Translate a Webpageor

Translate a Webpageor

Translate a Webpage

The world is more global than ever thanks to the Internet. People across the world expect content to appear in their native language, whether Swedish, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, and everything in between. Whether you’re trying to expand your business into new markets — that speak other languages — or you’re browsing the web and stumble across a webpage in a different language, there are a few ways you can translate a webpage.


LiveJS is an in-context JavaScript editor that lets your translators or copywriters go from their native language to your target language by editing your website texts and translations right on the webpage. All changes are shown in the browser and saved directly to Lokalise, not to your localization files or the database running your website. In other words, once your translators are done with the texts on your website, you would need to take care of how the changes will reach your localization files or database. )Not every website supports multiple languages, and we often need translators for that. We often land on some of the web pages with our required information but in a different language. While the ‘Google Translate Website‘ is the most commonly used online tool for translation – we have to copy and paste the content to translate it – which is not practically possible for the entire webpage. (Source:

Microsoft Edge also doesn’t have any auto-translate feature, and you have to use the extensions for the same. You can download the Translator for Microsoft Edge from Microsoft Store. It lets you translate the web pages into 60 different languages. Just download and install the tool, and you will see the icon on the top right corner of your browser. Open the webpage you want to translate and click on the icon; that’s it. You can select your preferred Language and set the tool to translate every webpage you visit. If not the entire website, you can also choose the text you want to translate and use the tool to translate. (Source: www.thewindowsclub.com)

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