Utah time zone right now

Utah time zone right now

Utah time zone right now

385 is a new area code in the state of California, but way before they were creating codes, there was already a stretch of highway spanned by the prefixed 800 number.


Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah. With an estimated population of 193,000 people, it’s also the biggest city in the state. The Salt Lake City area code is centrally located and covers 110 square miles in Salt Lake County. However, area code 385 and 801 includes Utah County, Davis County, Weber County, and Morgan County as well in an area collectively known as the Wasatch

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Some notable businesses in area code 385 and 801 are the Huntsman Corporation, a chemical manufacturing company, Questar Corporation, a natural gas company, Myriad Genetics, Inc., a molecular diagnostic company, and the internet retailer Overstock.com. The five biggest employers in Salt Lake County are Intermountain Healthcare Medical Center, Salt Lake County, University Hospital, University of Utah, and Discover Products, Inc. Delta Airways and JetBlue Airways also have a strong presence in the city.

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