What is Maine famous for?

What is Maine famous for?

Looking for reasons to go to New England's largest and northernmost state? Maine is understood for its diverse landscapes and lighthouses, for its delicious bounty from the land and sea, for its wildlife and natural wonders, for its writers and retailers.


Maine appeals to all or any of the senses, because it evolves season after season. Famous Maine destinations seem tailor-made for family vacations, while the state's wild, uncharted expanses invite outdoor lovers to reconnect with nature's rhythms and explore. Base yourself in Maine's largest city, Portland, and you will be centrally located to try to to and see it all. Here are the ten things that Maine is most famous. Check all of them off your list, and you'll say you've truly experienced the simplest of Maine.

What is Maine Famous For Besides Lobster?

1- Maine Lobster


Homarus americanus. you will not know lobster's Latin name, but you most likely know its reputation for being one among the yummiest substances on Earth! You haven't truly tasted lobster until you've devoured a crustacean fresh-plucked from the cold, abundant waters of the Gulf of Maine. In New England's northernmost state, lobster is so plentiful, you will not should pay a fortune for a memorable feast. And nothing's more satisfying than eating lobster "in the rough" at a picnic table by the ocean.

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2- Maine Lighthouses


There are over 60 lighthouses in Maine...each unique and storied. These coastal sentries beckon to visitors enchanted by their symbolism and scenic majesty. Some are easy to seek out, others remote: Visiting all would be quite odyssey! If you are a lighthouse lover, consider visiting Maine in September, when the annual Open Lighthouse Day takes place. The annual Maine Lighthouse Ride for bicyclists is additionally in September.

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3- Maine Beaches


Maine's 3,478-mile coastline is longer than California's! And while much of it's rocky and dramatic—and the waters of the Atlantic sure are cold most of the year—Maine does have pleasing, sandy beaches for frolicking within the surf within the summertime and strolling year-round.


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The Maine State Animal is... the moose! Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife estimates there are 50,000 to 70,000 of those hulking, spindly-legged creatures sauntering round the state, and boy can they eat. A typical moose consumes 50 to 60 pounds of food (mostly plants) a day! Do the math! Or, forget the calculator and pack a pair of binoculars: Moose are fascinating to watch.

moose | Habitat, Size, Weight, Diet, Antlers, & Facts | Britannica

5-Acadia parkland

One of Maine's claims to fame is its 47,000-acre park: the primary national park established east of the Mississippi River. Acadia parkland in Bar Harbor could be a visual marvel and one in every of New England's most visited national parks. Opportunities for recreation within the park range from challenging hiking, biking, and climbing to leisurely scenic driving and horse-drawn carriage tours. And a stop at the Jordan Pond House for popovers is one in all the musts.


6- L.L. Bean


Need a pair of warm, wooly socks at 3 a.m.? Enduring retailer L.L. Bean is known for never, ever closing the doors of its flagship store in Freeport, Maine. L.L. Bean is your source for durable clothing and kit even when you're faraway from Maine: Free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee make it one among America's most well liked â€‹mail-order companies.

After L.L. Bean Boycott Controversy, Trump Tweets His Support for the  Company | Glamour

7- Maine Blueberries


If you've never tasted wild blueberries, you're sure a treat! Maine is known for producing about 99% of the nation's wild blueberries, and these sweet-tart little blue jewels are delightful in everything from pancakes to salad to pie. seek for blueberry dishes on menus in Maine.

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8- Mountains


If you immediately think about the coast once you consider Maine, you're only seeing half the image. Western Maine is home to a number of New England's most stunning mountains, and these peaks challenge climbers, hikers and skiers and call to photographers and campers.


9- Maine Windjammers


Set sail aboard a National Historic Landmark for a memorable multi-day cruise. Maine is legendary for its fleet of over a dozen Windjammers: historic tall ships that also ply the island-dotted waters off the coast of Maine, taking travelers wherever the wind dictates. If you're aching to disconnect from the workaday world, a Maine windjammer cruise may be for you. And whether or not you are a landlubber, admire these boats from shore during the annual ​Windjammer Days celebration in June.

What's a Maine Windjammer?

10- Writers


Portland, Maine's the birthplace of two best-selling authors whose Maine roots resonate in their writings. Stephen King and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow may are conceived a century apart, but both blazed new territory: Longfellow in crafting American legends, King in making horror mainstream. you'll visit the Wadsworth-Longfellow House in Portland or take a tour of King-related sites near the famous horror master's current direct Bangor with SK Tours of Maine

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