the Final Cut Georgia

the Final Cut Georgia

Final Cut Georgia

If you’re in the production business, you need a Final Cut Georgia. In fact, it’s a very smart idea to have one handy for every production. When your project runs into problems and you find yourself hitting a roadblock, maybe you won’t be able to solve it on your own. And that’s when you’ll need a little help.



While this is a bit of a haul for most Atlantans, it's well worth the drive. Final Cut is the final resting place/closeout warehouse for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and that whole family of brands. If you need furniture, clothing, accessories... basically anything that didn't sell in the stores before they rotated it out or anything that was returned or damaged or just open-box ends up here. The prices are ridiculous! I bought a $1500 coffee table that was "damaged" because it had a few scratches/chips that never bothered me for $175. The inventory changes very quickly, so don't count on finding something specific, but if you are just shopping around for a new apartment or looking for some new clothes, you should check it out. Bring a truck if you're looking at furniture because they don't usually hold items!

Last month my mom and I took the trek out to Augusta, GA for the Final Cut outlet, a hidden gem full of scratch-and-dent deals from the URBN family of brands (Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie). If you haven’t heard of Final Cut don’t be surprised – they only have two locations and no website, just Instagram and Facebook pages highlighting their inventory. They operate in big warehouse spaces and are mostly dedicated to Anthropologie home pieces that have been slightly broken, damaged, or returned, although you’ll also find tables full of sample clothing from Anthro and Free People. You can also find a few pieces from the Urban Outfitters furniture collection, although the selection is predominately Anthropologie furniture. See inside the warehouse and the pieces I brought home below! (Source: thouswell.com)



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