What Is a Hard Reset on Iphoneor

What Is a Hard Reset on Iphoneor

What Is a Hard Reset on Iphone

Before you sell a home, you may want to take a hard reset on your smartphone. A hard reset does a complete erase of your iPhone, deleting everything from data, apps and settings to the home screen.


Generally speaking, iPhones are dependable devices. You should be able to get several years of service out of yours under ideal circumstances, and each generation has exciting new features that are driving technology forward. That being said, though, they are still electronic devices, so they are potentially subject to both hardware and software problems. Some software issues you can fix yourself and one of the techniques you can try is the hard reset. In this article, we will go over when it is appropriate to do a hard reset, how you do it, and how it differs from other ways of resetting your device.

We’ve explained how this is a more extreme fix than either the soft or the hard reset. Before you attempt it, back up your device with iCloud or iTunes. Then, you must go to Settings, then General. From there, go to Reset. Scroll down to where it says Erase All Content and Settings. Tap it. You will be asked to confirm, and once you have, the iPhone will erase all of its content and settings and go back to its factory state. (Source: buybackboss.com)


Note: Hard reset option has to be considered only after doing a soft reset by restarting your iPhone to check for any change in behavior of your iPhone. It is essential to check for any hardware failure such as components, battery, SIM, or memory card before considering a hard reset option. Sometimes, if a soft reset on the iPhone can solve the problems you're facing, then you don't have to turn to a hard reset on the iPhone. A hard reset will restore the iPhone's setting to its initial configuration by clearing all the third-party applications, data, user settings, saved passwords, and user accounts. The process would delete all stored data on the iPhone. (Source:

Many people don't know what iPhone hard reset is and what iPhone soft reset is. Don't worry! Take a look at the chart below, and then you'll fully understand the differences between iPhone hard reset and iPhone soft reset. Soft reset iPhone doesn't erase any data on your iPhone, but hard reset iPhone will. In this case, before doing a hard reset, you should follow the checklist to know what you should do first. This article covers 4 parts. Check out the information you're interested in: (Source: drfone.wondershare.com)


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