scientific, cultural, economic, and tourism industries.


11. Russian literature

One of Russia’s most vital contributions to the planet is its literature. a number of the good novelists that the country has produced include the most important names in literature: Nikolai Gogol, Count Lev Nikolayevitch Tolstoy, Dostoevski, and Anton Chekhov, among others. Two of the foremost common themes in Russian works are suffering and redemption, which are most distinguished within the works of Dostoevsky. another themes that are often depicted within the works of the aforementioned novelists are Christianity and Christian symbolisms.

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