Tune a Guitar Onlineor

Tune a Guitar Onlineor

Tune a Guitar Online

Tune a guitar online, we think it is a good idea. We are not professional guitar tuners. We just want to make it easier for you to get the tune. There are some topics for which we recommend seeking professional help and advice. Also, it must be said, sometimes you just can't do anything about a broken guitar.


Guitar tuning does not end here. After you have tuned all the strings in order from the first to the sixth (or vice versa), we recommend checking their sound in the reverse order. The fact is that the total tension of the guitar neck changes if the tension of an individual string is greatly changed. For example, if you tuned the first string, but the others were not very tight, then after setting up all the strings, the first one will be "below" the required level.

The online version of the ProGuitar Tuner includes a massive library of different guitar types and alternative tunings. Note that the tuner works for both electric and acoustic guitar. Read the last section of this page to see all tuning options available. The list of alternate tunings for guitar would be too long if we list all here. Therefore, the available guitar types only are listed below. Follow the link to see the tunings available for the specific guitar. (Source: www.proguitar.com)


At any time you can click the strings on the fretboard to listen to a reference tone. One common way of is to tune the guitar to itself. If you are a beginner it can be a good practise to use a combination of a reference tone and a guitar tuner. One thing to notice is that the online guitar tuner does not show the actual octave. For that you need to download the smartphone app, which at the moment is of much higher quality than the online app.

Being wooden, guitars have a bit of 'give' to their structure, and as you tune up and vary the tension on one string, you are at the same time changing the tension on the other strings, changing their tuning. It is therefore a good idea to make several passes through the six strings, tuning each just approximately on the first couple of passes, and then becoming more detailed and exact on later passes. This applies whether you are using an electronic guitar tuner or not. (Source: www.guitarforbeginners.com)


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