What Is a Podcastor

What Is a Podcastor

What Is a Podcast

A podcast is a digitally distributed, episodic series of audio or video recordings available radiod or through streaming media. A radio show or series of radio shows broadcast on Internet radio, often daily or weekly.


This website has a large collection of stock images, video clips, and music tracks that are all royalty free, with a music clip directory that has more than 500,000 options. Compared to other sites, Pond5 has generous pricing for audio tracks with some tracks starting as low as $25. However, Pond5 charges a membership fee for access to its site.

An enhanced podcast, also known as a slidecast, is a type of podcast that combines audio with a slide show presentation. It is similar to a video podcast in that it combines dynamically-generated imagery with audio synchronization, but it is different in that it uses presentation software to create the imagery and the sequence of display separately from the time of the original audio podcast recording. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Starting a podcast has a slightly higher barrier-to-entry then other forms of content creation. But once you have everything in place, it’s our experience that creating a new episode takes less time then writing a blog post or producing a video. This is especially true if you outsource some of the tedious parts of the process, like editing and promotion.

The podcast was initially conceived by Apple for delivering musical/audio-based content for the iPod. A podcast can be played from the website directly, or downloaded as an MP3 or similar format to be played on a computer or compatible mobile device. Typically, podcasts are distributed directly by the producer or podcaster, or are syndicated via a content delivery platform. Besides audio, podcasts can now deliver other digital media such as video, e-books and radio broadcasting. Podcasts are used for everything from news and entertainment to education. (Source: www.techopedia.com)


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